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Latest Headlines

Smith & Nephew puts up $12M to clear the way for its $1.7B ArthroCare deal

Smith & Nephew, the U.K. orthopedic giant, has agreed to pay $12 million to settle a shareholder lawsuit blocking its $1.7 billion acquisition of ArthroCare, according to a SEC filing. 

Baxter yesterday, today Smith & Nephew? Talk of a 3-way split

The day after Baxter announced it will split its biopharma and medical products, an analyst is calling for U.K. devicemaker Smith & Nephew to follow suit.

Smith & Nephew clears a major U.S. regulatory hurdle for ArthroCare merger

Smith & Nephew and ArthroCare moved one step ahead with M&A plans with a new regulatory blessing. Federal officials granted the companies early terminiation of a waiting period for their merger, clearing one hurdle for the deal's completion, the Austin Business Journal reported.

Smith & Nephew and OrthoSensor to co-market orthopedic surgical tech and tools

Smith & Nephew has inked a co-marketing deal with OrthoSensor involving one of the company's orthopedic surgical tools. Neither side is discussing financial details.

$15M ArthroCare stash will help keep staff as Smith & Nephew acquisition plans advance

A proposed deal as large as Smith & Nephew's $1.7 billion to buy ArthroCare can make employees at the to-be-acquired company pretty nervous about their future. But it turns out a substantial sum of cash is at the ready to pay bonuses to help retain vital staff once the deal closes.

Ahead of its acquisition by Smith & Nephew, ArthroCare shows its profit

At the beginning of February, Smith & Nephew announced a deal to buy ArthroCare, a Texas company that specializes in sports medicine joint repair, for $1.7 billion. Now, the world knows a little more about what Smith & Nephew will be getting for their money if the deal closes midyear as planned.

Analysts: Rivals may seek to beat Smith & Nephew's $1.7B ArthroCare offer

Smith & Nephew's $1.7 billion bid for ArthroCare may be too low, and some analysts predict that interested rivals will swoop in with a higher offer as a result, Bloomberg reports.

Smith & Nephew will grab ArthroCare for $1.7B, continuing its M&A rebound plan

Smith & Nephew agreed to fork over $1.7 billion for ArthroCare, a Texas device company that specializes in sports medicine joint repair and recently settled long-standing federal fraud charges in the U.S.

Silver service: S&N's Durafiber Ag now dresses European wounds, too

Its expansion to Europe--and "other markets worldwide in the near future"--underscores Smith & Nephew's commitment to find growth in its wound dressing unit, as its core businesses in knee and hip replacements make their way through a turnaround.

Smith & Nephew victory: Federal judge throws out metal-hip lawsuit

Harris Martin reported that a U.S. district judge threw out a patient's lawsuit alleging that U.K. orthopedics giant Smith & Nephew's metal hip replacement left her in pain, disabled and needing replacement surgery.