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Latest Headlines

Sanofi's European revamp may kill 700 jobs

In the wake of Sanofi-Aventis' ($SNY) agreement to buy Genzyme ($GENZ), all of the job-cut worries have been centered on the U.S. company. Where might Sanofi find cost-savings at Genzyme, and how

Japan suspends Pfizer, Sanofi shots after deaths

Japan has suspended vaccines made by Pfizer and Sanofi-Aventis while regulators investigate the deaths of four children last week. The infants had been vaccinated with several childhood shots

Sanofi, Genzyme execs hint at cost-cutting focus

Executives at Sanofi-Aventis and Genzyme are disclosing plans for operating after their merger closes later this year. And those plans are pretty much in line with what analysts and other observers

FDA rejects Sanofi contaminant sampling method

Sampling the gloves of operators is "unacceptable" as a means of detecting contaminants in an environmental monitoring program. The FDA tells Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland chairman Martin Siewert in

FDA: Sanofi slow to report adverse events

Now it's Sanofi-Aventis' turn in the FDA woodshed. The agency warned Sanofi about two shortfalls: Its U.S. unit failed to report adverse events on time and lacks a system to make sure it does so, FDA

Genzyme's bio-ops savvy a job-saver

News of the Sanofi-Aventis/Genzyme agreement was all the more intriguing because of the contingent value rights, those payouts to be made when Genzyme meets certain conditions. Topping that list of

Genzyme deal done, Sanofi has to make it work

If one looks past all of the debate about the $20 billion price Sanofi-Aventis agreed to pay for Genzyme, one has to wonder whether CEO Chris Viehbacher (photo) and his team can integrate Genzyme,

M&A 'boom' to continue with spate of U.S.-foreign buyouts

Industry experts are saying Sanofi-Aventis' $20 billion buyout of Genzyme is just the latest in a "multiyear boom of M&A activity" in the pharma business. And they expect an "off the charts" flow

Sanofi/Genzyme deal makes consent decree a mere detail

At last, the Sanofi-Aventis/Genzyme deal is done, in principle. It's being hailed as a win-win. And many non-investors now recognize CVR as contingent value right--a bonus promise tied to the success

Sanofi pulls Anzemet from five markets after FDA warning

Sanofi-Aventis (SNY) is withdrawing its anti-nausea drug Anzemet from five of the 13 countries in which it is sold, pulling the drug from markets where it is only prescribed for post-chemotherapy