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Latest Headlines

Roche CEO scuttles Novartis merger talk

Hoping that a Basel-based dynamic duo will take on the pharma market together? Don't, says Roche CEO Severin Schwan. He made it quite clear that the Swiss drugmaker's founding families, who still control 50.1% of the company, have no interest in merging with crosstown rival Novartis.

Roche ekes out diagnostics growth as diabetes biz falters

Roche's colossal diagnostics arm inched upward in the first 9 months of the year, growing 2% over 2012 as the company restructures its diabetes and applied science segments.

Roche to shutter 454, 6 years after buying NGS business

The pace of change in next-generation sequencing can cause market share to slide away at an alarming rate, something Roche discovered following its $155 million buyout of 454 Life Sciences. After losing ground to competitors over the past few years, Roche is shuttering the unit and laying off 130 staff members.

SAFC adds biologics capabilities at 2 plants

St. Louis, MO-based Sigma-Aldrich's SAFC custom manufacturing business is making investments that will lead to commercial-scale antibody drug conjugates manufacturing at a facility in St. Louis.

Roche expanding biologics production in 3 countries

There has been a big rush towards biologics manufacturing as drugmakers prepare for the new drugs that are becoming a larger piece of their portfolios. Swiss drugmaker Roche say it has 39 biologics in development.

Roche to supersize biologics production to meet biologics' super forecasts

Swiss drugmaker Roche has seen explosive growth for drugs like its new breast cancer drug Kadcyla and says it needs a lot more capacity for it and the long list of other biologics in hand or under development. To get that capacity, it will invest nearly $900 million to build a new facility in Switzerland and expand plants in the U.S. and Germany, adding nearly 500 jobs in the process.

Roche looks to the future with two new molecular Dx systems

Roche previewed part of its future this summer, debuting one of two new molecular diagnostics platforms at industry conferences in Italy and The Netherlands. Now, the Swiss giant is in the early stages of prepping for a launch next year in Europe and Japan of both systems – cobas 6800 and cobas 8800.

Roche, Novartis execs discount chance of R&D collaborations

The online chatter in Bloomberg and Reuters about potential Roche deals has been flying fast and furious recently, but there's been a streak of unfounded rumors that appear to be more smoke than fire.

Forget a Roche merger; Novartis sell-offs could be imminent, analyst says

News flash from Basel: Yes, Novartis really is considering selling off a few of its units, in deals that could be worth $15 billion to $20 billion. And no, Roche and Novartis aren't likely to embark on any big joint projects, much less consider a merger.

10 top drugs in biopharma's late-stage pipeline

In drug development, everything's a gamble, if you're doing something new and shooting at a big target. But there has to be a reasonable assumption that if safety issues aren't being glossed over and the efficacy data hold up, these top drugs can change standards of care and grab market share. So here's my pick of the likely big winners >>