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Latest Headlines

Novartis' pitch to join trial data sharing bandwagon gets frosty reception

Johnson & Johnson was cautiously lauded for its clinical trial data-sharing initiative, but Roche's project was pilloried. Now Novartis has joined its Swiss peer in rolling out an underwhelming transparency program.

AbbVie, Amgen and Roche most vulnerable to biosim rivals, Moody's says

As the biosimilar market takes shape, companies are gunning to produce copies of some of the world's top-selling drugs. And according to a new Moody's report, with their star products wearing targets on their backs, AbbVie, Amgen and Roche are most exposed to the new competition.

Roche mulls sharing Avastin trial data to clear up possible statistical quirk

The BMJ and others spent years trying to get Roche to release Tamiflu data, and the criticism continued even after the Swiss pharma put in a new results-sharing policy. Now, Roche is facing a situation where sharing trial data may be the best way to clear up the effect of Avastin on brain cancer.

Roche may open Avastin data to sort out conflicting brain-cancer studies

Should Avastin really join the small set of tools in the brain-cancer toolbox? With studies offering conflicting results, Roche and some outside researchers may share data to answer that question.

Roche + Cancer Genetics will expand cancer molecular Dx testing into warmer waters

Roche's new extended partnership with Cancer Genetics will expand molecular diagnostic cancer testing in the Caribbean and Central America as part of a three-year deal.

UPDATED: Roche legal action messes with Mylan's India launch of its Herceptin biosimilar

Last year, Roche appeared to throw in the towel on its breast cancer drug Herceptin in India when it said it would not defend the patent there. But it has come back out swinging with a court action that has messed with this week's launch of a biosimilar from Mylan.

The top drug delivery partnerships of 2013

In the biotech and pharma industries, drug delivery is a crucial aspect of research and development. Finding new ways to deliver old drugs, ways to make a new drug more efficient or ways that make a...

Roche blasts U.K. drug watchdogs for limiting use of Tarceva in lung cancer

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Britain's drug-review agency, is no longer recommending that Roche's targeted lung cancer drug Tarceva be used as a second-line treatment in patients with non-small cell lung cancer who have relapsed—sparking an angry response from the Swiss drugmaker.

Roche highlights strong 2013 sales of cancer drugs, vows to boost dividend

Swiss pharma giant Roche has had a few glitches of late, with the loss of its R&D chief to Google and the recent failure of its highly anticipated experimental schizophrenia drug. But it was positive news today as the company reported 2013 growth fueled by strong sales of its cancer drugs.

Can Roche's old R&D campus attract biotechs?

By last summer, Roche's R&D complex in Nutley, N.J. resembled a movie set for the latest post-Apocalypse tale, its largely empty buildings home to a few hardy survivors as new digs were being prepared in Manhattan.