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Latest Headlines

Genentech project to add 100 jobs

Roche's Genentech subsidiary is embarking on a $125 million project that will take Roche's investment in biologics production to over $1 billion and add 100 more jobs to the 500 Roche initially said its biologics expansion would create.

Big Pharma joins the U.K.'s genomics project with eyes on drug discovery

A group of the world's leading drugmakers have joined the U.K.'s ambitious initiative to sequence the genomes of 100,000 Britons, mining the data with hopes of finding new pathways to treat cancer and rare diseases.

Prothena rockets up with early data on a Roche-partnered Parkinson's drug

In a small study, an early-stage Parkinson's treatment from partners Prothena and Roche reduced levels of a protein with ties to the memory-destroying disease, sending the former company's shares up about 40%.

Roche joins forces with Sigma-Aldrich to distribute biochemical reagents

Roche inked an exclusive global deal with Sigma-Aldrich to market and distribute its biochemical reagents portfolio. Under the terms of the deal, Sigma-Aldrich will present and distribute Roche's kits and enzymes for cellular analysis, proteomics and conventional PCR applications.

Judge tosses Xolair kickback suit against Novartis, Genentech

Novartis and Roche can wash their hands of some kickback accusations. A federal judge tossed a long-standing whistleblower suit Tuesday, nixing allegations that the two drugmakers used kickbacks and off-label promotions to pump up sales of their asthma drug Xolair.

India's Natco wins again with U.S. challenge to Tamiflu generic

Natco Pharma won another battle in its quest to knock down patent barriers to its generic drugs, this time for a version of the Gilead Sciences' influenza treatment, Tamiflu (oseltamivir).

Roche neighbors sue, claiming contamination lowered home prices

Roche handled hazardous chemicals at its now-shuttered facility in Nutley, NJ--and its neighbors say the company didn't do it properly.

The PD-1 wave? Report says it's a $33B tsunami, with BMS surfing for first place

There's a reason immuno-oncology is among the hottest fields in biopharma today--and that's the $20 billion or so in 2022 sales that many analysts estimate. No wonder Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck, AstraZeneca and Roche are speeding ahead with their research in the field, with Sanofi, Novartis and Pfizer racing to catch up.

British doctors lobby NHS to use cheap Avastin over Lucentis in AMD

Here's a new threat to Lucentis, the eye drug from Roche and Novartis. British doctors are calling for the National Health Service to routinely use Roche's cancer med Avastin to treat patients with wet age-related macular degeneration, rather than the much costlier Lucentis.

Roche, BioMed X to jointly run diagnostics incubator in Germany

Roche and BioMed X are teaming up to create a diagnostics research group focused on biosensors and nanomaterials such as graphene within BioMed X's open innovation lab in Heidelberg, Germany.