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Latest Headlines

Roche's Perjeta proves a fast fave with cancer docs, but Kadcyla's a speed racer

Roche's new breast cancer duo, Perjeta and Kadcyla, seemed destined to make a big splash in the oncology market. Now, Decision Resources has the numbers to show just how big that splash has been.

Italian prosecutors home in on Roche, Novartis execs in eye-drug collusion probe

Itlaian prosecutors have zeroed in on four executives at Roche and Novartis in their probe of potential fraud in the companies' eye-drug sales, Reuters reports, citing sources. The four executives weren't identified.

Roche gets glowing reviews from FDA panel for frontline HPV test

In another win for Roche, a panel of experts unanimously recommended that the company's HPV test could be used for primary screening of cervical cancer.

Novartis and Roche now have France eyeing competition issues

Efforts to steer doctors away from off-label use of cancer drug Avastin in favor of the pricier Lucentis for treating sight issues have gotten Swiss drugmakers Roche and Novartis fined by the anticompetition authority in Italy, where prosecutors are also taking a look, and now French regulators say they are in the midst of a probe of their own.

Roche and Bayer expand their companion Dx partnership into multiple projects

Roche's Ventana Medical Systems and Bayer Pharma have decided to extend and expand a companion diagnostic collaboration first launched in 2012, another steady advance in personalized medicine.

Italian prosecutors jump into Roche, Novartis case with fraud probe

After their antitrust-fighting colleagues levied $251 million in fines against Swiss drugmakers Roche and Novartis on allegations that they colluded to protect sales of their eye drug, Italian prosecutors are now investigating possible market manipulation and fraud, according to Reuters.

Italy levies eye-opening antitrust fines against Roche, Novartis over Lucentis

Doctors have been prescribing Roche's cancer drug Avastin off-label to treat some of the same vision problems as its eye drug, Lucentis. Now, Italy's antitrust authority has fined Roche and marketing partner Novartis,  accusing them of colluding to push doctors toward the pricier option--claims the pair denies.

Roche scores upbeat data for a personalized asthma drug with blockbuster hopes

Roche's lebrikizumab significantly reduced the rate of asthma attacks in patients with a severe form of the disease, according to mid-stage trial results, lighting the way for a Phase III study on the novel, personalized treatment.

Roche's M&A budget opens up as it pays off Genentech deal debt

Roche's debt from its 2009 buyout of Genentech is winding down--and less money to pay means more money to play with, outgoing chairman Franz Humer says.

Roche preps an M&A shopping list as it nears a debt-free future

With his nearly 20-year stint at Roche coming to an end, longtime Roche Chairman Franz Humer said he's leaving the drugmaker just as it gets out from under Genentech-related debt, clearing the way for some dealmaking and an R&D jump-start.