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Latest Headlines

FDA approves first blood screening test to detect HIV, HCV and HBV from Roche

The FDA has approved a triple test from Roche to simultaneously detect HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B in donated blood and blood products. It's the first test approved by the agency to simultaneously test for all three of these blood-borne diseases and is expected to reduce the necessary sample volume and the testing turnaround time.

Roche and GSK set for sales growth in this year's fast-spreading flu epidemic

Bad flu seasons often mean increased sales for drugmakers producing influenza drugs, and companies such as Roche and GlaxoSmithKline stand to benefit the most from this year's growing epidemic.

With Roche out the door, Chiasma is raising $56M to go it alone

In early 2013, Roche signed a $595 million deal with Israel's Chiasma with eyes on its promising treatment for the hormone disorder acromegaly. But the Swiss drugmaker got cold feet over the summer, and now Chiasma is picking up the pieces, raising cash in hopes of submitting its drug to regulators this year.

Roche buys Bina to add informatics piece to its genomics resurgence

Having started 2014 with major doubts hanging over its genomics operations, Roche closed the year with a renewed focus on the sector. The latest step in its plan was completed just before the holidays, when Roche agreed to buy Bina Technologies for its next-generation sequencing data analysis platform.

Roche wins FDA approval for emergency use of rapid Ebola test

Amid growing efforts from diagnostic companies to counter the deadly Ebola outbreak, Roche snagged FDA approval for emergency use of its rapid Ebola test.

Roche builds CLL case for Gazyva in two-horse race with GSK

Roche won FDA approval for a supplemental license application of its chronic lymphocytic leukemia drug Gazyva, strengthening its case over rival GlaxoSmithKline and adding some ammo to its hemo-oncology arsenal.

Roche launches next-gen viral load assay in non-U.S. markets

Building on recent momentum of its molecular diagostics, Roche has nabbed a CE mark for a new assay designed to spot a type of herpesvirus using the company's latest rapid blood and plasma testing product lines.

Roche makes diagnostics headway with Bina Technologies acquisition

Roche is decking the halls with diagnostics acquisitions and Bina Technologies is the company's latest target. 

Roche continues diagnostics winning streak with Bina Tech acquisition

Roche snatched up DNA sequencing outfit Bina Technologies for an undisclosed sum, continuing its M&A winning streak and expanding its diagnostics footprint.

ImmunoGen plummets as its Roche-partnered cancer drug comes up short

ImmunoGen watched its shares fall by 50% when partner Roche revealed disappointing results for the pair's targeted cancer drug, casting doubts on the biotech's technology for creating armed antibodies.