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Latest Headlines

State AGs ask Arkansas high court to back J&J's $1.2B Risperdal fine

The Arkansas Supreme Court is the epicenter of the latest episode in Johnson & Johnson's Risperdal saga. J&J is appealing the $1.2 billion fine in a Medicaid fraud case, in which a jury found the company had downplayed Risperdal's risks and marketed it for off-label uses.

WSJ: J&J federal Risperdal deal hung up on language over breasts

Johnson & Johnson has been negotiating terms of a multibillion dollar settlement over aggressive marketing of its antipsychotic drug Risperdal with federal authorities for at least two years, and now it is hung on talk over breasts, The Wall Street Journal says.

J&J fights $327M Risperdal verdict, saying no one was harmed

South Carolina Circuit Judge Roger Couch took a particularly creative approach when he levied a $327 million penalty against Johnson & Johnson in the state's Risperdal case.

Pfizer CEO Ian Read ordered to testify in Chantix case

Another Big Pharma CEO faces the prospect of appearing before a jury to testify in defense of a drug that has been called dangerous.

J&J settles a boatload of Levaquin cases

Johnson & Johnson appears to be in settlement mode. It has knocked off some more pending litigation, having settled about 25% of the 3,400 lawsuits it faced tied to the dangers of taking antibiotic Levaquin. The settlements come after it recently negotiated settlements related to its aggressive marketing of antipsychotic drug Risperdal.

Pfizer aims to keep CEO off the stand in Chantix trial

Pfizer doesn't want CEO Ian Read to take the stand in a Chantix liability suit. That's not unusual; Johnson & Johnson fought a request that CEO Alex Gorsky testify in person in a trial over alleged Risperdal misconduct. What's different in Pfizer's case is that a judge actually ordered Read to appear.

J&J settles Risperdal cases, avoiding former FDA commish's testimony

Johnson & Johnson has again backed down on its defense of Risperdal cases alleging that it caused boys who were given the antipsychotic to grow breasts.

J&J aims to block ex-FDA chief's testimony in Risperdal case

Lawyers are pulling no punches in that Risperdal litigation playing out in Philadelphia court. After trying to force Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky onto the stand to talk about the company's Risperdal marketing practices, plaintiff's attorneys want ex-FDA chief David Kessler to testify--and Kessler is on record saying that J&J's Janssen unit broke the law by marketing Risperdal off-label.

Witness: J&J aimed Risperdal pitch at childrens' doctors

With every Risperdal trial--and there have been more than a few--we hear new allegations about Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) marketing techniques. This time, we're looking at a patient liability suit, one of many that attempt to link Risperdal use with boys' breast development.

Judge lets Gorsky off the hook in Risperdal case

Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) CEO Alex Gorsky has again dodged a bullet and will not be forced to testify in front of a jury in the somewhat sensational Risperdal case in which a teenage boy allegedly grew breasts after taking the antipsychotic drug.