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Latest Headlines

Pfizer 'cherry-picked' Celebrex data, memos say

More than a decade after it was learned that Pfizer and Pharmacia "massaged" study data to show their arthritis drug Celebrex in a better light, new memos released in a lawsuit are serving up a reminder of how that episode played out, like pushing the research community to reconsider how studies are released and published.

Pfizer slapped with Medicaid fraud verdict

Wisconsin's AG scored a $153 million victory in court against Pfizer (via Pharmacia, which it acquired in 2003). A jury ruled that the company repeatedly committed Medicaid fraud, purposely

Hassan to testify in Celebrex suit

Schering-Plough CEO Fred Hassan has been ordered to testify via videotape in a trial over the painkiller Celebrex, which Pfizer acquired in its merger with Pharmacia--the company that was headed up