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Latest Headlines

FT: AstraZeneca investors turn up the heat under CEO Brennan

The FT reports that the temperatures of AZ's investors are reaching feverish proportions as CEO David Brennan continues to reject calls for some sizable deals.

Bloomberg: Watson on verge of deal for Actavis

Watson Pharmaceuticals ($WPI) isn't just eyeing a deal for generics rival Actavis.

ISTA's hard-to-get stance yields $500M Bausch & Lomb bid

After resisting a bidfrom Valeant, ISTA went to Bausch & Lomb for 40% more.

Valeant nabs Russia's Natur Produkt for $175M-plus

The Canadian drugmaker has made yet another acquisition. This time, it's an OTC company in a deal potentially worth $180 million.

Is AZ aiming for a Forest buy?

This week's M&A speculation continues with a blog post in The Guardian is saying Forest Laboratories ($FRX) is a prime target for pick up by AstraZeneca ($AZN).

Is Watson poised to grab Actavis?

The generic world was abuzz yesterday after rumors surfaced that Watson Pharmaceuticals could buy Actavis for about $7 billion.

M&A in Turkey, Indonesia underscore emerging-markets lure

Given the measly growth projections for U.S. and Europe, it's no surprise that expansion-minded drugmakers are looking eastward.

Mylan bows out of Rottapharm bidding

The Rovati family isn't making it easy for anyone interested in bidding on  Rottapharm. According to a report in  Reuters, Mylan ($MYL) has walked away from the bargaining table after negotiators failed to overcome the family's demand that it remain in control of the company, without showing any flexibility on the price. And something had to give.

Bayer makes prelim offer for Pfizer's animal health unit

Bayer CEO Marijn Dekkers thinks Pfizer ($PFE) is most likely to spin off its animal health unit. But the German company made a preliminary offer anyway, Dow Jones reports, citing the Financial Times Deutschland.

Stada stymied in bids for Russian M&A

Germany's Stada wants to expand in Russia. But attempts to buy Russian drugmakers have so far failed--despite months of effort--leaving the company with a big debt burden and stagnant home market, Reuters reports.