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Latest Headlines

Thumbs up or down on megamergers? Depends on your point of view

These days, "merger of equals" is the preferred term, and some companies are on the lookout. Others, particularly R&D types who've lived through integrations they'd rather forget, decry the idea. The pro-and-con debate rages on.

Buzz: A buyer is in talks to acquire a big stake in Celltrion

The buzz about the potential sale of a big stake in Celltrion, Korea's biosimilars developer, picked up after the company filed a statement with regulators indicating that discussions with a potential buyer or buyers are underway.

Indian court: Sanofi doesn't owe taxes on Shantha merger

An Indian high court on Friday quashed India's income tax department's claim that Sanofi owed more than $185 million in capital gains tax in relation to its 2009 buyout of Shantha Biotechnics.

E&Y: As Big Pharma falters, Big Biotech helps fill a $100B M&A firepower 'gap'

For years now Big Pharma's deep pockets have provided the big bucks needed to drive multibillion-dollar deals in biopharma--and quite a few of the smaller ones as well.

Pharma M&A takes nosedive, except in China

Mergers and acquisitions by drug companies were off big time this year, down by 35% overall. Much of what is getting invested is targeted at emerging markets, with China not surprisingly leading the list.

Hot M&A trend in biopharma spurs surge in insider trading cases

The hot M&A trend in the biopharma industry is keeping federal securities regulators hopping with a surge in insider trading cases. The most recent instance deals with a case that started when a director of Chattem told his accountant that Sanofi was about to buy the company.

Sun finally nabs Taro with $600M deal

The two generics makers shook hands on a deal in which Sun agreed to buy Taro for $39.50 per share in cash.

Bankers tally torrid pace for biotech M&A as hungry suitors pounce

Venture deals may be well off the pace set in 2011, but even a casual observer of the biotech industry could tell you that M&A is way up. Now Credit Suisse has stepped up with a new set of figures to back up the trend, noting that we haven't seen these kinds of numbers since Roche bought out Genentech for $46.7 billion in 2008.

With new ownership, Cetero becomes PRACS Institute

A deal to purchase Cetero was finalized June 20 and the CRO has been renamed the PRACS Institute.

Zeincro Group and Trial Masters merge to expand Eastern European reach

After establishing itself in southeastern Europe, Zeincro Group is ready to expand its reach on the Continent. The CRO announced that it has consolidated with another European CRO, Trial Masters, and in turn, is expanding its services to Hungary and Romania.