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Latest Headlines

Merck pushes Alzheimer's drug into PhIII trials after clearing a safety hurdle

The pharma giant is recruiting new patients while expanding the program with a new Phase III study for early-stage patients--without changing the dosing regimen.

UPDATED: Actavis' former CEO is betting on biosimilars

Robert Wessman, the Icelandic entrepreneur who built Actavis into a generics powerhouse and then sold out, has decided get into the biosimilars business. He has talked his home country into helping finance his plans.

Pfizer whacking 150 jobs in closure of Irish packaging plant

The past few weeks have seen a spate of pharma manufacturing cuts, with Actavis, Merck and Pfizer all whacking jobs. And Pfizer has continued its busy end to 2013 by revealing it is to close a packaging plant in Ireland, laying off 150 workers in the process.

Merck targets 570 jobs in Ireland on its way to cutting 8,500 positions globally

Merck two months ago laid out plans for its fourth restructuring in 5 years, saying it would whack 8,500 jobs from its R&D and commercial operations and cut $2.5 billion in costs globally. And global the cuts have been, with 130 jobs being targeted at its women's healthcare production plant in Swords, Ireland in the next 6 months. The rest of the 570 jobs at the plant are to go by the end of 2017.

Irish plant shutdown move puts another Merck site on the block

The list of Merck manufacturing plants affected by its restructuring is growing longer. With Puerto Rico, New Jersey and Pennsylvania already braced for job cuts, Merck confirmed this week it will add to Irish woes by shuttering its women's healthcare production plant in Swords by the end of 2017.  

The top 10 news stories for FierceBiotech in 2013

This year's examination of our top 5 stories of the year says a lot about what works when you're creating a presence on the world wide web and how it can also deliver super-sized audiences on some odd bits of work.

Merck, Glaxo HPV vaccines held back by more than sex and money

A new study in JAMA Pediatrics finds that sex and money each play a role in U.S. parents' reluctance to vaccinate their children against the human papillomavirus. But a lack of easy-to-understand information about the shots--and often, the lack of a doctor's clear recommendation for them--are also helping to depress vaccination rates.

Top women in biotech 2013

No one ever climbed the industry ladder without getting some help along the way. And for women, including many of the accomplished top performers in this group, that can be especially important....

ARMO emerges from stealth mode, preps study of discarded Merck drug

The key to launching Redwood City, CA-based ARMO, says CEO Peter Van Vlasselaer, was in-licensing the cytokine IL-10 program from Merck, which had wound up with the anti-inflammatory therapy after it swallowed Schering-Plough's pipeline whole.

2 Puerto Rico plants up next in Merck job-whacking plan

Merck has three facilities in Puerto Rico with more than 1,000 employees, but two of those will fall in the next couple of years as the drugmaker institutes its plan to cut 20% of its workforce and $2.5 billion in costs.