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Latest Headlines

R.I.P.: Merck and Endocyte yank vintafolide app

Now that the ovarian cancer drug vintafolide has crumbled in Phase III, Merck and its partner Endocyte have pulled their conditional marketing application in Europe and are moving to close down the study.

HCL Tech adds Novartis to roster of Big Pharma clients

India-based HCL Technologies has shown a skill for winning Big Pharma contracts, like the $500 million deal it inked with Merck in 2010. HCL has now added Novartis to its list of clients, with the Swiss pharma signing up to outsource its infrastructure management to the IT services company.

People most in need of Merck's shingles jab often not vaccinated

Not enough people are being vaccinated against shingles, and those who are at the highest risk for the painful viral infection, such as those with immunosuppressive disorders like HIV, are not able to receive the vaccine because of safety issues, according to a new study.

What we learned from the big ASCO cancer drug data dump

Wednesday night's big round of ASCO news highlighted a few key memes with major implications for cancer drug development and everyone who works in the field. Overall, there were no big surprises in the news. And that's news in itself.

UPDATED: Merck sells Colorado biologics plant to KBI

Merck has closed or sold a number of manufacturing operations as part of its most recent restructuring, an effort to hack $2.5 billion in expenses from its operating costs. The drugmaker has now added to its list a biologics plant in Boulder which 5 years ago it picked up for $130 million.

Merck sells some eye-drug assets to Japan's Santen Pharma for $600M

The dealmaking continues in the red-hot market for eye care products with news today that Merck is offloading some of its ophthalmology products to Japan-based Santen Pharmaceutical.

Merck gets approval for Zontivity for reducing stroke and heart attack risks

Whitehouse Station, NJ, drugmaker Merck has a renewed focus on cardiovascular treatments and Thursday nabbed an FDA approval for a drug that will move that emphasis down the road.

Merck wins FDA approval for a once-vaunted cardio drug

Merck picked up FDA approval for the clot-busting cardio drug vorapaxar, a treatment once billed as a potential warfarin successor before running into some alarming safety issues.

Can payers get to 'rational' hep C drug prices without a price war?

Payers worried about hepatitis C drug prices have been counting on impending price competition to save them money. The idea is that, once Merck, AbbVie and Bristol-Myers Squibb have treatments on the market, Gilead Sciences will have to back off its $84,000-per-treatment-course sticker price. The reality could be a little better--and a little worse--than that.

Insurance companies thwart uptake of Merck's Gardasil in boys

Some insurance companies have put up roadblocks, labeling the vaccine--which can cost up to $500 for three doses--"experimental" for boys.