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Latest Headlines

Merck's new PhIII hep C program may help repair a damaged R&D rep

In a matter of weeks Merck plans to move a closely-watched combination treatment for hepatitis C into a Phase III trial. The move will boost Merck's late-stage pipeline to 13 programs, giving new R&D chief Roger Perlmutter some additional evidence to back up a case that the leviathan outfit has finally shaken off the lethargy that led to a years-long drought of significant approvals, focusing on pioneering therapies that can carve out badly needed revenue.

Sanofi reportedly jumps into $12B race for Merck's consumer unit

Sanofi CEO Chris Viehbacher may be reconsidering his November plans to spend just €1 billion to €2 billion per year on acquisitions. Rumor has it the drug giant is eyeing a bid for Merck's OTC unit, which could sell for up to $12 billion.

Who's going to win pharma's immunotherapy gold rush?

As Roche, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Merck race to the market with promising immunotherapies for advanced melanoma, analysts' sky-high sales estimates for the new drug class may soon have to reckon with revenue-slashing competition and pricing pressures.

Merck exec: Health IT apps need more scientific rigor

The Merck executive leading the company's digital innovation unit has warned that Boston's startups can still improve, particularly with regards to the degree of scientific rigor applied to their apps.

Merck to have Cipla make cut-rate version of an HIV drug

India's Cipla has been aggressive about taking aim at Western meds it thinks are too expensive for the Indian market, sometimes targeting those that have seen their patents pushed aside by compulsory licenses. But drugmaker Merck has a new deal with Cipla that might help it sidestep that issue.

Failure of sexual health clinics to offer HPV vaccine leaves high-risk groups vulnerable

Concerns about cost and promiscuity have led to many countries struggling to increase uptake of human papillomavirus vaccines. England fits into this category, but survey data suggests it has a more fundamental problem: High-risk groups are less likely to be offered the vaccine.

Pfizer's impressive Prevnar data isn't enough to win billions in adult sales

Promising data could spell a new recommendation for Pfizer's Prevnar 13 pneumococcal vaccine in older adults, adding up to $1 billion in global sales. But some of Prevnar 13's sales will ride on Pfizer's marketing success with the 65-and-over crowd--which has proven a tough nut to crack for competitor Merck.

Study finds deaths of Zilmax-fed cattle dwarf Merck's official reports to FDA

As new research findings indicate, the number of U.S. cattle deaths linked to Zilmax could reach into the thousands. That's far higher than the figures Merck reported to the FDA, Reuters reports. And it could seriously interfere with Merck's plans to relaunch the $160 million growth-stimulating drug.

U.K. mulls adopting a 2-dose model for HPV vaccination

If the U.K. adopts the two-shot model, it may use the cash it saves to vaccinate boys against HPV.

BMS joins Merck with plans to whack plants in Ireland

Ireland's liberal tax code continues to attract drugmakers, but some of the long-term players are cutting back on their extensive manufacturing there. Bristol-Myers Squibb, with plans to lay off about 160 workers at two facilities, can now be added to that list.