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Latest Headlines

Merck bags Japanese approval for a weekly diabetes drug

Merck, building on the success of its diabetes blockbuster Januvia, won a first global approval for a long-acting form of the drug, convincing Japanese regulators to approve its new weekly product.

One win, one loss in Merck's PhIII double header for C. diff

Merck says that it's ready to apply for EU and U.S. marketing approval for the anti-infective bezlotoxumab, flagging a pivotal clinical success which arrived four years after the pharma giant launched its late-stage program. But the pharma giant also sounded taps for a related Phase III effort on actoxumab.

Merck pioneers injectable vaccine for common pig disease

Merck Animal Health announced on Sept. 16 that it has launched Porcilis Ileitis, the first-ever injectable vaccine to treat the form of ileitis caused by the pathogen Lawsonia intracellularis.

Merck's weekly diabetes drug measures up to an old blockbuster in Phase III

Merck's once-a-week omarigliptin proved itself equal to Januvia, stacking up to a daily treatment that brought in about $3.9 billion for the company last year.

Analysis: Merck's statins turn up more muscle side effects than their rivals

A new analysis shows that muscle-related side effects--which are commonly linked to statins--show up more often in Merck's Zocor, Mevacor and Vytorin than in drugs in the rest of the class.

Advera Health Analytics: Merck statins linked to more muscle side effects than rest of class

Statins have been linked with cardiovascular problems as well as amnesia and mental decline. But neurological side effects are not turning up as frequently in postmarketing safety data. And muscle-related side effects, which are also commonly linked to the drugs, show up more often in three Merck products than in the rest of the class.

Merck and Samsung notch their first biosimilar victory with Enbrel knockoff

Partners Merck and Samsung Bioepis recorded their first approval in a sweeping biosimilars alliance, winning a South Korean OK for their copy of Amgen's blockbuster Enbrel.

Merck, Daktari collaborating on hep C diagnostic, as the Big Pharma awaits FDA word on its pill for the disease

Merck enlisted Daktari Diagnostics to help it break into the hepatitis C market and execute its strategy of appealing to unserved niche patients, such as hep C patients with dialysis and rare genotype 4 of the virus.

Jardiance and its CV data? They're no knockout punch for stalwart Januvia, Merck says

LONDON-- Late last month, partners Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim announced that their SGLT2 diabetes med, Jardiance, had gone where no others had gone before. While its rivals had always either increased the risk of cardiovascular events or, at best, had no effect, the newcomer showed it could actually lower the risk of heart attack, stroke and death from cardiovascular causes.

New hurdle for DPP-4 diabetes meds: FDA spotlights risk of 'disabling' joint pain

As if last week's Jardiance news wasn't enough to worry makers of DPP-4 diabetes drugs, the FDA has now issued a warning that the class of meds might cause "severe and disabling" joint pain.