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Latest Headlines

Danger for co-pay coupons: Medicare patients are using you

Forget the legal challenge to co-pay coupons filed by a group of health plans earlier this year. Forget the state of Massachusetts' coupon ban (it's been repealed now, anyway). The real threat to co-pay coupons may not be lawsuits from payers or outrage from insurance associations and pharmacy benefits managers.

U.S. consumers buy more, pay more for drugs

U.S. patients took more drugs and paid more for drugs last year and, according to a new analysis, that was because they have bad health habits and are depressed.

Big-name drugmakers play heart-drug roulette

Drugmakers from Merck to Sanofi to GlaxoSmithKline sink beaucoups bucks into three types of potential heart treatments.

FDA panel gives Humira a thumbs-up for colitis

Abbott Laboratories' jewel in the crown is the anti-inflammatory drug Humira. It's not only the drugmaker's biggest seller, but it's also set to become the biggest-selling product in the world, now that blockbusters like Lipitor and Plavix have gone off patent. Last year, it brought in $8 billion.

AZ's Nexium tops Q2 sales ranks, with BMS' Abilify on its heels

Now that Plavix and Lipitor are down for the count, AstraZeneca's Nexium is the reigning heavyweight drug champion. According to Drugs.com, the stomach drug outsold all other branded drugs during the second quarter, with $1.38 billion in revenues. But Nexium's dominance could be short-lived.

Takeda's Actos era ends with generic launches

It's not a megabrand like Lipitor or Plavix, but the diabetes drug Actos has brought in more than $3 billion in U.S. sales at its peak, more than $16 billion total since its release in 1999. And now, it has generic competition. Takeda Pharmaceuticals, watch your back.

Internet drug dealer gets 10 years but feds want his Chinese boss

Federal authorities have brought down a pawn but are still looking for the king of an extensive Chinese drug counterfeiting operation who slipped through their fingers last year.

More drugs for U.S. to come from Ranbaxy's Mohali, India, plant

Having reached near capacity at its Ohm plant in New Jersey, much of Ranbaxy Laboratories' future production for the U.S. and Europe will come from its plant in Mohali, India.

New statins study sorts out diabetes risks

For years now, statins, the cholesterol-lowering drugs, have been a major pillar of the drug industry. But a little cloud is forming over the category. Links to muscle injury were already documented, and now there is a growing body of evidence tying their use to the development of diabetes.

Pfizer nears animal health IPO as cost-cutting boosts profits

Pfizer posted higher profits for the second quarter. That's the good news. The not-so-good is that sales dropped by 9%, thanks to increased competition for the newly off-patent Lipitor. The increase in profits came on the back of cost cuts across the company, including big reductions in R&D.