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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Court thwarts Mylan attack on Ranbaxy Diovan exclusivity

It is another swing and a miss for Mylan. Twice now it has struck out in efforts to snatch away from Ranbaxy Laboratories the Indian drugmaker's 180-day exclusivity on a drug.

Pfizer targets 600 primary-care sales jobs

It's the end of the year, and the end of the road for hundreds of Pfizer drug reps. The company is slashing its primary-care sales force by almost 20%, Bloomberg reports, taking its 3,000-strong army of reps down to around 2,400.

U.S. branded sales to end 2012 with 3.5% decline

By the time the ball drops in Times Square this year, branded drug sales will have dropped 3.5%. So says a new report on U.S. spending, which pegs this year's decline at that rate--and forecasts an annual decline of 2.6%, on average, over the next several years.

WSJ: Pfizer animal health IPO could happen next month

Pfizer's animal health unit may be worth $20 billion, and that is the conundrum.

Mylan tries snatching Ranbaxy's rights to Novartis blockbuster

Generic drugmaker Mylan ($MYL), impatient that money is sitting on the table, has sued the FDA to try to snatch the rights to produce a generic of Novartis' ($NVS) blockbuster blood pressure med, Diovan.

Ranbaxy probes reactor in India as source of recall

Ranbaxy Laboratories is investigating whether splintered glass from the lining of a reactor at a plant in India is the source of particles found in the raw ingredients for generic Lipitor that were delivered to a Ranbaxy plant in the U.S. where the pills are finished.

U.S. patient sues Ranbaxy over generic Lipitor recall

Last month, Ranbaxy Laboratories recalled its version of the cholesterol-fighting pill Lipitor. By last week, the company had stopped making the drug, at least until it can iron out the manufacturing problems that caused fine glass particles to crop up in some pills. Along the way, the Indian company hasn't said much, at least not publicly--and that has inspired a New Jersey man to sue for information, not to mention a refund, Pharmalot reports.

Ranbaxy sued for handling of atorvastatin recall

Ranbaxy Laboratories' recall of generic Lipitor has spawned its first legal repercussion.

Ranbaxy's generic Lipitor recall may be tied to glass missing from shield

Ranbaxy Laboratories is trying to determine if a missing fragment of glass from a shield of a piece of machinery at a plant in India is the source of the problem that has caused it to halt production on its lucrative generic Lipitor product

Pfizer sharpens job-cutting ax for U.S. sales layoffs

Pfizer's U.S. sales reps are updating their résumés. The company's primary care sales force faces another round of job cuts, numbers as yet unspecified. The laid-off reps--to be notified Dec. 20, Dow Jones reports--will join thousands of previous patent-cliff casualties.