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Latest Headlines

Forget $4 generics. Free Lipitor copies are the new drug promo

Lipitor as a loss leader? That's the approach Wegmans' pharmacies are taking. As the Philadelphia Inquirer reports, the grocery store chain offers generic versions of Lipitor for free, as a way to bring in new pharmacy customers. And the promotion must be successful--Wegmans just extended it through the end of this year.

Ranbaxy stamps out legal move to expand recall

Ranbaxy Laboratories is overcoming hurdles as it tries to regain its vaporized market share for generic Lipitor. It got past a recall, figured out how glass particles got into its API and is again manufacturing the drug for the U.S. market. Now it has also squashed an effort to force a national recall of its past production of the drug.

Ranbaxy unveils unexpected loss on generic Lipitor recall costs

Ranbaxy Laboratories surprised investors with a quarterly loss of 4.92 billion rupees ($90.95 million), thanks to the cost of recalling its generic version of Lipitor.

Manufacturing continues to undercut Ranbaxy

Ranbaxy Laboratories says it is back in the generic Lipitor game, having repaired its most recent manufacturing problems at a plant in India. Now it must also restart the process of repairing its reputation as a top generics manufacturer after yet another manufacturing foul-up and surprising analysts with an unexpected quarterly loss.

Ranbaxy back in gear for generic Lipitor production

Ranbaxy Laboratories is back in the generic Lipitor saddle again. Three months after stopping production of the cholesterol fighter and recalling almost a half-million bottles, the Indian drugmaker says it is restarting production for the U.S. market.

Ranbaxy minces no words in legal slugfest over generic Lipitor recall

A recall of generic Lipitor had already devastated Ranbaxy Laboratories' market share and entangled it in litigation. Now it has sparked a war of words between the Indian drugmaker and lawyers for consumers who say they were injured by products believed to have been tainted by glass particles.

Actavis future very bright despite tough quarter

Actavis, the former Watson Pharmaceuticals, said its fourth-quarter earnings paled by comparison to a year ago when it first released an official generic of Lipitor.

Ranbaxy production glitch devastates its generic Lipitor biz

India's Ranbaxy Laboratories' manufacturing problems have devastated its share of the U.S. generic Lipitor market. On top of that, an expanded lawsuit in New Jersey seeks to have the drugmaker recall all of the drug that it has in the U.S.

Fighting the $9B ghost of Lipitor past, Pfizer points to new drugs

Pfizer ($PFE) racked up a 46% increase in full-year profits. But its sales fell 10%. How so? Pfizer's sale of the nutrition business, which went to Nestle for $11.85 billion, helped boost reported net income to $14.57 billion.

J&J, Pfizer, BMS, Novo score, while Mylan and Par strike out

While FiercePharma 's newsletter went on hiatus over the winter holidays--and industry news slowed to a pace suitable to hibernation-friendly weather--we didn't spend all our time skiing and drinking cocoa. Some certifiably big news broke last week. Here are several holiday highlights.