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Latest Headlines

Pfizer keeps rolling with $1B bid for OTC Lipitor

Pfizer's once-gargantuan statin drug Lipitor has been cut down to size by generic competition. But if the drugmaker's plan to win over-the-counter status for the drug succeeds, Pfizer could add up to $1 billion back into its Lipitor franchise.

Teva, Ranbaxy settle case for sidestepping each other's launches

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and Ranbaxy Laboratories only have to pay $300,000 in a new "pay-for-delay" settlement with the state of New York over their arrangement on generic Lipitor. But the agreement also prevents the two from sidestepping each other on dozens of other drugs, opening up the possibility of greater generic competition.

Antitrust watchdogs come down on Pfizer for Lipitor dealmaking

The antitrust crackdown in pharma has moved to Australia. Once again, Pfizer finds itself in the middle of a legal fight over its efforts to hang onto Lipitor sales after the drug went off patent and faced competition from cheaper generics.

Pfizer's slim-down boosts earnings as Lipitor losses put a damper on sales

Pfizer is on a diet, and it shows. The company pumped up 2013 earnings despite a sizable slide in sales, thanks to layoffs and cost cuts, not to mention the successful spinoff of its animal health business, Zoetis. And it's looking for more of the same for 2014.

FDA extends Ranbaxy consent decree to Mohali plant

The FDA said in an announcement Monday that it had placed the Mohali plant on import alert after inspections in September and December of last year found significant cGMP violations. The agency said the plant will now have to conform to provisions of a consent decree that Ranbaxy agreed to last year, which initially was written to cover its Paonta Sahib and Dewas facilities.

Study: Pharma payments do sway doctors' prescribing habits

A new study shows that payments do influence doctors' behavior. The average amount that flows from pharma to physician is about $1,700 per. Still, doctors are swayed by free dinners and speaking fees, the study finds, with prescriptions rising along with payments.

Pfizer quells fears of cuts at Ireland plant that makes Viagra

The plant in Ireland that manufactures Viagra isn't slated for any cutbacks despite Pfizer's patent loss on the erectile dysfunction blockbuster in the U.K. and Europe.

Big Kahuna statins gobble up bigger share of cholesterol market

No question, statins are the big gorilla of the cholesterol-fighting drug market. And as  Forbes  reports today, that drug class is marking out an even bigger territory as time goes by. Over the past 5 years, statin prescriptions have grown by 17% to 214 million a year, while other cholesterol remedies lost 28% of their scripts. Now, those other drugs only account for 50 million prescriptions a year.

Mined doctor-patient data gives drugmakers insight for targeted marketing

The recent layoffs of hundreds of drug sales reps mean there are fewer people in the field calling on doctors to see what they are prescribing. But they don't have to--drugmakers have found new tools that actually can tell them more about doctors' prescribing patterns than the physicians even know themselves.

U.K. saves £1 million a day, thanks to generic Lipitor

How much is a generic drug worth to a payer? More than £350 million, for the U.K.'s National Health Service anyway. That's how much it saved during the first 12 months after Pfizer's Lipitor went off patent, the generic industry's trade association says.