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Latest Headlines

Science pays: 2013's 10 best-compensated R&D chiefs in biopharma

For an idea of what kind of year a drug developer had, take a look at what it paid its head of R&D. Click through our roundup for a look at who ranks where in the biopharma R&D world. Read more >>

Chicago sues J&J, Purdue, Endo, Actavis, Teva over opioid marketing

In the wake of a lawsuit brought by two California counties against five manufacturers of prescription painkillers, the city of Chicago has filed a suit of its own. Chicago is suing the same five pharma companies--alleging, much like California does, that they overstated the benefits of opioid painkillers while deceiving the public about the risks.

Chinese authorities slap J&J and rivals with $3M for price fixing

Johnson & Johnson, Bausch + Lomb and rival companies were slapped with a combined $3 million fine by Chinese authorities for price fixing in the country's contact lens and eye-glass market, complicating the companies' growing presence in the country's device sector.

J&J's Imbruvica thumps GSK's Arzerra in head-to-head leukemia trial

Results are in from a showdown between chronic lymphocytic leukemia drugs Imbruvica, from Johnson & Johnson's Janssen unit, and GlaxoSmithKline's Arzerra. And as it turns out, it wasn't much of a contest.

Investigator database looking for new members after adding Novartis and Pfizer to ranks

Having made the big decisions about how their database of clinical trial investigators will work, collaborators Eli Lilly, Merck and Johnson & Johnson are looking to add more members to a roster already swelled by the arrival of Novartis and Pfizer.

J&J expands prostate cancer program with cancer vax tech from Aduro

Johnson & Johnson's busy deal team in California has nailed down another development pact--this time zeroing in on new technology at a Berkeley biotech that will be used to expand its considerable efforts on prostate cancer R&D.

Rodin bags a $12.9M A round to think big about CNS therapies

About a year after launching with the help of Atlas Venture and Johnson & Johnson's Massachusetts biotech incubator, Cambridge's Rodin Therapeutics is setting out with $12.9 million in Series A cash and a plan to apply some cutting-edge science to common central nervous system disorders.

App expert J&J puts 'quantified self' data to use

There's a wealth of mobile apps out there turning our everyday habits into numbers, and J&J, pharma's design pioneer, has some ideas on how to use them.

J&J launches 'quantified self' app to game patients into better behavior

There are plenty of mobile apps out there that translate our health activities into numbers. Using apps and other hardware, patients these days are tracking how--and how much--they sleep, eat and walk. But how can pharma capitalize on this "quantified self" phenomenon? Johnson & Johnson has a few ideas.

Johnson & Johnson medical device presence growing in China

Not satisfied with being the world's biggest health-care products company, Johnson & Johnson will expand its already dominant presence in China later this year when it introduces plates and screws manufactured in the country at its Suzhou facility.