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Latest Headlines

China State Council briefing outlines multilevel system for medical treatment

Chinese health officials shed some additional light on the country's plans to reform its healthcare system by saying they plan to implement a "multilevel" system for medical treatment, according to a press briefing given by State Council officials.

Theragenics revenue disappoints

Theragenics ($TGX) blames the "headwinds" of healthcare reform fallout, the looming medical device tax and economic uncertainty for a disappointing 2012 third quarter. The maker of surgical products and brachytherapy seeds for prostate cancer treatments said revenue and net income both declined.

Facing long odds, House again votes to repeal healthcare reform

The House of Representatives voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act once more, with Republicans saying that while the Supreme Court has upheld the law as constitutional, it is over-reaching and "job-killing" in regards to the medical device tax.

Pharma gets what it bargained for in Supreme Court ruling

Along with the Supreme Court's decision that, for the most part, the Affordable Healthcare Act is constitutional has come a firestorm of analysis of what it means to drug companies going forward: more patients, but not as many as hoped, more fees, but those were already planned for.

Republicans make issue of pharma-backed ads for Obamacare

House Republicans are continuing their anti-healthcare reform campaign with shots aimed at Big Pharma.

Memos show PhRMA, Pfizer led Big Pharma support for healthcare bill

The cat is out of the bag so to speak with the disclosure of memos today detailing the level of drug industry support for passage of President Obama's prized healthcare reform.

Big Pharma sweats outcome of Supreme Court ruling

If the healthcare reform bill gets shot down by the Supreme Court, pharma could pop into the cross hairs of politicians.

George Will jumps on the anti-device tax bandwagon

Washington Post  columnist George F. Will says that, unless its repealed, the coming tax on devicemakers will lead to fewer jobs and less innovation.

Congress drags Big Pharma into Obamacare negotiation probe

The House Energy and Commerce Committee has demanded documents and information from five of the top pharma companies.

Lawmakers pressure CMS to get going on doc-disclosure rules

Two senators are pushing regulators to issue rules for complying with the doctor-disclosure provisions of healthcare reform.