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Latest Headlines

WellPoint to drop branded Lipitor from its formulary

Lipitor just got shot down by a healthcare plan. As The Wall Street Journal reports, WellPoint ($WLP) is planning to stop covering Pfizer's ($PFE) brand-name cholesterol drug April 1, favoring its

Novartis CEO calls external focus key to fast-changing pharma

The idea of facing generic competition for a $5 billion blockbuster like Diovan would daunt almost any CEO. But Joe Jimenez (photo) says his experience hawking baby food and ketchup at Heinz made him

Gloom for the pharma industry, yes. Doom? No

AstraZeneca's ($AZN) layoffs announcement yesterday touched off more than its share of hand-wringing. It may be a straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back case; this shedding of 7,300 jobs follows a spate

Pfizer, Lilly earnings drop on new generic rivals

Pfizer ($PFE) and Eli Lilly ($LLY) are continuing the downward-sloping earnings trend that's dominated Big Pharma's fourth-quarter reports. Pfizer saw profits drop by half, while Lilly's earnings

Lipitor brand loses ground as generics take hold

Pfizer ($PFE) faces another stumbling block on its Lipitor obstacle course. As The Wall Street Journal reports, Express Scripts ($ESRX) is moving the cholesterol drug to a less-favorable spot on its

Watson, Amphastar launch Lovenox copy on court ruling

Momenta Pharmaceuticals ($MNTA) has lost its exclusive hold on the generic Lovenox market--at least temporarily. Amphastar, which has been developing its own version of the Sanofi ($SNY)

Numbers hint that Pfizer's Lipitor strategy may work

The latest figures on Lipitor sales suggest that Pfizer's ($PFE) aggressive sales strategies might—just might—be working. As The Associated Press reports, new IMS Health numbers show

Pfizer's Lipitor promos won't keep share up, Watson CEO says

Pfizer ($PFE) continues to roll out the big guns to protect its Lipitor market share, but at least one rival drugmaker says those efforts won't pay off as well as the company hopes. Watson

Generics slash Pfizer's Lipitor sales

Competition has hit Pfizer's ($PFE) blockbuster Lipitor, and hit it hard. Sales of the cholesterol drug dropped by half barely a week after it started facing generic competition in the U.S.,

Senators, Watson chief question Pfizer's Lipitor deals

Congress is casting a skeptical eye on Pfizer's ($PFE) bending-over-backwards effort to retain customers for Lipitor. Now that the cholesterol drug has generic rivals, Pfizer is offering discounts to