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Latest Headlines

Lilly invests £5.4M in R&D hub in U.K.

Eli Lilly has opened a new building at its Erl Wood R&D center in Surrey, U.K., to house early-stage research.

Lundbeck banks on pipeline as antidepressant sales skid

Lundbeck's CFO Anders Gotzsche emphasized the prospects of drugs such as Selincro for alcohol dependence, the experimental antidepressant Lu AA21004 in late-stage development and a long-lasting formulation of Abilify.

Sanofi has terrific first quarter, but next 3 will be tough

Sanofi had a good first quarter with higher revenues and profits, but executives acknowledge that the next 12 months will be tough.

Brennan's ouster at AstraZeneca sets stage for big changes in R&D

The ongoing restructuring underway at AstraZeneca claimed one more employee today: The chief architect.

With Provigil exclusivity, Teva may hike its forecast

Teva can reap sales of branded Provigil, and it can profit from the generic version.

Forest mourns as Teva celebrates launch of generic Lexapro

Forest Laboratories ($FRX) could well be playing a dirge at corporate headquarters today. The company's leading drug, Lexapro, now has new generic competition.

Sanofi to shutter Plavix-producing U.K. plant

Generic competition has claimed another pharma plant. Sanofi ($SNY) plans to shutter a U.K. manufacturing facility by 2015, as demand erodes for products made there. Some 450 people work at the plant,  Sky 's Tyne and Wear edition reports, and after higher-ups announced the closure plans Wednesday, the stunned workers went home for the day

AstraZeneca sues FDA to block Seroquel copies

AstraZeneca is seeking an injunction to block Seroquel copies at least until a court can review its claims. The drugmaker says the FDA shouldn't be allowed to usher generic Seroquel onto the market until Dec. 2, when data exclusivity expires.

With Seroquel petition denied, AZ needs M&A

The FDA has officially denied AstraZeneca's petition to hold off generic versions of its antipsychotic drug Seroquel.

Health plans sue Big Pharma over co-pay coupons

Pharma's co-pay discounts have their fans--patients, certainly, but they also have their detractors.