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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Generics drag AZ sales down by $1.35B

AstraZeneca's second-quarter results continue the generics-are-woe trend in Big Pharma. This time, it's the antipsychotic drug Seroquel doing most of the damage.

Glaxo sales slump in Europe, U.S. on price cuts, generics

Without emerging markets, Japan and consumer heatlhcare, GlaxoSmithKline's second quarter earnings announcement would just be a sea of negative numbers. Thanks to positives in those three areas, overall sales were down just 2%. Europe and U.S. on the other hand, are in a world of hurt.

Plavix tops U.S. sales ranks, but not for long

Leave it to a patent expiration to trigger musical chairs at the top of pharma sales rankings. Plavix is now the biggest-selling drug in the U.S., after stealing the crown from Pfizer's newly off-patent Lipitor, PM Live reports.

Novartis leans on emerging markets, new meds to offset Diovan drop

Novartis is gaining in emerging markets. It's also seeing growth in newly launched products, including a few potential blockbusters. Both very good things--and sorely needed to offset a manufacturing shutdown and eroding sales of its top-selling drug.

Multibillion-dollar R&D strategy is paying off for Novartis

Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez managed to impress the Wall Street crowd today with some solid numbers for the second quarter.

J&J drug sales hold their own, thanks to foreign growth

For the second quarter in a row, Johnson & Johnson posted a downward tick in revenues, hobbled by currency losses. Asset writedowns, legal-settlement set-asides, and acquisition costs dug into earnings.

AZ puts Brilinta up for another head-to-head fight with Plavix

AstraZeneca doesn't shy from a challenge. The drugmaker ($AZN) has launched a study comparing its clot-fighter Brilinta with the standard bloodthinner treatment Plavix, in patients with peripheral artery disease. 

Appeals court ruling threatens pay-to-delay deals

A federal appeals court pulled a pay-to-delay challenge out of mothballs, forcing Merck to fight claims that its Schering-Plough unit delayed generic versions of its potassium drug K-Dur. But Merck isn't the only drugmaker that should keep an eye on this case.

Par could fetch up to $2.5B from rival genericsmaker

Analysts have put a pencil to the Par Pharmaceutical buyout, and they've concluded the company could bring a good bit more than $50 per share from a generics-industry bidder.

GSK closes the deal on Human Genome Sciences for $3B

After unsuccessfully struggling for three months to spur a bidding war, Human Genome Sciences appears ready to throw in the towel today and accept a slightly sweetened offer from longtime partner GlaxoSmithKline.