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Latest Headlines

GSK's Witty opts out of generics market

When it comes to diversifying through generics, count GlaxoSmithKline out. CEO Andrew Witty says he has no interest in duking it out in that marketplace. Not only does generics success depends on low

J&J fights Teva with generic Risperdal

It's a watershed moment: Risperdal has gone generic. The Johnson & Johnson antipsychotic med now has copycat competition from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, which got the final FDA go-ahead

Globalized generics plague Big Pharma

Globalization and generic drugs: There's a collection of news today that illustrates a couple of trends that have taken firm hold in the drug-sales world, two trends that are inextricably linked.

Sanofi makes $2 billion generics move

Sanofi-Aventis has made a $2 billion bid for Czech generic drugmaker Zentiva. The offer will compete with an earlier bid by finance group PPF--Sanofi is offering 10 percent more than the group,

Pfizer, Ranbaxy settle Lipitor patent dispute

Pfizer and Ranbaxy have come to an agreement that will end most of their five-year battle over the generic production of Lipitor, the world's best-selling drug. Ranbaxy will have a license to sell

Is Shire worth a 25% premium?

Can Shire weather the upcoming loss of Adderall XR to the off-patent wildnerness? Company execs say it can: They point out that 60 percent of the company's revenues derive from other products. And

Safeway jumps on $4 generic bandwagon

Just two years ago, Wal-Mart started its program to sell a select list of generic prescription

Companies sue over generic Prevacid SoluTab

Ethypharm S.A., Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. and TAP Pharmaceuticals Inc. are suing Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc. for patent infringement, Barr confirmes. The suit is over Barr's plan to market a generic

Mylan to sell copycat of Teva MS drug

Here's a turnabout-is-fair-play story. Generics maker Teva Pharmaceuticals, known for its aggressive challenges to brand-name drugs, is getting challenged itself. The company has one very big branded

FTC assails generic-delaying deals

The Federal Trade Commission is none too happy with Big Pharma's dealmaking with generics companies. Drugmakers are using legal settlements with copycat manufacturers to keep cheaper meds off the