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Latest Headlines

Europe adds to drugmakers' pain on pay-to-delay strategy

Two days ago the U.S. Supreme Court said pharma companies can be sued for pay-for-delay deals, and now the European Commission has fined Lundbeck and a cadre of companies €146 million ($195.5 million) for the same thing.

Cheaper generic combo found as effective in RA as blockbuster Enbrel

Amgen was delivered a nasty surprise about its superblockbuster Enbrel this week when a new study found that a cocktail of generics already on the market was as effective at treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Merck to buy $5B in stock from Goldman Sachs in jump-start for repurchase plan

Generic competition, sales woes and R&D disappointments have put revenue on the decline and Merck in hot water, with the pharma giant earlier this month promising to buy back as much as $15 billion in shares. And yesterday, the company started in on a big chunk of that buyback, inking a deal to buy $5 billion of its own shares from Goldman Sachs.

Astellas forecasts big sales growth as prostate drug catches hold

Japan's drugmakers aren't any more immune from generic competition than U.S. pharma companies are. Still the country's second- and third-largest drugmakers are predicting sales growth this year, even as low-cost copies drain away sales of their key products. New drugs are coming in to pick up the slack, the companies said.

Lilly settles long-running lawsuit tying Cymbalta to teen's suicide

Eli Lilly has battled to protect its best-selling drug, the antidepressant Cymbalta, against generic competition but has decided not to stand and fight a lawsuit tying it to the suicide of a 16-year-old boy. The company agreed to settle the litigation in advance of a trial set to begin next month.

Novartis breast cancer drug Afinitor nixed by U.K. gatekeepers

The U.K.'s cost-effectiveness watchdog has turned away Afinitor for breast cancer. The Novartis drug doesn't offer enough value for the money, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence says.

Justices weigh arguments in generic-liability case

How is a generic drug's label different from the drug itself? That was one of the many questions posed yesterday as the generics-liability case had its Supreme Court airing.

Forget $4 generics. Free Lipitor copies are the new drug promo

Lipitor as a loss leader? That's the approach Wegmans' pharmacies are taking. As the Philadelphia Inquirer reports, the grocery store chain offers generic versions of Lipitor for free, as a way to bring in new pharmacy customers. And the promotion must be successful--Wegmans just extended it through the end of this year.

Generics bite primary-care sales, but specialty drugs soar 18.4%

Suffering Big Pharma well knows that primary-care drug spending slumped in the U.S. last year. That's the patent cliff at work. But now, there's a number for that pain: Spending on mass-market meds dropped 1.5% in 2012.

Fewer generics approved in 2012 but still a banner year

Given all of the lousy earnings reports and patent cliff talk, one might have expected last year to be the biggest ever for getting new generic drugs into the U.S. market. One would be wrong.