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Latest Headlines

GE Healthcare opens first health tech incubator

GE Healthcare has opened its first health tech startup campus at its Finland headquarters in Helsinki. It's already home to 20 health tech startups working on wireless technologies, sensors, apps and cloud services to improve healthcare.

FIT Biotech is set to start a Phase III HIV vaccine trial

If successful the trial--which is due to last two to three years--will culminate in marketing applications to U.S. and European regulators.

Finland's ArcDia grabs $3.5M to fuel diagnostic test use

ArcDia has raised nearly $3.5 million (2.7 million euros) to fuel expanded use of its mariPOC diagnostic test for respiratory tract infections.

Narcolepsy spike linked with flu shot

Finnish researchers found that the chance of narcolepsy was much higher in children who received a certain flu vaccine.

Canines ID Pfizer fakes, discern brands

Pfizer's ($PFE) Israeli unit is lending a paw--actually, 8 paws--to help Finland crack down on counterfeit Viagra. Canines Springer and Willem can sniff out the top-selling erectile-dysfunction...

WHO broadens probe of narcolepsy-flu vax link

The World Health Organization is widening its probe of a possible link between GlaxoSmithKline's Pandemrix vaccine and narcolepsy. In an advisory panel briefing, Reuters reports, the agency said

Finnish health authorities see link between Pandemrix and narcolepsy

Finland's National Institute for Health and Welfare says there is a link between GlaxoSmithKline's Pandemrix flu vaccine and a spike in narcolepsy cases. Narcolepsy is a disorder that causes a person