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Latest Headlines

Lilly's sales and earnings continue their free-fall but CEO Lechleiter sees good things coming

Eli Lilly CEO John Lechleiter promised today that the company's finances will improve over the next decade. It would be hard for them to get much worse. Lilly's fourth-quarter net income was down 41%. Its revenue was down 12%. Its earnings were down 40% to $0.40 a share.

AstraZeneca strikes deal with Box as IT revamp continues

Box has added a big-name client just days after pulling off a $175 million IPO. The deal sees AstraZeneca join Allergan and Eli Lilly on the list of major biopharma companies that use Box's cloud content sharing and collaboration tools.

FDA finds more counterfeit Cialis, warns consumers

Earlier this month the FDA stopped a shipment of what it believed to be Cialis manufactured in Australia that it said contained improper ingredients. Cialis maker Eli Lilly, however, said the product appeared to be counterfeit. It made no Cialis in Australia. Now the FDA is saying it has found Cialis fakes being shipped in the mail and is warning consumers to beware.

Lilly snares formulary spots for diabetes meds, no pricing war necessary

The hepatitis C payer negotiations may be making the biggest headlines these days, but diabetes contracts were making headlines first. And if Eli Lilly & Co. and its drugs are any indication, those headlines are likely to continue.

Lilly cuts in on immuno-oncology with Merck, Bristol-Myers

Eli Lilly is buying big into the idea that the latest and greatest cancer therapies can work even better in combination, inking agreements to study its drugs alongside immunotherapies from Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

UPDATED: FDA stops import of Lilly's Cialis from Australia but Lilly says it doesn't make it there

The FDA issued an import alert on Monday, saying it was banning Eli Lilly's Cialis made at a plant in Australia because testing showed it contained not only the active pharmaceutical ingredient approved for Cialis but also the API that goes in Pfizer's competing erectile dysfunction drug Viagra. The problem, Lilly said in a statement, is that it doesn't currently have a plant in Australia, making Cialis or anything else.

Lilly leans on diabetes, Cyramza in predictions for 2015 growth

Eli Lilly disappointed market-watchers Wednesday with its 2015 forecast, which fell short of predictions that analyst have been tossing around. But Lilly executives said their numbers aren't so different from the Street's; it's just a matter of assumptions.

Lilly closes Novartis deal, creating second-largest animal health giant

Eli Lilly started the new year by announcing it has closed its $5.4 billion acquisition of Novartis Animal Health, in the process expanding its Elanco animal health unit to 17 manufacturing sites and 14 R&D centers.

Lilly makes amends with Adocia in $570M diabetes deal

Eli Lilly is buying back into Adocia's pitch for a fast-acting insulin, reversing an earlier decision and signing a collaboration deal worth up to $570 million.

Lilly's Elanco disputes local paper's allegations of unsafe pet meds

A war of words has broken out over the past week between Eli Lilly's Elanco animal health division and the company's hometown newspaper, the Indianapolis Star. At issue is an overriding question that weighs on the minds of pet owners worldwide: Are medications for dogs and cats really safe?