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Latest Headlines

Lilly, Novartis and Pfizer sign up to improve ClinicalTrials.gov

In the 20 months since the White House unveiled its $200 million Big Data R&D initiative, the field has matured and begun to fulfill its potential. Now the government has inked a batch of data-related projects and signed up Eli Lilly, Novartis and Pfizer as partners.

Eli Lilly, Project A.L.S. forge preclinical drug discovery pact

Eli Lilly and the nonprofit Project A.L.S. are teaming up to boost the pipeline of potential drugs for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig' disease.

Qiagen cozies up to Lilly for third CDx partnership

With the success of Erbitux and its patient-steering companion diagnostic fresh in mind, Qiagen and Eli Lilly have struck up their third partnership, reuniting to match genomic knowhow with drug development expertise.

Lilly goes on $1B global binge to boost its insulin capacity

While other areas of its business have stumbled, Eli Lilly has been betting on diabetes treatments to help it pull through a bad patch. And like a gambler on a winning streak, Eli Lilly will double down on its investments in insulin production with expansions at plants in China, France, Puerto Rico and the U.S. This is after having doubled its bet earlier this year.

Lilly to invest $700M in plant expansions

Eli Lilly has been slashing jobs and freezing salaries as it hunkers down before it loses patent protection on its top-selling Cymbalta. But with its diabetes franchise providing a ray of sunshine during this dark period, it is ready to build on it further, proposing to spend another $700 million on new insulin related facilities worldwide.

Eli Lilly spells out $1.8B deal to partner with Pfizer on tanezumab

When Pfizer first let slip that it struck a deal to collaborate with Eli Lilly on the high-risk anti-NGF pain drug tanezumab, the news was delivered without any of the usual deal terms. 

Ex-Lilly contract sales rep sues, claiming unpaid bonuses

Drugmakers see contract reps as an easy-come, easy-go approach to marketing. Hire up when times are busy and new drugs rolling; staff down when drugs go off patent or the cost-cutting police come calling. But contract reps have rights, too--and that's why a former Eli Lilly sales person is suing the company.

Eli Lilly partners with Pfizer on its high-risk PhIII pain med tanezumab

Pfizer announced in its quarterly statement today that Lilly had agreed to share the cost of development on tanezumab in exchange for a split of the profits. Lilly, which has come under increased scrutiny after a series of high-risk drug programs failed to pan out, will also pay an unspecified upfront--provided the FDA lifts a partial hold on the program.

Top 10 Drug Patent Losses of 2014

In a way, the coming year isn't a big one for patent expirations. The total amount of sales jeopardized by patent expirations is $34 billion. That's more than the $28 billion this year, but...

Stolen Novo growth hormone sold on Internet

The spectacular, $90 million burglary of a warehouse full of Eli Lilly drugs in 2010 continues to be in the news as some of the two dozen suspects get charged or convicted.