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Latest Headlines

Novo Nordisk files for FDA OK of fast-acting insulin

Hard on the heels of Eli Lilly's decision to abandon insulin peglispro, rival Novo Nordisk is moving ahead with its faster-acting insulin aspart, filing for FDA approval of the mealtime insulin for diabetes.

Lilly's split of animal and human drug production does not bode a spinoff, execs insist

Eli Lilly has made some changes in its organization, separating out the manufacturing in its animal health unit Elanco from its human pharma biz. But Lilly management doesn't want any misunderstandings about what this bodes. It likes the animal health business and is not prepping it for a spinoff like some other companies have.

Lilly separates animal health manufacturing but insists it's not prepping a spinoff

On Dec. 8, Eli Lilly told investors at a meeting in Boston that even though it is separating the manufacturing capabilities of its animal health business, Elanco, from the rest of the company--a move that would make it easier to cast off the unit--it has no plans to do so.

With Paris spotlight on climate change, here's how Big Pharma stacks up

While pharma may not have the carbon footprint of energy or heavy manufacturing, it has other connections to environment and climate issues. The way climate change will affect public health, for instance, is a growing topic in global "green" pharma discussions, as is prescription drug pollution in the environment.

Lilly remains in the lucrative market for long-acting insulins even after giving up on peglispro

Eli Lilly's decision to pull the plug on development of long-acting insulin candidate peglispro was not a big surprise after the company put the program on the back burner earlier this year over safety risks. Peglispro was facing a market that is getting increasingly challenging, in part because of Lilly's own biosimilar effort aimed at insulin kingpin Lantus, one with huge upside potential.

Cancer drug prices vary across the globe as countries strike deals with Big Pharma: Study

New research shows that cancer drug prices in certain countries, even among those that regulate the price of drugs, vary dramatically. And with countries striking exclusive deals to gain discounts from drugmakers, the disparity in prices is likely to grow.

Lilly pulls the plug on a massive insulin project in a blow to its diabetes pipeline

Eli Lilly is ceasing development of a long-acting insulin after testing the injection on thousands of patients in late-stage trials, nixing the program after a safety-related delay.

Lilly backs a $25M round for anti-inflammatory startup Symic

San Francisco's Symic raised $25 million to fund its work on a pair of anti-inflammatory medicines targeting the extracellular matrix, recruiting Eli Lilly to lead the round as it works through clinical development.

Lilly's middling lung cancer drug wins FDA approval with a restrictive label

Eli Lilly won FDA approval for a lung cancer treatment that posted only a marginal survival benefit in late-stage clinical trials, gaining clearance to treat a small population of patients with particularly serious disease.

WuXi and Lilly pair up to develop a cardio drug in China

Eli Lilly is partnering with CRO WuXi PharmaTech to develop a cholesterol-lowering pill in China, relying on local expertise in hopes of tapping a growing market.