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U.K. pharma pushes back against value-based pricing

Europe's austerity push has put the squeeze on drugmakers, that's no secret. Not surprisingly, troubled Greece, Spain and Italy have all gone after drug spending as a way to dig out of their

Price overlap blurs quality between generic, substandard drugs

Healthcare policies favoring low-cost generic drugs over innovators must also require closer regulation of the copycat meds and their manufacturing processes, or some other means of improving

Subbing Avastin for Lucentis would save $1B-plus, IG says

Using Genentech's Avastin off-label for macular degeneration, rather than the company's similar eye drug Lucentis, could have saved Medicare more than $1 billion over two years, the HHS inspector

Docs blame reimbursement, complexity, cost-benefit for Provenge uptake

Dendreon ($DNDN) may face a lot more than cost density in persuading doctors to adopt its prostate cancer vaccine Provenge. Oncologists and urologists said reimbursement issues have contributed to

Targeted drugs are more efficient, but do they save money?

Government belt-tightening hasn't been easy on pharma's pricing power, but it will be a boon for targeted drugs. Or so figures one of Roche's top diagnostics executives. On the heels of its targeted

As drug prices grow, payers dig into patients' wallets

Who's going to foot the bill for specialty drugs? That's a growing worry for everyone from patients to drugmakers. And then there are the employers and insurers in the middle, who are trying to

Novartis discount sways NICE toward Tasigna

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has taken Novartis ($NVS) up on its offer of a discount on Tasigna. The cost-effectiveness watchdog gave Tasigna a preliminary thumbs-up as a

Pharma stages protest of South Korean price cuts

Pharma CEOs and employees alike rallied in Seoul to protest new price cuts by the South Korean government. Like many other budget-minded countries these days, the South Korean Health Ministry is

AZ to pay $2.5M in Idaho Medicaid case

In the latest settlement of a Medicaid pricing lawsuit, AstraZeneca ($AZN) agreed to pay $2.5 million to resolve Idaho's claims that it overstated average wholesale prices for various products,

In U.S. and Spain, pharma says price cuts will cost jobs

Here's a tale of two drug-spending protests. In the U.S., Pfizer CEO Ian Read is vowing to fight any additional cuts to Medicare drug prices; after all, the reason drugmakers offered up billions in