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Latest Headlines

Pharma stages protest of South Korean price cuts

Pharma CEOs and employees alike rallied in Seoul to protest new price cuts by the South Korean government. Like many other budget-minded countries these days, the South Korean Health Ministry is

AZ to pay $2.5M in Idaho Medicaid case

In the latest settlement of a Medicaid pricing lawsuit, AstraZeneca ($AZN) agreed to pay $2.5 million to resolve Idaho's claims that it overstated average wholesale prices for various products,

In U.S. and Spain, pharma says price cuts will cost jobs

Here's a tale of two drug-spending protests. In the U.S., Pfizer CEO Ian Read is vowing to fight any additional cuts to Medicare drug prices; after all, the reason drugmakers offered up billions in

Pharma feels threatened by new U.S. austerity push

All the talk of deficit-cutting in Washington has drugmakers spooked--and has industry lobbyists working overtime. Pharma companies are fighting potential new Medicare drug rebates. Whispers about

Chinese pricing plan threatens pharma profits

This is for Big Pharma's should-have-seen-it-coming file: China is fast becoming the new frontier of drug-price cuts. A government pilot project in the hinterlands managed to lower prices by as much

Will pharma fight the Express-Medco deal?

As if drugmakers didn't have enough pressure on sales from the upcoming patent cliff, they're now facing the threat of a pharmacy benefits merger that would turn two 900-pound gorillas into one King

U.K. reforms leave NICE in judge's chair

Remember the reports that the U.K.'s cost-effectiveness watchdog would be shunted aside as the country adopts value-based pricing? Well, scratch that. As the government rethinks proposed National

PhRMA: U.S. drug discounts could cost 260K jobs

While President Barack Obama and congressional leaders jockey for position in the U.S. debt reduction talks, the pharma industry is doing some negotiating of its own. That's because lawmakers are

Lilly chief scolds Germany for new pharma rules

Shame on Germany. That's the message Eli Lilly ($LLY) CEO John Lechleiter (photo) took to that country yesterday. Speaking at the Federation of German Industries Conference, Lechleiter made clear

GSK, Merck lead vaccine price cuts for GAVI

Vaccine makers are pledging big price cuts for developing nations as officials gather to determine how they can pay to protect children around the world from disease. GlaxoSmithKline has promised to