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Can drugmakers keep up the 'crazy' price increases?

Hiking drug prices to boost sales is a strategy that's been working--but it can't last. That's what pharma industry executives have been saying this week at the Reuters Health Summit. As Bain &

Gilead's U.S. pricing on HIV meds draws fire

Gilead Sciences chief John Martin (photo) figures his HIV drugs won't earn much in under-developed countries. And if the drugs won't earn much there, then the patents on them aren't worth much,

AZ chief: Industry stats skewed by overstated U.S. prices

Pharma sales stats could be all wrong--at least that's what AstraZeneca CEO David Brennan (photo) told the Reuters Health Summit. List prices are just that, and real prices are somewhat lower. On

ISP passes on ingredient price hikes to drugmakers

Better alert purchasing because drug ingredient prices are going up, up, up again. All of its biocide products--especially those containing 3-Iodo-Propynyl-Butylcarbamate--are subject to a 10 percent

Par to pay $153M in pricing lawsuit settlement

Par Pharmaceutical has agreed to pay $153 million to settle drug pricing lawsuits alleging the company caused government entities to pay inflated reimbursements. Report

UK docs can now strike risk-sharing deals with pharma

Changes in the UK pharma code of ethics will allow doctors' groups to negotiate risk-sharing price deals with drugmakers, Pulse Today reports, clearing the way for GPs to use outcomes to determine

NICE issues final rebuff to Novartis' Afinitor

Novartis' battle to win over the UK's cost-effectiveness watchdog to its kidney cancer treatment Afinitor has hit a dead end, as the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence determined

Big pharma objects to India's pricing request

India is clamping down on price hikes by global drugmakers. It has nixed increases on imports when manufacturers won't share pricing details. Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk are among the multinationals

Report: U.S. specialty-med spending on the rise

The age of the specialty drug is upon us. Spending on traditional meds may still be on the rise, but it's the complex treatments for multiple sclerosis, cancer, inflammatory conditions and other

Early hep C drug pricing spooks experts

New hepatitis C treatments from Merck and Johnson & Johnson are selling in France for $31,000 and up, and their price tags may end up limiting access to the high-tech drugs, especially in