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AstraZeneca, Astellas among Optimer bidders, Bloomberg sources say

Who wants Optimer Pharmaceuticals and its high-powered antibiotics? A handful of drugmakers, apparently.

GSK, Astra among shoppers for $1B Optimer deal: Bloomberg

Drugmakers are circling Optimer Pharmaceuticals, the antibiotics maker that says it's considering a sale. And that includes GlaxoSmithKline, Astellas Pharma, AstraZeneca and Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Bloomberg sources say, for a deal worth as much as $1 billion.

New Optimer Pharma boss reveals details of federal probe of former execs

In addition to engineering a potential sale of Optimer Pharmaceuticals, new Chairman and CEO Henry McKinnell shed more light on the alleged misdeeds involving stock grants at the highest levels of the company, Xconomy 's Bruce Bigelow reported.

Ex-Pfizer chief takes helm as Optimer puts out for-sale sign

Former Pfizer CEO Hank McKinnell has a new gig. He'll be running Optimer Pharmaceuticals, at least until the company finishes exploring "a full range of strategic alternatives"--a.k.a. shopping itself for sale.

Optimer seeking buyout offers as CEO is shown the door

Optimer Pharmaceuticals CEO Pedro Lichtinger has been shown the door, another casualty resulting from an unusual stock deal that took down the company chairman last year. And former Pfizer CEO Henry McKinnell has stepped in as interim chief while the company considers its strategic alternatives--including a possible sale.

Optimer ousts chairman, top execs over a grant of shares in affiliate

Hank McKinnell has a new biopharma mess to sort out.

Optimer inks $90M C. difficile drug pact with Astellas

Optimer is pocketing a $20 million up-front payment on a new commercial pact for its treatment for C. difficile.

Will hospitals pay premium for Optimer's Dificid?

Will hospitals pay more for Optimer Pharmaceuticals' new antibiotic Dificid? That's the question, now that the FDA has given its blessing to the drug, which is the first new treatment in 25 years for

UPDATED: FDA gives Optimer key antibiotic approval

There's going to be a lot of backslapping at barbeques in San Diego this weekend. The FDA sent out word this afternoon that it's approved San Diego-based Optimer Pharmaceuticals' ($OPTR) antibiotic

Stage set for Optimer's weapon against deadly infections

As we put this edition of FierceBiotech to bed, there was still no word from the FDA on potential approval of Optimer Pharmaceuticals' antibiotic fidaxomicin (Dificid). The PDUFA date of May 30 falls