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Latest Headlines

Report: Biopharma CEOs score 'supersalaries' even as sales decline

Eli Lilly's John Lechleiter was one of six pharma CEOs to make the New York Times  2013 executive-pay ranking, but he wasn't at the top of the list of highly paid drug industry execs. That position went to Abbott's Miles White, who saw his pay rise 8% to $20.5 million, placing him in the 13th spot overall on the NYT  list.

What's a Swiss pharma CEO worth? Try $600K, under a radical ballot initiative

A Swiss referendum approved by voters this spring gave shareholders the right to reject pay packages for top managers and outlawed certain types of executive largesse. But another is coming up that makes those rules look lenient. 

Reports: Ex-Novartis chief Vasella to flee Switzerland for US

Swiss media report that Vasella is decamping from his home in Zug for greener pastures in the U.S.

How does pharma's CEO pay rank?

We know how pharma CEO pay stacked up within the industry. But how did pharma's 2011 compensation packages compare with those in other industries?

'Lake Wobegon' effect to blame for spiraling CEO pay

For pharma CEOs, keeping up with the Joneses isn't nearly as easy as keeping up with competitors' pay raises. That's because many drugmakers peg their executive compensation to the pay packages at

J&J investor demands that CEO give up millions in pay

Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) CEO Bill Weldon (photo) is the highest-paid Big Pharma chief, no question. His $28.7 million in 2010 pay put him far above the second-place executive, and he made even

Pharma CEOs lost in the executive-pay shuffle

Last week, we gave you our rankings of the highest-paid executives in biopharma. This week, the Wall Street Journal is out with its CEO compensation ranking, so we thought we'd put pharma pay into

Top 10 Pharma CEO salaries of 2009

Welcome to to our annual look at the biggest CEO paychecks in the pharma industry. The major trend in 2009 was the mega-merger, which helped propel former Schering-Plough CEO Fred Hassan to the top

Life science CEO salaries up, bonuses down

Life science CEOs made an average base salary of $273,000, up 3.2 percent from 2008 levels. That's according to the 10th annual Compensation and Entrepreneurship study, released by J. Robert Scott

Glaxo investors bless exec-pay plans

We're all familiar with the brouhaha that occasionally attended Jean-Pierre Garnier's annual pay package. The ex-chief of GlaxoSmithKline drew shareholder ire for bonuses and stock awards they