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Latest Headlines

Critics pillory Sanofi for pulling cheap Campath

Sanofi's critics have launched a new offensive. After months of protesting yielded big reductions in the French drugmaker's layoff plans in its home country, those less-than-pleased with Sanofi ($SNY) are zeroing in on its decision to swap cheap Campath for the (presumably) much pricier, soon-to-be-approved multiple sclerosis drug Lemtrada.

Sanofi hits a speed bump on blockbuster Lemtrada application

Just weeks after Genzyme filed its application for Lemtrada as a new treatment for multiple sclerosis, regulators have handed the NDA back, telling the biologics arm of Sanofi that it needs to complete a rewrite before they can properly assess it.

Sanofi pulls Campath to clear way for higher-priced Lemtrada

The speculation about Genzyme's Campath is over. The company, now a unit of Sanofi, is pulling the plug. Why? To prepare the way for Lemtrada, a multiple sclerosis treatment that is, essentially, Campath by another name.

New cancer drugs debut faster in U.S., but they cost more

The good news for U.S. cancer patients: New drugs get to market faster in the U.S. than they do elsewhere. The bad news: There's a higher price tag for that speed.

Post-merger Genzyme opens up the throttle on R&D plans

Genzyme immune-disease chief Dr. Michael Panzara patiently guided the Financial Times through a detailed review of the company's development plans for the MS drug Campath, adding in an interesting

Sanofi goes back to the negotiation table with Genzyme

With Sanofi-Aventis's $69-per-share offer for Genzyme set to expire January 21, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the companies have resumed negotiations for a potential buyout offer. So far,

Genzyme's ($GENZ) Termeer ponders poison pills and CVRs

Just in case anyone at Sanofi-Aventis ($SNY) had missed his position, Genzyme ($GENZ) CEO Henri Termeer (photo) told France's Le Figaro that he would be open to linking the performance of the

Sanofi ($SNY) isn't the only one questioning Campath forecasts

Genzyme ($GENZ) and Sanofi-Aventis ($SNY) are once again trading barbs in their ongoing contest over Sanofi's hostile bid. But the most intriguing remarks about that potential deal today came from

Genzyme mulls Campath giveaway for cancer patients

One of the big sticking points in the potential Sanofi-Aventis/ Genzyme deal has been sales estimates for Campath, the company's leukemia drug that it's developing for multiple sclerosis. Genzyme has

What's the real fair price for Genzyme?

We're wondering whether Genzyme's new asking price of $89 per share is the real deal--or whether it's high-balling its price tag in hopes that Sanofi-Aventis would meet it in the middle of that