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Latest Headlines

$125M IPO planned for former BMS medical imaging unit

Avista Capital Partners is looking for liquidity in its investment in medical imaging agent provider Lantheus. The company recently filed for a $125 million IPO. The financing would allow Lantheus to repay some of the debt that the private equity firm loaded it up with, in part to pay itself dividends.

Bristol-Myers wraps nivolumab PhIII cancer trial early on promising survival benefit

Bristol-Myers Squibb claimed bragging rights to the first batch of Phase III data on an immuno-oncology drug that clearly demonstrated an improvement over a standard therapy for overall survival.

Bristol-Myers toes the next hep C frontier: a four-week cure

Gilead Sciences' Sovaldi has broken sales records thanks to its ability to cure hepatitis C with an effective, if costly, 12-week regimen. But rivals believe there's plenty of room in the market for a speedier solution, and Bristol-Myers Squibb plans to use its ex-partner's blockbuster to craft a four-week contender.

U.K. price watchdog changes its tune on BMS melanoma blockbuster Yervoy

Three months after Britain's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence said it would not recommend Bristol-Myers Squibb's Yervoy as a first-line treatment for melanoma, the much-feared cost-effectiveness agency has changed its mind. A new draft guidance from NICE now says Yervoy should be available as the first choice for treating patients with advanced melanoma.

Bristol-Myers immuno-oncology combo extends lives of patients in melanoma study

Bristol-Myers Squibb's pioneering early-stage study of a combination of Yervoy and its PD-1 drug nivolumab has posted extended survival data showing that a large majority of patients taking the optimum dose now in late-stage trials survived to the two-year mark. The new figures from a leader in the field underscore a steadily broadening portfolio of data that demonstrates these immuno-oncology drugs offer a new method for guarding cancer patients' lives.

ASCO: Big Four immuno-oncology players wager $1.3B on next-gen cancer drugs

When the curtain goes up at ASCO here tomorrow, you can bet that one subject will dominate the entire conference: immuno-oncology. But the number of prominent players on the immunopalooza stage this year is likely to grow as analysts fix on the swelling lineup of studies that are attracting global attention from cancer patients and physicians.

Actavis commits $48M to revitalizing Puerto Rico plants

Puerto Rico's drug production sector has had an eventful few years, with investments by Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers Squibb and others being offset by cutbacks at Merck and Pfizer. Now the island can add another line to its list of positive events: Actavis is investing $48 million to revitalize assets it acquired in the takeover of Warner Chilcott.

Bristol-Myers scores 2 more immuno-oncology deals as ASCO approaches

Bristol-Myers Squibb inked a pair of deals to broaden its immuno-oncology efforts: It will partner with Incyte in testing the latter's drug candidate INCB24360 with its own PD-1 drug nivolumab.

Bristol-Myers adds $1.24B deal plus a partnership in immuno-oncology deal frenzy

Following fast on the heels of two earlier immuno-oncology partnerships, Incyte has agreed to partner its prolific IDO inhibitor INCB24360 with Bristol-Myers Squibb's marquee PD-1 program for nivolumab. And with just days to go before the start of ASCO, Bristol-Myers also inked a biobucks-packed $1.24 billion deal with South San Francisco-based CytomX to broaden its pipeline of immuno-oncology drugs with up to four new clinical candidates spawned by its next-gen antibody development platform.

Bristol-Myers nabs another 'breakthrough' cancer drug title

Bristol-Myers Squibb has won its second breakthrough therapy designation from the FDA inside a week. Just days after getting the FDA's elite status for its closely-watched anti-PD-1 drug nivolumab, the agency has followed up with a nod for elotuzumab, an experimental multiple myeloma therapy partnered with AbbVie and now in Phase III.