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Latest Headlines

Bristol-Myers makes a 'breakthrough' on next-gen HIV therapy

Bristol-Myers Squibb has nabbed a breakthrough therapeutic designation for a next-gen HIV therapy aimed at offering an option for patients who become resistant to the therapies now in use.

Study stopped early as BMS' Opdivo bests Afinitor in kidney cancer

Bristol-Myers Squibb can brag about another success with immunotherapy Opdivo. A late-stage study in advanced kidney cancer will be stopped early, after a monitoring committee flagged improved survival results for Opdivo, compared with the Novartis treatment Afinitor.

Opdivo trial stopped early as BMS med tops Afinitor in kidney cancer

Bristol-Myers Squibb hit a big milestone in its quest to expand use of the immunotherapy Opdivo in a slate of cancer types. In a late-stage kidney cancer study, Opdivo showed a survival advantage over Novartis' Afinitor, prompting a monitoring committee to stop the trial early.

UPDATED: Bristol-Myers flags early success for PhIII Opdivo study in kidney cancer

Bristol-Myers Squibb flagged an early success for its Phase III Opdivo (nivolumab) study for kidney cancer, saying that an independent monitoring group concluded that its closely watched checkpoint inhibitor has beat Afinitor (everolimus) in improving overall survival for advanced patients.

'Modern Family' star signs on with BMS for immuno-oncology awareness

Pharma-watchers may be very familiar with immuno-oncology. But the average American doesn't necessarily know what the term means--or why it's important. Bring on "Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet.

Bristol-Myers looks to academia to double down on fibrosis R&D

Bristol-Myers Squibb is teaming up with researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina to shed some light on the root causes of fibrotic disease, planning translational studies on a handful of ailments with hopes of spotlighting new treatments.

Biopharma's 10 highest-paid heads of R&D

The year's 10 highest-paid development executives pulled in $124.4 million in total compensation, a roughly 35% jump over 2013's top earners. And while each entrant benefited from meeting individual company goals, the whole group benefited from biopharma's macroeconomic moment in the sun, as the value of stock awards skyrocketed alongside the industry index.

BMS snares 'Modern Family' star to raise flag for immuno-oncology awareness

Within the pharma industry, immuno-oncology is one of the hottest areas of research and development. But the average American likely doesn't know what it means--or why it matters. Bristol-Myers Squibb is trying to change that with an unbranded immuno-oncology awareness campaign called "Ready. Raise. Rise."

How does the Keytruda-Opdivo marketing battle stack up?

Merck's Keytruda and Bristol-Myers Squibb's Opdivo may be two of the most watched drugs in pharma right now. That's not only because both are breakthrough immunotherapy cancer treatments, but also because both are racing to win additional indications. And when it comes to marketing, each one is playing its advantage.

Indian court upholds BMS Sprycel patent, but list of challengers grows

Bristol-Myers Squibb has won a court verdict to uphold its patent on Sprycel (dasatinib), fending off a challenge, for now, from India's BDR Pharmaceuticals, which sought a compulsory license to make the drug and sell it at a lower cost domestically. But other challenges abound, including one by little-known Lee Pharma for AstraZeneca's Onglyza.