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Latest Headlines

Ex-PhRMA chief's $11.6M tops among healthcare reform lobbyists

Ex-PhRMA chief Billy Tauzin (photo) caught a lot of flak in 2010 for brokering an $80 billion cost-savings deal with President Barack Obama, helping the administration seal its healthcare reform

Will new PhRMA chief turn right?

What will the new PhRMA look like? A Wall Street Journal article asks this question, suggesting that the industry lobby may turn sharply toward the Republican party now that the outspoken ex-Rep.

PhRMA taps AZ exec for transition help

If you've been wondering who's going to take over at PhRMA when President and CEO Billy Tauzin departs in June, you'll be interested to learn that AstraZeneca VP Chip Davis is joining the group to

PhRMA's reform-friendly lobbyist steps down

Has healthcare reform done in Billy Tauzin (photo)? The pharma industry's top lobbyist and ex-U.S. Congressman says he's stepping down as of June 30, and according to news reports, the resignation

Waxman on the drug-price warpath

Watch out, pharma, Waxman is coming. As chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and thus one of the House's point people on healthcare, Rep. Henry A. Waxman is vowing to take a bite out of

PhRMA tired of talking about $80B deal

Apparently, all the talk about pharma's $80 billion cost-cutting deal isn't helping PhRMA's cause. In the latest analysis of just how the deal came to be--and whether the White House truly promised

PhRMA backs new Harry-and-Louise ads

Harry and Louise are back. The actors who starred in the infamous anti-healthcare reform commercials back in the '90s have gone turncoat, signing up for a new campaign in support of a healthcare

Tauzin: Pharma must embrace new code

The current PhRMA president was full of cagey cautions during a conference call with drug makers. "Your house is on fire, and you're still smoking in bed," said the former Louisiana Republican