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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: ASCO: Bayer's Nexavar gets boost, while Roche's Avastin reports mixed

Here's a roundup of news on approved drugs from this year's American Society of Clinical Oncology conference, comprising highlights from FierceBiotech 's weekend coverage as well as recent releases.

Avastin improves outcomes for cervical cancer but flunks first-line brain cancer test

Roche took two steps forward and one step back on the Avastin front today, as investigators laid out a clear advantage in adding the therapy to chemo for cervical cancer while finding no survival advantage when adding it to first-line treatment of an aggressive form of brain cancer.

U.S. holds two Pakistani men for Internet sales of controlled substances

The FDA and U.S. law enforcement are continuing their crackdown on Internet sales of illegally imported drugs, even enlisting the help of Interpol and police in London and Germany to track and arrest two Pakistani men accused of selling controlled substances online.

Will U.K. watchdogs change their minds on Avastin in ovarian cancer?

The U.K.'s cost-effectiveness police have been arresting Roche's Avastin development efforts once again. As Cover magazine reports, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has nixed two proposed uses for the drug in ovarian cancer, one of the hardest-to-treat forms of the disease.

Feds get conviction in counterfeit Avastin case

One of the key players in an investigation of counterfeit Avastin that appeared to have been imported into the U.S. by a Canadian Internet pharmacy has pleaded guilty to playing a part in the operation.

U.K. likely to pay for Avastin despite another NICE rejection

Regulators have again turned down Roche's cancer drug Avastin for payment by the National Health System (NHS), this time for use on a recurrent, advanced ovarian cancer. But that doesn't mean patients won't get it.

Avastin, Herceptin and Tamiflu power Roche to 6% sales growth in Q1

The effects of a nasty flu season may wear off quickly, but two newly launched breast cancer drugs should help to keep the oncology increases coming.

Maine wants its Internet drug sources back

Alarm over counterfeits coming into the U.S. through Canadian Internet pharmacies reached new levels last year after a counterfeit version of the cancer drug Avastin made its way here through one. But even as efforts are made to buttress protections against that weak link in the pharmaceutical supply chain, state officials in Maine are working to change the state's legislation so its public employee health programs can keep buying drugs from a Canadian Internet pharmacy.

Compounding pharmacy yanks sterile drugs after repacked Avastin triggered eye infections

The FDA has come down hard on a compounding pharmacy that repackaged Roche's cancer drug Avastin for ophthalmic use. With serious eye infections reported in 5 patients injected with the drug, Clinical Specialties is recalling dozens of lots of the Avastin syringes.

Big Pharma puts funds into Interpol effort to thwart counterfeiters

Big Pharma sees drug counterfeiting as a big problem as international criminals find new ways to get fake drugs, even counterfeit cancer meds, into the legitimate supply chain. Now more than two dozen drugmakers are chipping in dollars, euros and pounds to help the international crime fighter Interpol do a better job of tracking them down.