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Latest Headlines

AstraZeneca survives Onglyza compulsory license challenge in India

India's patent office came down on the side of pharma giant AstraZeneca when it rejected a compulsory license application filed by Hyderabad-based Lee Pharma.

Pfizer reportedly striking deal with Polysan for Russian production

AstraZeneca and Novo Nordisk both opened plants in Russia last year, assuring their spot in that emerging market where authorities are suggesting foreign drugmakers establish some kind of local production if they want to sell into the market. Now Big Pharma's biggest player, Pfizer, is reportedly looking to a Russian partner to get meds produced there.

Sanofi Pasteur joins other industry, academic players in Human Vaccines Project

Sanofi Pasteur has become the latest industry player to join up with the Human Vaccines Project--a global consortium seeking to address prominent issues hindering vaccine development--announcing late last week it's contributing funds for scientific and administrative activities.

Google's Verily, AHA, AstraZeneca team up for heart disease R&D with $75M

The American Heart Association, Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences) and AstraZeneca have chipped in a total of $75 million over 5 years to support "one brave idea from a visionary leader" to cure coronary heart disease.

Much-hyped Moderna barrels into the clinic with 6 human trials planned for '16

Moderna Therapeutics, a superlatively well-funded private biotech, has made the leap from preclinical bluster to first-in-human trials, testing out its inaugural candidate and planning to move 5 more into the clinic this year.

Juno buys into sequencing; Moderna cozies up to Big Pharma; and more from #JPM16

In the requisite flood of dealmaking that marks day one of San Francisco's annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, high-profile biotechs Juno Therapeutics and Moderna Therapeutics widened their R&D operations, while some smaller players signed deals and roped in cash to keep their projects moving.

Boosted by CV data, Lilly's Jardiance grabs market share from J&J, AZ

Eli Lilly may have laid out 2016 guidance on Tuesday that fell short of analysts' expectations. But it had good news, too: Its Type 2 diabetes med, Jardiance, has already begun stealing market share from its SGLT2 rivals since the drugmaker and partner Boehringer Ingelheim unveiled positive new cardiovascular data.

Ann Arbor biotech upstart grabs $62M round and a PhII drug from AstraZeneca

Three years after Ann Arbor, MI-based Atterocor got started with a lead program for adrenal cancer, the biotech is now ready to launch into its next big stage of development after in-licensing a mid-stage drug from AstraZeneca and raising a whopping $62 million round with plans to roll out a slate of new studies. And the developer will be operating under a new and more easily handled name: Millendo Therapeutics.

Pharma marketers steer through changing tides

In some ways, the more pharma marketing changes, the more it stays the same. Despite moves into e-detailing, in-person meetings with doctors and speaker programs still rule in sales. Despite significant growth in pharma's digital advertising, television captures the lion's share of ad spending, and that's not likely to change soon.

AstraZeneca bags FDA OK on gout drug lesinurad as safety doubts linger

AstraZeneca has scored another drug approval. Just weeks after the FDA flagged through its landmark cancer drug Tagrisso, the agency has delivered an OK on lesinurad, a new gout drug that will be marketed as Zurampic.