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Latest Headlines

Vets and pharma execs gather in DC to trade notes on pets in cancer research

Last week, the National Academies' Institute of Medicine hosted a two-day conference in Washington, DC, to promote the field of "comparative oncology"--translational research in pet dogs and cats that develop cancer naturally and therefore can provide important clues to aid human drug development. The event featured more than two dozen veterinarians and scientists, who covered a range of topics, from canine tumor genetics to appropriate trial design for veterinary clinical trials.

Pam Cheng leaves Merck for top manufacturing job at AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca has snatched a Merck executive to oversee its manufacturing and supply chain operations. The U.K. company said that Pam Cheng, who most recently was president of Merck/MSD China, was named executive vice president and will report directly to AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot.

AstraZeneca spells out key failures for gout drug in PhIII

AstraZeneca says that its experimental gout drug lesinurad failed to hit the primary biomarker target for the dose that it's now seeking regulatory approval for in the U.S. and Europe. And this latest Phase III--the last of a trio--continues to demonstrate that the pharma giant can't land evidence that the drug provides a clear benefit to patients in the time allotted for the study.

Briggs Morrison trades lead role in AstraZeneca R&D for the helm of tiny Syndax

Last week, Briggs Morrison was the head of late-stage development and chief medical officer at AstraZeneca with responsibility for leading the turnaround at one of the world's biggest pharma pipelines with thousands of staffers, dozens of clinical-stage programs and a budget that's in the billions. This week, he's moving to a new job as CEO of Syndax Pharmaceuticals.

EHR-enabled data dive links stomach blockbusters to heart attacks

An electronic health record-enabled data dive has turned up links between proton pump inhibitors and a 16% to 20% increase in the risk of heart attack.

UPDATED: AstraZeneca R&D chief Briggs Morrison makes an unexpected exit

Briggs Morrison, the executive vice president for R&D at AstraZeneca and a major player in the pharma company's turnaround attempt over the past three years, is leaving the pharma giant, FierceBiotech has learned.

SEC: Insider traders lined their pockets on AstraZeneca's $1.3B Ardea deal

A trio of insider traders banked about $530,000 on tips from within Ardea Biosciences, according to the SEC, buying shares ahead of major news right up until AstraZeneca bought the company for $1.3 billion.

AstraZeneca's manufacturing gets another boost with $125M Africa plant

Just weeks after AstraZeneca said it would build a new facility in Sweden where it intends to fill and package biologics, the U.K. drugmaker said it was doing something more traditional in Algeria. Through a joint venture there, it will build a $125 million small-molecule plant.

ADA highlights: Novo, Lilly meds top Lantus; Sanofi, AZ tout new combo regimens

The data pump is going full tilt at the American Diabetes Association meeting, with top drugmakers rolling out studies on their top drugs, new and old. From new safety analyses to head-to-head match-ups, here's a roundup of the need-to-know.

AstraZeneca takes its emerging markets push to Algeria with $125M expansion

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot has made emerging markets part of his 5-point campaign to rebuild the drugmaker's financial health. And now he is taking that piece of his campaign to North Africa, where AstraZeneca is part of a joint venture to build a $125 million plant.