Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

AstraZeneca, Sanofi tap mobile providers for patient-monitoring services

Two Big Pharma companies have inked new mobile-health deals with wireless service providers.

Wanna team with AstraZeneca? Post on its website

AstraZeneca has launched a website with hopes of opening up its R&D efforts to would-be collaborators, posting its compound bank and soliciting new ideas from academia, industry and government.

Soriot notches a bigger bonus, but total $5.5M in pay is no record breaker

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot scored a big increase in bonus for 2013, but his total not only falls short of last year's, but pales by comparison with the biggest in Big Pharma. And his predecessor David Brennan's pay beats the total, too.

AstraZeneca unveils direct-to-patient Nexium delivery to fend off generic rivals

AstraZeneca is staring down the barrel of its Nexium patent loss, but it's doing its best to dodge the bullet. In a bid to keep patients hooked on the branded version of that purple pill, the company will sell Nexium to them directly--and at a discount.

MedImmune inks licensing deal with Bioasis for brain delivery platform

AstraZeneca's MedImmune forged a new deal with Bioasis Technologies, licensing from the Vancouver, Canada, company its brain delivery platform aimed at overcoming challenges associated with the blood-brain barrier.

AstraZeneca sells off U.K. R&D shop as it packs up for Cambridge

AstraZeneca is not long for northern England, locking down a buyer for its sprawling Alderley Park R&D campus as it prepares for a Cambridge, U.K., relocation.

Hearts, stars, diamonds: Pharma could turn pill shapes into Lucky Charms

The FDA's new guidelines for pill design may be the stick driving drugmakers to consider medication errors when blueprinting their drugs. But there's a carrot, too. With new tablet technologies, companies have more freedom to build their brands by making their pills distinctive.

AstraZeneca set for earnings boost if Ranbaxy can't deliver a Nexium generic

AstraZeneca may get lucky with Nexium. That's thanks to the embattled Ranbaxy Laboratories, the Indian generics maker that could launch a copycat version May 27.

AstraZeneca says Nexium pills with Ranbaxy ingredient are safe to use

While most drugs from India are generics, sometimes Indian products are used by Big Pharma for their top brands, like AstraZeneca's Nexium.

AstraZeneca leans toward virtual R&D with a Korean oncology deal

In the midst of rethinking its approach to R&D, AstraZeneca has dabbled in the virtual model of drug development, matching a small in-house staff with collaborators on contractors around the globe to make the process more efficient. Now, after some early success in neuroscience, the pharma giant is amping up its virtual efforts in oncology, signing a deal with a South Korean institution to hunt for new targets in the field.