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Latest Headlines

President and advisory panel zero in on combating antibiotic resistance

President Obama is cracking down on so-called superbugs, those that cause deadly antibiotic-resistant infections, with an executive order that will establish a task force to combat the problem.

Cubist surges on positive PhIII antibiotic study

Shares of Cubist Pharmaceuticals surged this morning after the Lexington, MA-based company announced that it had reaped promising data from its Phase III of its antibiotic candidate ceftolozane/tazobactam in complicated urinary tract infections.

Sequella scouts $38M round after nabbing Pfizer antibiotic

Rockville, MD-based Sequella has snagged global rights to a mid-stage antibiotic from Pfizer, which has been jettisoning programs that don't fit squarely into its core disciplines following a top-to-bottom restructuring of its big pipeline. And the biotech says it's on its way to rounding up a $38 million C round to fund a pivotal study for its new therapy.

Top 20 generic molecules worldwide

The big news in generic drugs in the last couple of years has been all of the marquee brands that are getting their tails kicked by generic competition. The best example is the loss of the patent on...

GSK's Witty calls for joint effort on antibiotic development

In a wide-ranging interview with The Wall Street Journal, GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) CEO Andrew Witty highlighted the company's involvement in an industry effort to develop new treatments for tropical diseases.

Insmed shares spike after FDA lifts hold

Shares of Insmed ($INSM) shot up on Friday after the company reported that the FDA has lifted a clinical hold on its trial of Arikace, an inhalable antibiotic for lung disease. Regulators had stepped

FDA restricts some antibiotics in livestock

The FDA has placed new restriction on antibiotics in livestock, aiming to protect the potency of some high-powered drugs. After weighing evidence that agricultural drug use might spawn drug-resistant

Trius shares surge as antibiotic matches Zyvox in pivotal PhIII

Shares of Trius Therapeutics ($TSRX) surged on the news that its late-stage antibiotic tedizolid closely matched Zyvox (linezolid) in one of a series of pivotal studies, helping nail down support for

Sanofi antibiotics partner Rib-X aims for $80M IPO

Antibiotics developer Rib-X Pharmaceuticals wants to go public after burning through more than $238 million since 2000. The New Haven, CT-based company hasn't said how many shares it plans to sell in

EC outlines new incentives to spur antibiotic R&D

Faced with a growing threat from a phalanx of superbugs and a long-standing industry disinterest in committing resources to low-margin antibiotics, European officials are hoping to jumpstart R&D