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Latest Headlines

Amgen's kidney dialysis drug clears its first Phase III hurdle

Amgen's in-development treatment for patients on kidney dialysis met its primary and secondary goals in a late-stage trial, step one in the drug's three-part Phase III program.

Which big brands will still be bringing in the big bucks in 2020?

Best-selling drugs did well for themselves in 2013, churning out more than $76 billion in sales. But big-name brands could stand the test of time and help the top 10 rake in more than $80 billion in 2020, according to a new report.

Amgen scores FDA's 'breakthrough' nod for prospective leukemia therapy

Amgen nabbed a breakthrough designation for its mid-stage blood cancer drug blinatumomab.

Angling for early OK, Amgen wins 'breakthrough' title for leukemia drug

Amgen has scored boasting rights to a breakthrough drug designation from the FDA for its promising mid-stage leukemia drug blinatumomab.

Some cancer docs still bill heavily for Amgen's Epogen despite safety questions

Many cancer doctors have cut back on their use of Amgen's anemia drug Epogen--also sold as Procrit by Johnson & Johnson--because of safety questions that arose over the past few years. But as The Wall Street Journal reports, one Florida doctors' group still administers the drug in quantity, accounting for one-sixth of related Medicare charges in 2012.

Analyst: Amgen's moonshot R&D spending is bad for business

Amgen is hardly gun shy about high-risk, high-reward R&D bets, but the Big Biotech's swing-for-the-fences approach to research is bad for the bottom line, according to Bernstein analyst Geoffrey Porges. 

Amgen to pursue T-Vec approval despite PhIII survival miss

Back in April, Amgen's cancer-fighting viral vaccine stumbled in Phase III, missing on overall survival, a secondary endpoint. But that won't stop the California company from seeking regulatory approval, it announced early this week.

Analyst prods Amgen to join the Big Pharma breakup party

Breaking up Big Pharma is all the rage these days. Jami Rubin at Morgan Stanley and Bernstein's Tim Anderson have kept a fire burning under Pfizer's board that has steadily built pressure on the company to break up. Abbott split off its drug arm and made AbbVie. And the recent major league trade between Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline relied on the same sort of financial dissection.

Science pays: 2013's 10 best-compensated R&D chiefs in biopharma

For an idea of what kind of year a drug developer had, take a look at what it paid its head of R&D. Click through our roundup for a look at who ranks where in the biopharma R&D world. Read more >>

Amgen pads its PCSK9 lead with latest data on a potential blockbuster

Amgen's in-development cardio drug came through in two more late-stage trials, significantly lowering bad cholesterol in patients with genetic disorders that put them at serious risk.