A U.S. Army official dismissed critics targeting Sanofi's pending license for a government-funded Zika vaccine candidate.

Fresenius’ new CEO has pulled off a dealmaking double play, committing more than $5.4 billion to expand its reach in both sterile generics and in biosimilars.

Biogen has new data to support its superpricey spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) drug Spinraza.

The U.S. Treasury is set to review recent tax rules—and that means the crackdown that ended pharma’s tax-inversion-mania could be in for a change.

Analysts question whether positive survival data for Lilly's abemaciclib will be enough to help the third-to-market med hang with its competition.…

Children with a rare, devastating brain disease may soon have their first treatment option in BioMarin’s Brineura.

With its MS meds under pressure, Biogen is looking to M&A to boost its future, hunting deals that would build on its success with drugs like Spinraza.

Klick Health's Klick Labs created a programmable device that simulates Parkinson's disease tremors in a bid to create empathy and study its effect on…

Allergan’s new "Toilet Talk" campaign seeks to normalize bowel health conversations—and the more candid, the better.