At ASCO's annual meeting, it's tough to sift through all the data oncology drugmakers are piling up, so we've done it for you.

Mylan agreed to pay $465M to settle a federal probe into underpaid Medicaid rebates, but that's less than half the cost to taxpayers, HHS says.

Eli Lilly’s $500 million-plus ADHD med Strattera succumbed to generics Tuesday as four drugmakers won FDA green lights for their copycat.

Novo Nordisk just took another step toward a potential kick-start for its newest basal insulin, Tresiba.

New FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb laid out some approaches the agency will take to fight high prices.

Pfizer’s biosimilar to blockbuster anemia meds—Amgen's Epogen and J&J's Procrit—won FDA panel backing Thursday, moving another step closer to a…

Should drugs that win conditional FDA approval command the same high prices as products that undergo the full menu of agency scrutiny?

The U.K.’s competition authority claims Merck's Remicade discounts, aimed at defending against biosimilar competition, “broke competition law."