The U.S. generics pricing picture will get a lot clearer when generics leader Teva reports Thursday, followed by Mylan next week.

There is troubling news for Pfizer and cancer med Xtandi. Pfizer and partner Astellas have given up trials of Xtandi in breast cancer.

Merck, which was a victim in the June global cyberattack, has yet to fully restore its manufacturing and R&D operations since they were hit.

AstraZeneca has made yet another controversial deal, trading half of Lynparza's profits to Merck in an $8.5B immuno-oncology collaboration.

Roche's highly touted new multiple sclerosis drug Ocrevus surprised the market by generating $200 million in its first quarter on the market.

Will Mystic make it? That’s been the pressing question for AZ for months as the lung cancer trial proceeded. Answer: It didn’t, at least not yet.

New CEO Emma Walmsley is putting her stamp on GSK with plans to get more from the pharmaceutical unit, which includes a major overhaul of R&D.

The immunotherapy mystery deepens. Merck’s Keytruda missed its goal in a head and neck cancer trial—one its Bristol-Myers rival Opdivo met last year.