Webinar: Orphan Drug Differentiation

Date: NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND  |  Duration: 1 hour
Hosted by:
Eric Palmer,

There was a time when specialty care drugs for orphan indications such as rare genetic diseases and certain cancers flew under the radar of payers, as specialty treatments accounted for a tiny slice of payers' overall spending on prescription meds. Times have changed.

Big Pharma has gotten in on the orphan drug game, and new biotech entrants have also joined the original clutch of key players. Developers must carefully calculate strategies for ensuring differentiation, payer support and patient access for orphan drug programs — even before getting the green light from regulators to begin sales.

Join this FiercePharma webinar and hear experts from orphan drug units explain how the commercial landscape of their field is changing, as well as:

  • How orphan drug specialists have optimized patient access
  • Glean the latest insights on working with payers and reimbursement
  • Get the pulse on the market and how competition brought key changes

Featured Speakers:


Dan Thornton, Director, US Marketing, Shire HGT


Faraz Ali, Vice President, Head of Program Management and Commercial Development, bluebird bio


Jason Barron, Associate Director of Public Policy, NORD


Chuck Stevens, Vice President & General Manager, PAREXEL