Vectura poaches key AZ respiratory exec to replace departing CEO

What's in the water at AstraZeneca? Maybe it's an elixir for top managers who want to run a smaller drugmaker. Maybe it's an anti-Big Pharma potion. Either way, it means a second high-level exec has left the U.K.-based drugmaker for a CEO post elsewhere.

Report: Novo, Sanofi and Merck dominate global diabetes market

The top 10 companies producing diabetes meds raked in about $62 billion in global sales in 2014, up 5.1% from the previous year, according to a report from data analytics firm GlobalData. Companies such as Novo Nordisk, Sanofi and Merck lead the pack, posting solid gains for their products as they compete for a piece of a rapidly growing market.

UPDATED: Hospira gets FDA OK for massive India plant from which Pfizer will reap the rewards

The game is on at Hospira's massive new manufacturing plant in India. After two delays to work out kinks identified by the FDA, the drugmaker says the agency has signed off on it and Hospira has started "limited commercial production at the facility."

Mylan CFO jetting off to Israel for stock exchange meeting: Reuters

Mylan is sending its CFO, John Sheehan, on the road in Israel.

ASCO proposes cancer drug scorecard, with some scary examples for Big Pharma

​The American Society of Clinical Oncology promised a rating scale for cancer drugs--and now, it has delivered. Let the blowback begin.

EU slaps Chinese amoxicillin maker with import ban

China's hit-and-miss government oversight poses special challenges for drug regulators who too often find companies there skirting the standards they expect. For the second time this year, European regulators have put a halt on exports from a Chinese company that they discovered had serious problems.

Emerging markets still beat elsewhere for Big Pharma growth, with AstraZeneca in the lead

Growth in emerging markets may be slowing, but pharma sales there are still outpacing those everywhere else. And if recent numbers are any indication, AstraZeneca is topping its rivals for emerging markets expansion.

Medicines Co. gets leg up on Angiomax generics with FDA approval for cangrelor

The Medicines Co. has suffered a series of setbacks since it kicked off late-stage studies for its blood-thinning injection cangrelor almost a decade ago. But now, the company is enjoying a bright point as the FDA signed off on the drug for a smaller subset of patients, giving Medicines Co. a boost as it braces for generic competition for one of its bestsellers.

NICE's cost watchdogs favor biosims for RA ahead of Remicade

The cost-effectiveness watchdogs at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have put their money behind biosimilars. Remicade biosimilars, to be exact, in new guidance for treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Generics maker Alvogen eyes faster growth after CVC-led buyout

A group of investment funds has teamed up to buy generics maker Alvogen. A consortium led by CVC Capital Partners snapped up a majority stake in the NJ-based company, in a deal valuing Alvogen at $2 billion.

Top-spending pharma advertisers for 2016: J&J, Pfizer, Roche and Novartis

Pharma ad budgets may be set to dip overall in 2016, but the industry's big spenders will still be shelling out $2 billion each--or more--to promote their drugs, according to an annual spending study.

What's a pricey cancer drug really worth? New value-based 'abacus' has some ideas

Early on in the cancer drug pricing debates, doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center made waves by rejecting a new Sanofi colon cancer drug as too expensive for its benefits. Now, the noted hospital has taken its cost-benefit analysis to more than 50 cancer meds.

Which Big Biotechs join Gilead in Fortune's fastest-growing pharma ranks?

The company at the top of Fortune's fastest-growing-in-pharma list is just the one you'd expect: Gilead Sciences, with its hep C-fueled leap into the industry's top 10 by revenue. And it's no surprise that the next two are Big Biotech companies, given the ascendance of biologic meds. But one Big Pharma--and only one--managed to crack the top 5.

Adults are now the prime market for ADHD drugs in U.S.

Drugmakers often do pediatric studies of their drugs to broaden the markets. But in the case of drugs for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) that were primarily developed with children in mind, the market is developing the other way, with more adults now taking the drugs than children.

Loaded up with debt from M&A binge, Valeant still needs more deals

Things appear to be going pretty smoothly for serial dealmaker Valeant since its failed bid for Allergan in November. The Canadian pharma bounced back with two deals earlier this year and is rumored to have another one in the works, helping it deliver on its goal of expanding into high-growth markets to become one of the world's top 5 drugmakers by 2016. But Valeant's M&A binge could be taking its toll on the company, even as it continues to ink new deals and score points with investors. 

Biosimilar of Novartis' eye drug Lucentis launched in India

Novartis' eye drug Lucentis has long had a target on its back from biosimilar makers who would love to get some piece of the $4 billion in annual sales it racks up. Now an Indian drugmaker says it has hit that mark.

Amgen's Vectibix hits PhIII survival goal in previously treated mCRC patients

The treatment trumped best supportive care in patients who had failed to respond to chemo, posting a statistically significant improvement in overall survival to nail the primary endpoint of a Phase III study.

China rejects Gilead patent for hep C cure Sovaldi

China has upended a Gilead Sciences' patent on its pricey hep C drug Sovaldi, a move that health advocacy groups loudly applauded today. The patent overturned was not the only IP Gilead holds on Sovaldi, but when Gilead found itself in a similar position with China two years ago, it allowed discounted copies to be made.

Teva turns up the heat on Mylan, taking its stake past critical threshold

Teva has upped its Mylan stake yet again--this time, passing a critical threshold that could help it pose a legal challenge to its generics rival.

Celgene hits speedbump for Otezla in U.K. with NICE rejection

Celgene has high hopes for its anti-inflammatory drug Otezla, shooting for blockbuster sales of the med with the help of new indications for psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis. But the company is off to a rough start with the drug in the U.K., as the country's cost gatekeeper decided not to recommend Otezla to treat psoriatic arthritis.