Is Pozen prepping to sell out? Sudden CEO exit, new Irish subsidiary hint yes

Pozen has had its share of woes in recent months: Manufacturing problems at its contract supplier tanked new drug applications twice in a row, and Big Pharma partner Sanofi bailed on their development deal for the new-and-improved aspirins.

Mylan deal target Perrigo bags GSK, Novartis consumer meds

Lately, Perrigo's shown it would rather be the acquirer than the acquired--and it continued down that path Tuesday.

Mylan challenges Teva to put up a bid--or shut up and let it buy Perrigo

Clock's ticking, Teva, as far as deal target Mylan's concerned. The Israeli drugmaker needs to either "stop playing games" and turn its $40 billion approach into a formal bid--or walk.

Hep C drug tourism has begun as patients seek Harvoni, Sovaldi overseas

Everyone from individual patients on up to pharmacy benefits managers has been scheming about how to get Gilead's Harvoni and Sovaldi at the lower prices available in other countries--as low as 1% of the U.S. sticker price, Bloomberg notes.

Look for orphan drugs to keep fueling M&A, Moody's says

Orphan drugs are attractive to make thanks to premium pricing prospects, limited competition and regulatory perks. But those factors also make them attractive to buy, and they'll continue to spur M&A activity in the biopharma field, Moody's predicts.

Top oncologist joins chorus of pricing critics in high-profile ASCO speech

Pharma types are getting a wee bit defensive about critics' attacks on cancer drug prices, if response to FiercePharma's recent coverage is any indication. But the criticism just keeps on coming, even as drugmakers work with payers behind the scenes on mutually acceptable pricing deals.

UCB reportedly gets bids for Kremers Urban unit from Cipla and Lupin

After having to call off a $1.5 billion deal last year to sell its U.S.-based generics business, Belgium's UCB has new bidders for the unit that reportedly includes India's Cipla and Lupin.

Adding Opdivo to Yervoy ups melanoma treatment efficacy--but it ups rate of serious side effects, too

The data on Bristol-Myers Squibb's hot new immunotherapy Opdivo kept rolling out Sunday at ASCO, showing that combining the drug with fellow Bristol cancer-fighter Yervoy proved more effective in treating advanced melanoma than Yervoy alone. But pairing up the two also increased the risk of side effects, which could offset the tandem's benefits for some patients.

New standout Imbruvica data bode well for market expansion in CLL

Johnson & Johnson and AbbVie's Imbruvica has already shown in one Phase III study that it can extend progression-free survival in patients with previously treated chronic lymphocytic leukemia. But now, it's done it again--and convincingly so.

Pfizer's breast cancer-fighter Ibrance posts stellar second-line survival data

Last month, Pfizer announced it had cut short its PALOMA-3 trial thanks to impressive second-line data for new cancer-fighter Ibrance. And now, industry-watchers have a glimpse into those data, announced Saturday at ASCO.

UPDATED: Roche's Gazyva doubles remission time for non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients

In February, Roche said its Rituxan follow-up, Gazyva, had succeeded in a late-stage study involving non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients, extending their remission period. And it wasn't kidding.

FDA demands new warnings on dermal fillers from Actavis, Galderma

Dermal fillers are meant to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and give the face a smoother, fuller appearance. But they may also have some nasty consequences if injected incorrectly, and so the FDA is calling for some updated labeling on the products.

Court grants Amarin long-awaited Vascepa exclusivity

Amarin has finally grabbed the 5-year marketing exclusivity for fish oil pill Vascepa that it's long been seeking.

Otsuka faces the music for generic Abilify, loses battle with FDA

Otsuka has finally lost its battle with the FDA to prevent generics of its antipsychotic Abilify from hitting the market. A federal judge issued a final ruling against the Japanese drugmaker, a little more than a month after regulators opened the door for copycat versions of the meds.

Betting on Pfizer merger--or CEO goodbye--traders go bullish on Glaxo

Some analysts may be pooh-poohing a Pfizer buyout of GlaxoSmithKline, but some investors are hip to the idea. As Bloomberg reports, options traders are paying record prices for bullish GSK options--and this after the British drugmaker lost $11 billion off its market cap in less than three months.

Bayer chief may plow spinoff cash into animal health buys

Bayer has seen many an M&A opportunity come and go when it comes to bolstering its animal health unit. But once it jettisons its plastics unit--a move that could generate some extra dough--it might finally be ready to strike a deal.

How well paid are pharma execs? Best in healthcare, survey shows

How does pharma executive pay compare with the rest of healthcare? Forbes columnist Dan Munro decided to find out--and the answer is that drugmakers pay their top managers more than in any other slice of the healthcare industry.

WSJ: FBI probes J&J over morcellator safety risks

How much did Johnson & Johnson know about the risks of power morcellators--now suspended on safety concerns--before it pulled them from the market last year? That's the subject of a new investigation, headed up by the FBI's Newark, NJ, office, The Wall Street Journal's sources say.

Lundbeck's EU lobbying yields political boost for anti-alcohol med Selincro

Last month, the European Parliament voted to push the European Commission to take a harder stance on curbing alcohol's harmful health effects. And Lundbeck, which markets alcoholism drug Selincro, did its part to make that happen.

FTC scores hefty $1.2B settlement in Teva pay-for-delay case

After pursuing a pay-for-delay case against Teva's Cephalon unit for years, the Federal Trade Commission has forced the drugmaker to hand over $1.2 billion in past profits.