Big Pharma feels the pain in China, with AZ delivering the only 10%-plus sales hike

Not so long ago, China was such a promising pharma market that drugmakers recruited hundreds of new sales reps to race after a share. But growth is slowing there now, and drug companies are feeling it.

Allergan's brands deliver sales beat in a good sign for generics-free future

On Thursday, Allergan reported earnings for the first full quarter after the company--once known as Actavis--remade itself, buying up its current namesake and dubbing itself a "growth pharma."

Novo Nordisk beats in Q2 even as U.S. pricing pressures bite

Novo Nordisk keeps on putting up sales growth, with diabetes powerhouse Victoza leading the way. Its pipeline meds are moving along. But the question is whether that pipeline can start paying off soon enough to counteract increasing pricing pressure in the U.S.--and forthcoming biosimilars in Europe.

British watchdog cracks down on Pfizer for huge price hikes on epilepsy drug

Last year, U.K. officials lambasted Pfizer's proposed takeover of AstraZeneca, and Pfizer has drawn criticism for its hard line on generic Lyrica use. Now, Britain's competition watchdog is accusing the drugmaker of violating U.K. and European laws by jacking up costs for another epilepsy med.

Perrigo CEO: Think Mylan's buyout will come easily? Think again

Perrigo has stayed quiet since Teva dropped its hostile pursuit of Mylan, choosing instead to snap up Allergan's generics business for $40.5 billion. Mylan's shares plummeted on that news. And now, Perrigo has broken its silence--and the word isn't what Mylan wants to hear.

With $300M spent on potential split, Pfizer CEO now 'biased' toward branded M&A

Now that Hospira's in the bag, Pfizer execs have less of an appetite for M&A in their Established Products unit. That $16 billion deal gives Pfizer added heft in injectable generics, not to mention a solid biosimilars pipeline.

Novo Nordisk launches diabetes 'dream team' contest with NBA star as a prize

Former NBA star Dominique Wilkins is not just a spokesman for Novo Nordisk's Victoza. He's also a prize in a Type 2 diabetes sweepstakes the drugmaker is rolling out.

GSK rehires whistleblower linked to China bribery scandal

GlaxoSmithKline is still dealing with the aftermath of its China bribery scandal. As the dust settles, the company is rehiring a former senior Chinese employee once suspected of blowing the whistle on GSK in the country.

With more consolidation on tap in generics, who's next to buy and be bought?

Teva's $40.5 billion deal for Allergan's generics business, announced last week, was just the latest to hit a rapidly consolidating generics industry. And while the M&A bug is sweeping through the wider pharma industry, in generics, there's an added factor pushing copycats to join hands.

Influential medical associations, not just docs, get big bucks from Big Pharma

There have long been concerns about the influence on doctors who receive payments from the pharma companies whose meds they prescribe, something doctors hotly deny. But it is not just doctors who are the beneficiaries of the billions of dollars spent each year by drugmakers. It is also the medical associations that create the guidelines that can influence which kinds of drugs are in favor at any given time.

FDA updates label for Novartis' MS pill Gilenya after reports of brain infection

Novartis is dealing with more regulatory pushback on its MS med Gilenya as the agency said it will update Gilenya's label to reflect cases of serious brain infections linked to the pill.

Baxalta to Shire: We're young, we're just starting to grow, and we're rejecting your buyout offer

On Tuesday, Shire went public with a $30 billion bid for Baxalta that had already been rejected once. And the second time around, Baxalta had the same answer: It's not happening.

DME data helps Eylea soar in Q2--and poach market share from its Roche rivals

Earlier this year, Regeneron scored a win when its eye drug Eylea outperformed a pair of Roche meds in a head-to-head study. And now, that win is paying off.

Aprecia snags first FDA approval for a 3-D printed drug

The FDA has given the go-ahead for a small Pennsylvania company to launch the first drug made using three-dimensional printing. Aprecia Pharmaceuticals says on Monday the FDA approved Spritam, a formulation of epilepsy drug levetiracetam that uses the 3-D process to create a porous pill that rapidly disintegrates with a sip of liquid.

Drug sales expected to top $1.3T in 2018

Drug sales crossed a significant metric last year. They grew past $1 trillion. And for those industry insiders thinking global sales will taper off, a new report says think again. Expect sales to top $1.3 trillion in 2018.

Bayer sees 'enormous' advantage in treating both crops and humans

Drugmakers such as Novartis and Sanofi long ago bowed out of the crop science field, bidding farewell to their units to focus their attention on pharma. But the way Bayer sees it, the area is an important piece of the life sciences puzzle.

Lilly faces first trial over claims of Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms

Earlier this year, a U.S. judge dealt Eli Lilly a stinging blow after refusing to toss out lawsuits claiming that the company downplayed withdrawal symptoms linked to its blockbuster antidepressant, Cymbalta. Now Lilly is facing the first U.S. trials over the claims, a critical moment as it attempts to disentangle itself from a raft of litigation.

Deal-minded Shire offers $30B for new spinoff Baxalta in public bid

Shire announced on Tuesday that it put forth a bid of about $30 billion for Baxter spinoff Baxalta on July 10--just 9 days after Baxalta went solo--and now it's taking the offer to shareholders to spur the company to the bargaining table.

Surprise! It's a DTC campaign for Sanofi and MannKind's Afrezza

There's been lots of hullaballoo surrounding Sanofi and MannKind's launch of inhaled insulin Afrezza, but for the arrival of the pair's first DTC campaign? Not so much.

UPDATED: India's Wockhardt recalls millions of packages of drugs in sweeping recall

When India's Wockhardt acknowledged recently it was pulling all of the drugs still on the market that it had shipped before the FDA banned two of its plants, it didn't say what those numbers might add up to. Try hundreds of millons of tablets and capsules.