One reason Big Pharma backs reform

For more evidence of why Big Pharma is high on healthcare reform, look no further than General Motors. The automotive giant that ushered in the age of employer-based insurance will now offer only

Will new blockbusters follow a new model?

Should pharma-watchers be worried about Eli Lilly and Bristol-Myers Squibb? After all, they both launched blockbuster hopefuls--the clot-buster Effient for Lilly, the diabetes remedy Onglyza for

Obama backs investors' rights in Merck case

Investors suing Merck over Vioxx got a boost from the White House yesterday. In an amicus curiae brief filed with the Supreme Court, the Obama administration backed the investors' right to sue the

Prempro jury levies damages against Wyeth

For the third time in a row, the jury in a drug liability case has sided against pharma. Having already concluded that Wyeth's Prempro hormone replacement therapy was linked to plaintiff Cindy

How did pharma's lobbyists score on reform?

Take a look behind the healthcare reform scenes in Washington, DC, and you'll see what pharma lobbyists have done to protect--and help--the industry in return for their $110 million in fees. Report

Tysabri safety falls under EMEA scrutiny

European regulators are taking a hard look at the multiple sclerosis wonder drug Tysabri. Spurred by 23 cases of the brain disease PML that have cropped up since Tysabri went back on the market in

Shire gets FDA backing on Vyvanse

Hear the shouts of joy from Shire? The FDA has validated five years of market exclusivity for Shire's attention-deficit drug Vyvanse. That's big news; the company is relying on Vyvanse to help make

FDA doesn't act on post-marketing data

Remember that consultant's report that found drugmakers' post-marketing studies were usually on time and on track? Well, the Government Accountability Office has come to a different conclusion. The

Drugmakers tagged with vaccine delays

On the H1N1 pandemic vaccine, Big Pharma made a classic mistake. It over-promised and under-delivered. After pledging to deliver the pandemic shots at lightning speed, vaccine makers such as

AZ looks to auto plants for efficiency gurus

Years ago, Japanese car manufacturers turned to management gurus to make their plants more efficient. Now, AstraZeneca is hiring automotive gurus to apply their efficiencies to drug production, the

Novartis flu vax late to the party

Most of Novartis' swine flu vaccine may not reach the U.S. until the first quarter of 2010, almost at the end of flu season, CEO Daniel Vasella said. Report

BMS mulls tax-free Mead Johnson deal

Remember the rumor that Bristol-Myers Squibb might sell off the 83 percent stake it still holds in nutritional subsidiary Mead Johnson? The talk was that Group Danone had hired investment bankers to

Novartis loses bellwether Zometa case

October hasn't been a good month for Big Pharma in liability court. First, GlaxoSmithKline lost its bellwether case over Paxil's alleged potential to cause birth defects. Now, Novartis has come out

Medicines Co. amps up Angiomax lobbying

The Medicines Company is lobbying Congress. No big surprise, right? Drugmakers have been ploughing record amounts of cash into health-reform advocacy on Capitol Hill. But in Medicines Co.'s case, the

Global vax market growing at 16% clip

We all know vaccines have emerged as a major growth engine for pharma. No longer an also-ran business, vaccines are becoming big-time business stars, backed by major DTC campaigns--think Garadasil's

Pfizer rejoins pharma stampede to India

Today's news out of India: Pfizer is shopping around for deals. The Economic Times reports that the drugmaker has kicked tires at Zydus Cadila, Emcure, Intas Pharma and Mankind Pharma. Of course,

Merck, Novartis boost key drug sales

There's lots of earnings announcements today, so there's no time to look at footnotes yet. But we'll peruse the fine print in time for tomorrow's edition. In the meantime, here are the key figures

Novartis discrimination suit heads for trial

A class-action lawsuit alleging that Novartis discriminated against thousands of female sales representatives is expected to go to trial next year after a federal court judge denied the drugmaker's

Cervarix gets CDC nod; Gardasil-for-boys slighted

The HPV vaccine saga continues. Less than a week after we got the FDA nod on GlaxoSmithKline's Cervarix shot and a new use in males for Merck's Gardasil, the Centers for Disease Control and

NEJM: Drug labels lack key info

Are drug labels too optimistic? A New England Journal of Medicine commentary claims they are, at least in the U.S. Labeling often makes medicines seem safer and more effective than they are, the