New generic competitors emerge for Topamax

With Mylan's period of exclusivity over, a slew of generics makers got final FDA approval to sell their versions of Johnson & Johnson's anti-seizure drug Topamax: Ranbaxy Laboratories, Aurobindo

Alliance slams JAMA editors for push-back

A nonprofit group that monitors industry links to medical research called for the suspension of the top two editors of the Journal of the American Medical Association, and an investigation into

Will Elan and Lundbeck tie up?

Remember back in January, when Elan hired Citigroup to do a "strategic review" of its fund-raising options? Well, some rumors of a full-on buyout swirled around the company soon after, but quickly

Allergan execs could reap $37M after buyout

Let's assume, for discussion's sake, that some large pharma is kicking tires at Allergan. (The company's stock soared earlier this week on talk that GlaxoSmithKline is doing just that, but absent

Study questions long-term ADHD med use

Is this a case of 20/20 hindsight, rose-colored glasses--or perception equals reality? New data from a big federal study of ADHD meds appears to show that long-term use of the drugs isn't very

Bristol settles Plavix probe with FTC

We all know that Plavix is Bristol-Myers Squibb's Big Kahuna. Yesterday, we reported that it's one of the only two brand-name meds in the top 10 scrip-earners for 2008. And with the clot-buster set

Merck's jobs axe is put to work

There's a lot of rumbling in the blogosphere about the Merck job-chopping block. Last fall Merck announced it would shed 6,800 jobs--and now, the drugmaker is lowering the boom. Or so we're told.

RealAge backed by Big Pharma

It turns out that the online phenom RealAge is a real bonanza of information for Big Pharma. The New York Times reports today that the website--which advertises itself all over the web as a longevity

Lipitor, Nexium still top-selling brands

Here's something for you competitive types, the ones who like to keep track of whose drug is bigger than whose. (You know who you are.) Last week's sad-but-true report from IMS Health on stagnating

Glaxo in talks for Aspen stake

GlaxoSmithKline is getting cozier with South Africa's Aspen Pharmacare Holdings. After linking up with Aspen in a marketing alliance last year, Glaxo is negotiating for a minority stake in the

Deal's done: Now Roche has to deliver

Ding dong, the deal is done. Roche has snared enough Genentech shares to take over the California company completely: Together with the 55.7 percent it already owned, the Swiss drugmaker now sports

APA phases out industry-supported events

The American Psychiatric Association's board of trustees has voted to phase out industry-supported symposia and industry-supplied meals at its annual meetings. The group, which says that it's

BMS Canada relocates employees

Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada is relocating 200 employees to the country's largest technological park located in Montreal, Quebec. The park will be completed by the end of this month. "The Technoparc

Amid takeover talk, Allergan seeks acquisitions

Lately, there have been rumors that GlaxoSmithKline is eyeing Allergan for an acquisition deal. But The Street reports that cosmetic pharmaceuticals company is sizing up some buyouts of its own. The

GSK increases disclosure of MD payments

GlaxoSmithKline has issued a new corporate responsibility statement that's sure to please fans of disclosure. Following up on last year's promise to increase physician payment transparency, the

Wyeth wins expanded indication for Tygacil

Wyeth says it has won FDA approval for an expanded indication for pneumonia med Tygacil (tigecycline). The med will now be available for the treatment of adults with community-acquired bacterial

Novartis to increase stake in Indian subsidary

With its eye on increasing its presence in emerging markets, Novartis has made a tender offer to acquire an additional 40 percent stake in Indian subsidiary Novartis India. Novartis is offering Rs

Grassley tells FDA's Torti to back off staff

FDA Acting Commissioner Frank Torti's leaked email to agency employees regarding the agency's confidentiality policies has landed the commish in hot water with Sen. Charles Grassley, Dow Jones

Watson recalls one Propafenone HCL lot

Watson Pharmaceuticals is voluntarily recalling one lot of Propafenone HCL after it discovered that the drug, which is used to irregular heartbeats, may contain more of the active ingredient than it

Allergan stock soars on deal rumors

Wall Street is abuzz today with talk that Allergan may be on the block. Options traders have snapped up 13,000 April contracts--yep, that's 13,000, way beyond the normal volume. Apparently, they were