Is Pfizer better off without Ratiopharm?

Losing Ratiopharm to Teva Pharmaceutical Industries may have made Pfizer a winner. That's the theory advanced by Motley Fool, which says that to outbid Teva, Pfizer would have had to overpay. And

Healthcare reform nears House vote

The next time we meet, healthcare reform may have survived the U.S. House--or gone down in flames. A vote is now expected Sunday on the sweeping overhaul plan, which is designed to cover nearly all

AstraZeneca wins bellwether Seroquel case

AstraZeneca has prevailed: The first jury to hear a Seroquel case decided that the warnings on its label were adequate, so patients and doctors should have had enough information about the drug's

Judge gives Medicines Co. another chance

Will The Medicines Company finally undo its patent-filing mishap? Apparently, a federal judge has taken pity on the company, which filed for its Hatch-Waxman patent extension on Angiomax one day too

Leibowitz urges pay-for-delay legislation

FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz says the need for legislation prohibiting illegal pay-for-delay settlements remains--even though a ban on such deals has been dropped from the healthcare reform bill.

Pfizer abandons Viagra suit against Lilly

Pfizer agreed to drop an 8-year-old patent infringement lawsuit against Eli Lilly over Viagra after a U.S. government agency rejected part of the male impotence drug's patent. Report

Novartis move clears threat to Advair

The folks at GlaxoSmithKline must be celebrating today: Rival Novartis has handed back U.S. rights to a drug that might have become a copycat version of the GSK blockbuster Advair. That move gives

Why do Americans pay more for their meds?

Why do Americans pay so much for their pharmaceuticals? That's the question posed by Sen. Herb Kohl, a Democrat and chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, who has written to the world's

J&J's Weldon sees pay top $30 million

Well, now we know the pharma chief who made the most money in 2009. It's last year's winner, Johnson & Johnson CEO William Weldon (photo). In a year when many pharma CEOs have seen their

Pay-for-delay ban dropped from reform bill

Healthcare reform just started to look better for pharma: That ban on pay-for-delay deals has been dropped from the legislation. The provision would have barred patent settlements in which generics

Teva comes out on top with $5B Ratiopharm bid

And the winner is... Teva. This morning, the generics giant announced that it was buying Ratiopharm for just under $5 billion, beating out Pfizer and Actavis for the German company. Ratiopharm is

Sanofi agrees to boost female reps' pay

Sanofi-Aventis and its female sales reps in the U.S. have come to a deal. The drugmaker has agreed to pay $15.4 million to settle a class-action discrimination suit that alleges Sanofi underpaid and

Sources: Pfizer to place Ratiopharm bid today

It's coming down to the wire: Ratiopharm bids are due Thursday, and Reuters sources say Pfizer will come to the party early. The world's largest drugmaker is planning to submit its final bid for the

Astellas aims to take over OSI board

You can't accuse Astellas Pharma of timidity. Rejected by OSI Pharmaceuticals management, Astellas took a $52-a-share hostile bid directly to the shareholders. Now that OSI's directors have scoffed

Number of unfilled scrips approaches 15%

Congratulations! Your quality products, savvy advertising and canny sales reps have put new prescriptions in patients' hands. But what if those scrips never make it out of a pharmacy? That's exactly

IMS to Big Pharma: Get moving!

Is it possible that Big Pharma isn't moving fast enough into emerging markets? That's the implication of a new report from IMS Health. According to the market research firm, 17 "pharmerging" markets

Lilly hit hard in $70M warehouse heist

In a departure from the recent M.O. of in-transit drug cargo thefts, emboldened thieves hit Eli Lilly's 70,000-square-foot east coast distribution facility in Enfield, CT. And they hit it hard: $70

Canada to reevaluate vaccine system

Federal and provincial health officials have launched a sweeping review of Canada's flu vaccination system in the wake of the H1N1 scare. In a notice sent to the drug industry yesterday, government

Novartis: Tekturna doesn't help after heart attack

Novartis will not pursue an outcomes trial of its high blood pressure med Tekturna (aliskiren) in combination with standard therapy for heart attack patients after the drug failed to demonstrate a

AZ: We'll pick our emerging-markets fights

Picky, picky, picky. That's what AstraZeneca says it will be as it pushes for double-digit growth in emerging markets, Reuters reports. Rather than leaping into branded generics indiscriminately, the