Novo plots Victoza launches in Germany, U.K.

Armed with European approval for its new diabetes treatment Victoza, Novo Nordisk plans a launch this summer in Britain, Germany and Denmark, with other European markets to follow. The company is

Caraco to slash workforce by 52%

Some 350 Caraco Pharmaceutical workers will bear the brunt of a much-publicized production stoppage. Not only is the company hamstrung from selling its manufactured products--because FDA had its

India cites Glivec cost in nixing patent

Once again, India has knocked down Novartis' effort to get patent protection for its blood cancer drug Glivec (a.k.a. Gleevec). The country's last resort patent-and-trademark group--the Intellectual

Contract manufacturer recall slams 8 drugmakers

When does outsourcing get out of whack? When contractors don't live up to their end of the deal. Eight pharma companies were forced to recall generics in the U.K. last week after regulators found

Pharma shells out $1.2M daily on lobbying

With healthcare reform topping lawmakers' to-do lists, politics is high up on Big Pharma's priorities. And drugmakers are not only putting money where their mouths are, but are hiring some consummate

Happy Independence Day

The news may never stop, but it does take a break. In celebration of Independence Day, FiercePharma will not publish tomorrow, July 3. We'll be back fresh from the long weekend on Monday. Have a safe

Elan did it: J&J sinks $1B into partnership

Elan's wish came true. The Irish company attracted a Big Pharma partner--Johnson & Johnson--to take a minority stake, just as it's been hoping for all along. J&J will sink $1 billion into

FDA moves pump life back into Sanofi

Finally, some good news for Sanofi-Aventis. The FDA has given its blessing to the French drugmaker's new heart medicine Multaq as a treatment for atrial fibrillation. The drug is a cornerstone of

Glaxo grabs Bristol's Middle East unit

It's another generics-in-emerging-markets deal for GlaxoSmithKline. The drugmaker has snapped up Bristol-Myers Squibb's branded generics biz in the Middle East--Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Lybia and

Doc-gift bans take effect in New England

Today's D-Day in Massachusetts and Vermont--Doctor-gift-law Day. In both states, new legislation takes effect that totally overhauls the rules governing everything from logo notepads to expensive

More Seroquel suits dropped on Delaware ruling

Two more cases have been dismissed in Delaware in the sprawling litigation over AstraZeneca's antipsychotic drug Seroquel, as plaintiffs' attorneys voluntarily dismissed cases that had been set for

Pfizer, GSK's stop-smoking meds get warning

Federal regulators have ordered new safety language on the smoking cessation drugs Chantix (varenicline) and Zyban (buproprion). The two meds are getting the toughest warning added to their labels,

Most profitable drugmaker? Not a Big Pharma

Which pharma is the most profitable? You might be surprised. A new analysis of net margins by EvaluatePharma tagged companies for profitability, and the winner wasn't one of the biggies. Not Pfizer,

AZ wins on Iressa, could lose on Crestor

It's a mixed bag of AstraZeneca news today: The drugmaker finally won the Euro-OK for its oral cancer med Iressa. Thumbs up, yes? But the Crestor developments weren't so happy. One, a self-appointed

Sutent fails in colon-cancer trial

Once again, Pfizer calls an early halt to Sutent research--and it's not good news. The cancer drug failed as an add-on to chemotherapy in first-line treatment of colon cancer, the company said,

Arthritis meds need comparing, IOM says

Quick, what's at the top of the list for comparative-effectiveness research? Right, those expensive biologic anti-inflammatory meds, namely Enbrel (Amgen and Wyeth), Remicade and Simponi (Johnson

FDA panel backs ban on painkillers

Here's a ban that could be a real pain for drugmakers: An FDA advisory panel voted in favor of pulling the narcotic combo drugs Percocet and Vicodin, seven other acetaminophen/narcotic combos, and

1,300 eligible for Sanofi's 'voluntary departures'

About 1,300 Sanofi-Aventis employees will be eligible for the "voluntary departures" that are part of the company restructuring announced yesterday. Report

Latest PML case sets Biogen investors off

Analysts are increasingly skeptical of Biogen Idec, as each weekly Tysabri update turns up another patient with the potentially deadly brain infection PML. As you know, the company announced Friday

Danish Tamiflu resistance didn't spread

Don't panic about Tamiflu, Roche says--and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agrees. Both the drugmaker and the agency say they still consider the antiviral med effective against the