GSK: 50% med discount release incorrect

On Thursday FiercePharma published a story based on a GlaxoSmithKline press release. According to the announcement, CEO Andrew Witty said the company was offering a 50 percent discount on meds for

Diabetes drug gets FDA nod, but who'll sell it?

These days, diabetes is where it's at. There's so much activity in the diabetes business, it's tough to keep track. Eli Lilly and Amylin-- have they submitted their app for once-weekly Byetta? What's

Will Obama tax reforms quash outsourcing?

Indian pharma companies worry that President Obama's tax plans could force U.S. drugmakers to cut back on outsourcing, which would cut into their contract manufacturing and API business

NICE nixes Nexavar for liver cancer

The U.K.'s cost watchdogs strike again. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence gave Bayer's cancer drug Nexavar the heave-ho, saying it shouldn't be given to National Health

Cardiologists warn on Plavix plus PPI

A cardiology society is raising the red flag on drug-mixing: The clot-busting Plavix and heartburn meds like Nexium shouldn't be taken together. The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and

Inaccurate: GSK launches 50% discount for uninsured

Editor's Note: A GSK spokesperson has informed FiercePharma that this story is based on an incorrect press release that was published in error. GSK is not offering a 50 percent discount to uninsured

Can a tough, persuasive Hamburg overhaul FDA?

Q: Can Dr. Margaret Hamburg (photo) pull off an FDA turnaround? A: Well, she took over New York's health department when it was in crisis and put the agency back on its feet. Expect to hear much more

Shire faces battle against ADHD generics

Shire, the maker of ADHD drugs Adderall XR and Vyvanse, had an excellent Q1 but now faces a challenge: Its two top products are threatened by a generic that Teva brought to market on April 2, BNet

Flush from Barr, Teva still scouts deals

Teva is shifting into high gear now that it's absorbing Barr Pharmaceuticals, which it bought late last year. CFO Eyal Desheh told Reuters that Teva is in the market for new acquisitions--and it's

Is Amylin caving to proxy pressure?

Is Amylin Pharmaceuticals acting like a kid who won't behave unless his parents threaten punishment? That's what activist shareholders Eastbourne Capital are saying. Sure, Amylin is taking steps to

Glaxo divests Wellbutrin XL rights for $510M

GlaxoSmithKline is saying so long/farewell to Wellbutrin XL. The drugmaker has sold off U.S. rights to the extended-release antidepressant to Canada's Biovail for $510 million, as part of a

Grassley's beat goes on with NAMI probe

Big Pharma won't escape from Sen. Charles Grassley's eagle eye yet. Rather than slipping into newly Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter's seat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Grassley made a deal to

Avastin nabs quick glioblastoma OK

Good news for Roche's Avastin: The FDA cleared the Genentech-discovered cancer med for use against glioblastoma, the most aggressive form of brain cancer. It's good news for glioblastoma patients,

Sanofi poised for $4B bond issue

Sanofi-Aventis is set to sell $4 billion in Euro-denominated bonds, divided into two tranches of $2 billion each: one with four-year maturities and the other with seven-year maturities. So far this

Big Pharma swallows billions in biotechs

Megamergers may have grabbed most of the headlines of late, but drugmakers snapped up plenty of small firms last year, Ernst & Young points out. In 2008, pharma swallowed some $28.5 billion worth

H1N1 prompts action on FDA nominee

Guess it takes the threat of a flu pandemic to get the U.S. Senate moving on a new FDA commissioner. The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee will now talk about nominee Peggy

Abbott sues J&J over new Humira rival

Get ready for a battle in the rheumatoid arthritis segment. Johnson & Johnson's Centocor unit is prepping for a launch of its new Humira competitor Simponi, and Abbott Laboratories is not amused.

Medicare skeptical of gene-guided warfarin use

When the FDA suggested a gene test for patients given warfarin, a blood thinner, that guidance was hailed as a big step toward the long-promised, much-vaunted era of personalized medicine. By ID'ing

Amylin sharpens axe for 200 rep cuts

More pharma reps face the axe. This time it's Amylin Pharmaceuticals that's cutting back on the sales side, with plans to shrink the force by 35 percent, or 200 jobs. That's on top of a previous trim

Glaxo, Roche combat antiviral hoarding

GlaxoSmithKline and Roche have been reduced to playing flu-drug traffic cop. Because the worried well are snapping up drugs all over the world, prompting shortages in some places, the drugmakers are