Pharma turns to tech for marketing aid

Is the iDrugstore next? Not exactly, but pharma companies are teaming up with tech to better market their drugs. Some of their first forays are in the diabetes arena: Bayer's Didget glucometer hooks

Elan forecasts rare profit for 2010

Increased demand for its multiple sclerosis drug Tysabri and a tie-up with Johnson & Johnson helped trim losses at Elan, leading the Irish pharma to predict that in 2010, it would make an

Fast-growing generics ripe for consolidation

More evidence to bolster Big Pharma's increasing interest in selling generic drugs: Over the 12 months that ended September 2009, global sales of generics grew by 7.7 percent, up from 3.6 percent the

NY lawmakers mull HPV vax mandate

Merck and GlaxoSmithKline could get a boost from New York lawmakers. Two bills working their way through the New York State legislature would mandate that schoolchildren receive a human

Merck makes deal with Vioxx shareholders

Merck has tentatively settled those Vioxx shareholder lawsuits. Under the terms of the settlement, the company would pay $12.2 million and make some procedural changes designed to bolster drug

New hints for psychiatrists on the new DSM

Looking for a hint of how psychiatry and psychotropic drug sales might change when the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders--a.k.a. the DSM-V--appears in 2013? You're in luck.

The art of the deal, Sanofi-style

The deal's the thing for Sanofi-Aventis. In announcing street-beating earnings and a 2 percent to 5 percent growth forecast for this year, CEO Chris Viehbacher emphasized how last year's acquisitions

Andrew Witty, emerging-markets guru

Ever wonder why GlaxoSmithKline CEO Andrew Witty is so interested in Africa? Well, it might be that time in Johannesburg just before Nelson Mandela was elected president. It was 1994, and the

Price hikes help lift Biogen profits

Biogen Idec said fourth-quarter earnings rose by nearly half to $306 million as price increases helped lift revenue from its multiple sclerosis drugs. Report

Fujifilm aims for Japanese generics market

It looks as if Big Pharma companies aiming for big sales in Japan will have some more competition. Fujifilm Holdings and Mitsubishi are planning to set up a joint venture to make--you guessed

NICE to drugmakers: Share our costs

The U.K.'s National Institute of Clinical Excellence has issued a new round of cancer-drug refusals. The drugs simply cost too much, NICE says. And to high prices, the cost-effectiveness watchdog

Eli Lilly chief sees pay hike of 30%

Roll up your sleeves, folks. It's time once again to dig through the numbers on executive pay. First up: Eli Lilly chief John Lechleiter (photo). According to figures disclosed in a regulatory

AstraZeneca reaches Crestor-use goal

AstraZeneca's Crestor has scored. The cholesterol drug is one of only two statins that can now be marketed as a preventive, not just a treatment. And that's the FDA approval AstraZeneca needed to

Pfizer launches emerging-markets discounts

In a bid to make it easier for emerging-markets customers to buy its drugs, Pfizer has launched an discount-card system that offers price cuts of up to 50 percent. The company is unveiling the

Vermont mulls free-sample disclosure rule

Vermont, which has already reined in drugmakers' marketing, could become the first state to require pharma to report how much they're spending on free drug samples. Report

No reform? Look for more consolidation

Look out, pharma: More consolidation is on its way. At least that's what market experts are saying. With healthcare costs rising continually--and healthcare reform idling miserably--drugmakers will

FDA: Risk builds up with Tysabri infusions

FDA sent out a new Tysabri warning Friday, one emphasizing that the risk of a rare brain infection increases as treatment continues. Biogen Idec, which markets the multiple sclerosis drug, said the

Russian official fired for supporting pharma

Big Pharma has been blazing a trail into emerging markets lickety-split, and Russia looks to be on several drugmakers' priority lists for the next few years. But a development today illustrates the

Deadline looms for Sanofi-Merck vet combo

There's a loose end hanging from Merial, the animal health company now wholly owned by Sanofi-Aventis. You'll recall that Merck needed to dispose of its Merial stake, to get regulatory approval for

Abbott's not finished with dealmaking

As he begins a new decade as chief executive of Abbott Laboratories, Miles White (photo) once again hinted that he may not be done wheeling and dealing--even after a year of large purchases. Report