Shire cuts 260 in switch contract manufacturing

Pull out your tally of pharma job losses. We have another 260 to add, this time from Shire, which intends to shut down a Maryland plant over the next three years. Production at that plant will be

Is APA treatment advice tainted by pharma ties?

Are the guidelines doctors use for treating psychiatric conditions corrupted by pharma influence? That's the implication of an upcoming study that found close ties between the docs who write the

Stanford pledges doc-payment disclosure

Stanford University's medical school will begin to publicly identify doctors and other faculty members who receive more than $5,000 annually from drug and medical-device companies--but it won't put

Kindler takes lumps after investor call

Poor Jeff Kindler (photo). The Pfizer CEO has finally done what analysts have wanted him to do for months and months: He made a big bold move, agreeing to buy Wyeth for more than $60 billion. But

Mylan execs' pay leaps by 41%

Are you sick of executive-pay news yet? We admit that the dollar signs are starting to circle around our heads like the tweeting birds in vintage cartoons. Nevertheless, even we get interested when

Sanofi nabs Mexican drugmaker, eyes Solvay

Is Sanofi-Aventis double dealing? Today, the company announced that it bought Mexico's Laboratorios Kendrick, a generics maker with 15 percent market penetration in its home country. The company

Amid proxy fight, Biogen chief earns $11.3M

Biogen Idec is lacing up its gloves for another boxing match with Carl Icahn. The company is advising shareholders to reject Icahn's ideas for overhauling the company--namely, his four nominees for

Solvay shops for buyers for its pharma unit

Brussels-based Solvay Group today confirmed reports that the company is considering selling its pharmaceuticals unit. In a statement issued early Wednesday, Solvay said it was analyzing "various

Tribune: Abbott didn't want all of Wyeth

Abbott Laboratories, rumored to be interested in the takeover of drug giant Wyeth, may only have been interested in pieces of the New Jersey-based maker of vaccines and drugs, sources and industry

Amid turmoil, Elan chief turns down bonus

Nothing like a big management fight to make a CEO feel guilty about taking a bonus. Elan chief Kelly Martin turned down his 2008 incentive cash, which cut his earnings for the year to $830,000. Last

Genzyme takes lead on Campath for MS

Genzyme is jumping into the multiple sclerosis market with both feet. The company has inked a deal with Bayer Healthcare for the right to transform the leukemia therapy Campath into a multiple

HHS nominee Sebelius underpaid taxes, too

HHS nominee Kathleen Sebelius (photo) became the second appointee for the agency to admit underpaying her taxes. Sebelilus fixed three years' worth of returns to fix "unintentional" problems, and

Should doctor groups limit industry funding?

The Journal of the American Medical Association may be fighting to keep internal argument over conflicts of interest a secret, but in public, it's advocating strict limits on industry funding for

Battle over generic-delaying continues

Yesterday, the congressional Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection held a meeting to discuss Congressman Bobby Rush's (D-IL) new H.R.1706 bill--otherwise known as Protecting

Panel gives thumbs-up to new Avastin use

Unswayed by staff doubts about the evidence, an FDA advisory panel unanimously recommended Genentech's Avastin for fast-track approval for a particular brain cancer. Already approved for use against

Lilly hungry enough for less-mega deals

Eli Lilly chief John Lechleiter may not be up for a mega-merger, but he is looking for acquisitions of as much as $15 billion now that Lilly has digested ImClone Systems. "I got hungry again about

More millions for Wyeth chief Poussot

More reasons to wish you were Wyeth's CEO: Bernard Poussot got a 69 percent raise in his compensation package for 2008. Just on a percentage point basis, that increase would be 23 times what the

Cardio polypill: Prevention on the cheap?

An experimental pill combining aspirin, cholesterol medicine and blood pressure meds--everything people need to prevent heart attacks and strokes--was as effective as nearly all of its components

Dems aim to quash pay-for-delay deals

Lawmakers seem set to turn "pay-for-delay" into "no delay allowed." A House Energy and Commerce subcommittee is holding hearings today on the so-called pay-for-delay agreements drugmakers make with

Shire enlists GSK in Vyvanse push

Pump up the volume: Shire has enlisted the help of GlaxoSmithKline in growing the U.S. market for Vyvanse. The ADHD drug, Shire's follow-up-slash-replacement for its blockbuster attention deficit