Online aid for laid-off pharma workers

A sign of the times: There's a new website specifically for laid-off pharma types. Started by a group of "current or former pharma professionals" who've found/are looking for new jobs--and who

Two flu drugs better than one

Don't put only one flu drug in your stockpile basket, scientists are saying. To keep antiviral resistance at bay, countries are better off with more than one option. In fact, a mathematical model

Indian ministers: Protect pharma from takeover

Pharma's dealmaking frenzy has Indian officials plotting a push-back. Drugmakers enamored of emerging markets--and on the prowl for buyouts--are naturally eyeing the subcontinent. Though the

Genentech exec to top up UCSF

Genentech's loss apparently will be UCSF's gain. Dr. Susan Desmond-Hellmann (photo), the company's ex-president of product development, appears to be headed for the chancellorship at University of

BizWeek picks remedies for patent-cliff malaise

BusinessWeek picks the top 10 late-stage drugs, focusing on products their makers are depending on most to boost sales. Agree with their picks? Or would you nominate others? Let us know. Report

No pharma-haters in a pandemic

It's not often that we see a headline like this one: "Big Pharma Can Save Us." Perhaps it takes the threat of a pandemic to remind folks how much good the pharma business can do--and does. For

FDA orders 'black box' for Botox, Dysport

It hasn't been a good week for Botox. The Allergan blockbuster got its first U.S. competitor yesterday, when FDA approved Ipsen's similar wrinkle-fighter and muscle relaxant Dysport. Now, the agency

Grassley chucks his role as pharma gadfly

Dancing in the streets yet? If you're not, then you haven't heard that Sen. Charles Grassley, the perpetual thorn in pharma's side, looks to be stepping down from his post as chief of the Senate

SEC probes Schering trades on eve of Merck deal

Recall, if you can, the beginning of March, when Merck and Schering-Plough announced their $46 billion megamerger. At the time, a few intrepid folks pointed out a spike in Schering stock on Friday,

Solvay bidders, start your engines

Slowly but surely, Solvay is moving toward a sale of its pharmaceuticals unit. First came the rumors: Sanofi-Aventis may or may not have made an "inadequate" offer. Then, last week, the company

Tysabri may help heal MS patients' nerves

The Biogen Idec/Elan drug Tysabri may offer an important benefit that helps balance its risk of the potentially fatal brain infection primary multifocal leukoencephalopathy: A small new study

Survey: FDA's improved, but still a long way to go

Although the FDA's rep has improved, the American public is still split on whether or not the agency is doing its job. That's according to a Harris Interactive and HealthDay News online poll.

Clawbacks chomp into Fred Hassan's pay

Clawbacks can be hell. Just ask Schering-Plough chief Fred Hassan (photo), who took a big hit to his 2008 compensation because, to speak technically, his stock tanked. Under Schering's pay policy,

Will compulsory licensing hit Roche, Glaxo?

The World Health Organization's hike in pandemic threat level triggers certain pharma-related events, particularly the release of antivirals from government stockpiles around the world. And with

FDA teams up for flu fight

Obligatory swine flu update, alphabet soup edition: The WHO raised the pandemic threat level to 5 (pandemic imminent or inevitable). The FDA charged seven internal "teams" with influenza-management

Pharma: In 2020, it's not just drugs anymore

Is pharma's future not in pharma? That's the contention of Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the consulting firm that periodically offers a state-of-the-industry address. This time, the PwC report recommends

Post-preemption ruling, drug suits get moving

Good news for judges looking to clear their dockets, not so good news for pharma: Lawsuits long stalled by the debate over legal preemption are coming out of the deep freeze. Now that the Supreme

Social media pitfall No. 7: Facebook's pharma fakers

Someone is impersonating prominent members of the pharma and biotech world on Facebook, including Vertex Pharmaceuticals chief executive Joshua Boger, a chief science officer at Pfizer and Forbes

Clamor for flu drugs clears store shelves

Forget runs on shaky banks. Now, the big run is on pharmacies as a nervous public clamors for anti-flu meds. Pharmacies all over the world are running out of Roche's Tamiflu, from Trinidad and Tobago

Trade seasonal vaccine for swine flu shot?

With the swine flu outbreak advancing by the hour, hopeful eyes are watching vaccine-makers. We've heard stand-by pledges from Baxter International, Roche, Novartis, and others--and today,