Pfizer puts Chantix back on TV

Can Chantix make a comeback? That's what Forbes asks today, as Pfizer prepares to relaunch its TV advertising for the stop cessation med. Nine

Rituxan patient dies from PML

Sober news from Genentech today: A fatal case of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, or PML, has cropped up in an arthritis patient treated with the blockbuster drug Rituxan. The patient was

BMS, ImClone chiefs spar over bids

Bidding war or war of words? Bristol-Myers Squibb CEO Jim Cornelius and ImClone Chair Carl Icahn have been trading jabs over the last 24 hours, with Cornelius scolding Icahn for publicizing the

FDA staffing push yields 1,300 hires

Remember the FDA's push to expand its staff by some 600 positions and fill hundreds more that had gone vacant? Well, now the agency says it's achieved its goal with

Top-ranked woman to retire from J&J

There's another big executive departure coming in the world of Big Pharma: this time it's Christine Poon (photo),

Moody's downgrades Euro-Pharma

European pharma companies aren't looking too rosy, either--at least according to Moody's. The ratings agency says the drugmakers--including heavyweights Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi-Aventis,

Analyst gloomy on Merck trends

An influential pharma analyst downgraded Merck shares, saying they've hit their price ceiling. Why? The reasons can be summed up in four drugs: Singulair, Gardasil, taranabant, and Vytorin. Sanford

UK politicians: Pay for drug performance

The flap over cancer-drug funding is heating up even more in the UK Politicians accused the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) of spending more money on marketing "spin" than

Sen. Grassley: No disclosure, no NIH money

Sen. Charles Grassley is at it again. The perennial pharma critic has been knocking university researchers who don't fully

Pharma finds deals aren't so easy

While the market speculates just which "major pharma firm" submitted that $70-a-share mystery bid for ImClone,

Schering anesthesia med makes Euro-debut

Schering-Plough has launched its anesthesia-reversal drug Bridion in Sweden, with plans to inaugurate the drug in the U.K. and Germany soon. Known generically as sugammadex, the drug was

ImClone in talks with secret suitor

Carl Icahn, CEO at ImClone, is turning his nose up at its recent offer from Bristol-Myers Squibb and the company now officially is saying the $60 bucks a share that the huge pharma company offered

GSK's Viehbacher picked as Sanofi CEO

When GlaxoSmithKline's Chris Viehbacher (photo) announced his plans to leave the company, everyone wondered where he would head

Amgen keeping bone drug to itself

Amgen CEO, Keven Sharer (photo), said yesterday that he does not foresee the company collaborating

FDA warns Forest Labs about Bystolic ads

Forest Laboratories Inc. received a warning letter from the FDA near the end of August for failure to show the risks of its high blood pressure medication,

Pfizer's thin-skinned pipeline

Dalbavancin--the once-weekly skin antibiotic that Pfizer acquired as part of its 2005 $1.9 billion Vicuron Pharmaceuticals buyout--will not be going before the FDA anytime soon. Pfizer announced

Securities lawsuit up against Merck's Vioxx

In April 2007, Federal Judge Stanley Chesler dismissed an investor lawsuit seeking class-action status against Merck, but an appeals panel from the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the

Amylin: Byetta outperforms Januvia

You have to give them credit for trying. Following all the bad news about Byetta possibly leading to

What's next for Genentech employees?

Imagine you're a Genentech worker in San Diego. Since Roche and Genentech first signed their partnership deal in the 1990s, you've enjoyed a relatively hands-off approach that's allowed independent

Outsourcing: Good for what ails pharma

What can save Big Pharma? Outsourcing, says AVOS Life Sciences consultant Neil MacAllister. But that outsourcing has to be well managed to deliver the kind of streamlined, effective operations