With Medley buy, Sanofi grabs Latin lead

It's official: Sanofi-Aventis is buying Medley, the big Brazilian generics maker. The $660 million deal will make Sanofi the biggest generics manufacturer in Latin America. And it adds yet another

Panel gives new Seroquel use a limited nod

Wednesday was a good news-bad news sort of day for AstraZeneca's Seroquel XR. The extended-release antipsychotic did get an FDA advisory panel's nod for a new use--against depression--but it was far

Genentech pulls Raptiva on PML fears

It's the start of a long goodbye for Genentech's psoriasis remedy Raptiva. The company said it's phasing out the drug because of recent reports of the potentially fatal brain infection progressive

Lilly prices new clot-buster at 31% premium

Eli Lilly launched its new blood thinner in its first market today: the U.K. Effient/Efient (prasugrel) is priced 31 percent higher than its rival Plavix, the world's leading anticoagulant marketed

Traders talk up Sanofi-Biogen deal

Is Carl Icahn (photo) having some more fun with Biogen Idec, or are investors really convinced that this time, the rumors of a buyout are true? Biogen stock flew upward yesterday as much as 7 percent

Brown's psych chair is latest to step aside

Top psychiatrists are dropping like flies these days. The latest academic to tender his resignation is Brown University's head of psychiatry Marty Keller. According to a memo issued by the university

Wyeth execs get big roles in new Pfizer

Pfizer has opened the doors of top management to eight Wyeth execs. After the two companies merge, Wyeth types will serve in leadership roles from R&D to consumer health, with at least two

J&J says 'not now' on biosimilars

Biosimilars? Thanks, but no thanks, says Johnson & Johnson. The company's executive director for public policy says it has no plans to jump into copycat biotech drugs--at least for now--despite

Branded meds suffer two times over

All is not well in prescription-land, especially for branded meds. Not only are generic meds prescribed much more often than branded products, but more and more Americans are simply stuffing their

Pfizer's Nigerian deal held up by logistics

Last week's rumored settlement of the long-running Nigerian litigation against Pfizer lacks only a few final details, according to local and international media. U.K. newspapers have put the

Another job for FDA: Online marketing regs

The FDA's out-of-the-blue warning about drugmakers' search-engine ads has the pharma blogosphere up in arms. For months--even years, in some cases--pharma marketing types have been calling on the

Melnyk: Crash chaos led to misreported financials

Biovail founder Eugene Melnyk took the stand for the first time Monday to say that "pandemonium" followed the 2003 truck accident that damaged a key Wellbutrin XL shipment. The aftermath was so

Sanofi in yet another emerging-market buyout

Sanofi-Aventis is on a dealmaking roll. The company is set to acquire Brazilian generics maker Medley, according to a local paper, for $670 million. The French pharma just snapped up Laboratorios

PhRMA: Compare drugs first, cost second

Pharma seems ready to embrace a big expansion in comparative effectiveness research, which happens to be one of the Obama administration's goals for healthcare reform. At least that's the word coming

Ex-NEJM chief has tasks for the new FDA

Joshua Sharfstein has his marching orders--from Dr. Marcia Angell, former New England Journal of Medicine editor-in-chief and current Harvard Medical School lecturer. In a Washington Post column,

Paper: Sanofi bid for Piramal falters

Sanofi-Aventis' plans to buy a majority stake in India's Piramal Healthcare has fallen through because of a disagreement over valuation, sources familiar with the potential deal told the Economic

Lilly's scientist CEO preps for 'Year Y'

What haunts Lilly CEO John Lechleiter's work anxiety dreams? Year Y and Year Z. They're the continuation of a series that began in 2001, a.k.a. Year X, when the blockbuster antidepressant Prozac went

FDA cracks down on search-engine ads

Everybody knows Internet advertising is hot. Traditional media is watching its share of ad dollars decline again and again. Meanwhile, the digital domain's share is growing. Right now, pharma has

Merck chief: Pharma, regain America's trust!

Remember Merck CEO Dick Clark's talk about pharma's "trust deficit?" The drugmaker's chief dusted off last year's phrase for PhRMA's annual meeting, aiming to remind the industry that sales depend on

FDA panel to weigh risk of huge Seroquel growth

Millions of prospective prescriptions hang on an FDA advisory committee's decision this week. If the panel approves AstraZeneca's extended release Seroquel as a treatment for depression and