Study: Drugs work best for severe depression

Yet another study is calling the efficacy of antidepressants into question. New research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that only patients with severe

Glaxo restructures HR with job, cost cuts

We've talked a lot about Big Pharma's cost-cutting efforts: selling off or closing manufacturing plants, laying off sales reps, consolidating R&D. But the cuts aren't limited to those functions.

What's the outsourcing outlook for 2010?

Outsourcing has been on an upswing for the past several years. Drugmakers have farmed out everything from research and manufacturing to IT and sales--and there are no signs that the move will let up

Effexor tops list of high-margin meds

Drug companies talk a lot about recouping R&D costs when pricing meds, but let's face it: Pharma is a for-profit business, usually with shareholders to satisfy. So profit is key, and profit

Studies: Mental illness over- and undertreated

Patients with mental illness often aren't getting treatments that are "just right." In fact, recent studies show that too many patients are either undertreated or overtreated. Only about half of

H1N1 oversupply puts earnings at 'modest' risk

France's approach to an over-abundance of H1N1 flu vaccine has stirred up fears--and critics. As we reported yesterday, France is trying to sell off millions of doses to countries in the Middle East

Schering gets court OK for Clarinex settlement

Merck's Schering-Plough unit has won a U.S. judge's approval of a $165 million settlement to resolve lawsuits over alleged fraudulent statements made to investors about the Clarinex allergy medicine.

Biogen in search for new fearless leader

Help Wanted: CEO and president for a biotech company facing safety issues with a key drug. Skills required: All the usual ones, plus the ability to face occasional battles with activist investor Carl

Will Novartis raise its Alcon offer?

Novartis may have thought it had Alcon in the bag, but the eye-care company's board is objecting. Not to the Nestle deal; that is in the bag. It's the offer Novartis made to minority shareholders

Hospira to take on Genzyme products

Genzyme has tapped Hospira for help with manufacturing while it cleans up its act at a troubled plant. The outsourcing deal is aimed at alleviating shortages of two key drugs--partly to keep

Call Big Pharma a DTC conservative

Marketing experts say drugmakers played DTC safe in 2009. Big Pharma reduced expensive network television advertising and took a hard look at which brands should get DTC support, Medical Marketing

Cipla could supply meds to GSK, Teva

Indian drugmaker Cipla is in talks with multinational and leading generic drug companies, including GlaxoSmithKline and Israel's Teva, to supply generic drugs, its chairman said Monday. Report

France sells flu shots; Germany plans returns

Germany and France are trying to cut back on their H1N1 vaccine supplies. Germany wants to accept only half of its vaccine order from GlaxoSmithKline because the so-called swine flu turned out to be

Harvard hospitals sharply limit pharma pay

In a move that's sure to be dissected--and possibly imitated--two Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals have imposed new rules restricting outside pay for senior officials. The new

Holiday pharma news round-up

FiercePharma took a little break over the holidays. The newsletter has been on hiatus since Christmas Eve, but we checked in daily with some news on the website. And because we know many of you took

Novartis wants all of Alcon for $49.8B

We didn't have to wait long for Nestle and Novartis to do their deal. Novartis will buy the rest of Nestle's stake in Alcon, the eye care company, for $28.1 billion, and it's offering to buy out

FDA funds study of drug use in pregnancy

Soon we'll have more data on prescription drug safety during pregnancy. To get around the obvious problem with safety trials in pregnant women--who'd volunteer?-- the FDA is funding a retrospective

How will Novartis finance Alcon buy?

Last week, we reported that analysts are expecting Novartis to follow through on its deal to buy the rest of Nestlé's stake in eye-care expert Alcon. Now we're hearing that the Swiss drugmaker

J&J expands Tylenol Arthritis recall

Drugmakers have been diversifying quite a bit lately, diving into generics, emerging markets, consumer healthcare. But hedging bets on prescription meds isn't without its own risks--OTC drugs run

Ranbaxy offloads Chinese venture stake

While much of Big Pharma races toward China, Ranbaxy Laboratories is taking one step out of that market. The Indian company has sold its stake in a Chinese joint venture, saying it will continue to