Bayer homes in on €10B plastics IPO with plans for summer roadshow

Bayer is gearing up to spin off its plastics unit and become a life-sciences-focused company, and as part of that prep, it's going on an investor roadshow to seek feedback on its plans.

New long-acting Baxalta med bests Advate in hemophilia A

Newly independent Baxalta relies heavily on hemophilia sales, particularly its top-selling Advate. As competition heats up in that market, the company has something new to brag about.

Study stopped early as BMS' Opdivo bests Afinitor in kidney cancer

Bristol-Myers Squibb can brag about another success with immunotherapy Opdivo. A late-stage study in advanced kidney cancer will be stopped early, after a monitoring committee flagged improved survival results for Opdivo, compared with the Novartis treatment Afinitor.

Vast majority of consumers want Medicare to negotiate drug prices

President Obama has support for his idea that Medicare needs the power to negotiate drugs prices. The vast majority of consumers think it is a good idea as well.

India expands drug pricing with caps for two antibiotics

India has fought long and hard for more price caps on essential medicines in the country, with a parliamentary committee in April lobbying for expanded government price control despite pushback from Big Pharma. Now, as part of its latest crusade, the country is extending price caps for two more antibiotics and setting new prices for branded meds.

Sanofi preps for 'profitable' dengue vaccine rollout in 20 countries

With more than $1.5 billion in development costs and 20 years of research on the line, Sanofi is getting revved up to launch its world-first dengue vaccine later this year. And if the company's predictions are correct, the shot will not only be a big deal for patients in the developing world--it'll be a highly profitable product to boot.

Eisai turns North Carolina facility over to Biogen as it continues its cost-cutting

Eisai has been whittling down its U.S. workforce as part of broader cost-cutting moves in the face of a tough patent cliff go. Now the Japanese drugmaker will trim another 135 people from its payroll with the sale of a manufacturing facility in North Carolina to drug development partner Biogen.

Amgen's Blincyto puts leukemia patients in remission, building its case for a new FDA nod

Amgen's working to expand the label of cancer-fighter Blincyto, and on that front, it's got some solid new data to help it make its case.

Biogen confirms second PML case among Tecfidera patients

Biogen has confirmed another case of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy in a patient on its oral MS-fighter Tecfidera, though this one--unlike the last--was nonfatal.

Pharma needs to get into digital health data game to stay competitive, study says

That Apple watch you are wearing may allow you to text and listen to music, and it can track your activity. But it may also be conducting a postmarket study that will help cut the price of some of your prescription drugs in the future.

Gilead pushes some patients out of assistance program as it fights restrictive insurers

Gilead Sciences has gotten a lot of pushback from payers over the high prices of its hepatitis C drugs Sovaldi and Harvoni. Now, Gilead is doing some pushing of its own. The only problem is that some patients are caught in the middle.

Valeant grabs a Middle Eastern foothold with $800M pact for Egypt's Amoun

Last month, reports said Valeant was stepping up talks on a deal for one of Egypt's largest drugmakers. And now, it's pulled the trigger.

Endo whistleblower nabs $33.6M from feds for 'extraordinary' work in FCA suit

Former Endo sales rep Peggy Ryan first filed a whistleblower suit--concerning off-label marketing of its pain patch, Lidoderm--against the drugmaker in 2005. Nine years later, the company settled with the Department of Justice. And now, Ryan is walking away with a hefty chunk of change.

Specialty pharmacies don't always live up to their billing: NYT

As payers steer patients toward their own pharmacies and drugmakers opt to distribute their meds solely through specialty channels, service problems are interfering with patient refills and threatening adherence, The New York Times reports.

India's Supreme Court calls drug pricing 'irrational' in lawsuit over access to meds

Amid industry discomfort over current price caps in the country, India's Supreme Court has asked the federal government to take another look at its essential medicines policy. But if the order results in any price changes, they're likely to be in the wrong direction for drugmakers.

Pharma M&A shoots up to $159B for first half, but prices could dampen the mood

Think last year was an M&A record-breaker in biopharma? 2015 is on track to top it, a new report says.

Sanofi says sweeping management revamp won't come with job cuts

When companies announce a big reorg, what's the natural follow-up question? Layoffs. But after rolling out news of its management shuffle on Wednesday, Sanofi said job cuts won't be part of the new picture.

FDA may tap Google to beef up drug-safety monitoring

The FDA is planning to team up with tech giant Google to identify previously unknown side effects of meds.

'Modern Family' star signs on with BMS for immuno-oncology awareness

Pharma-watchers may be very familiar with immuno-oncology. But the average American doesn't necessarily know what the term means--or why it's important. Bring on "Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet.

UPDATED: Lilly's Alimta gets rating boost in update to ASCO's drug scorecard

When the American Society of Clinical Oncology unveiled its scheme for assessing the value of cancer drugs, it included some less-than-flattering drug ratings. One of those was for Eli Lilly's Alimta, a lung cancer drug that's been a blockbuster performer for the U.S.-based company.