Pfizer settles lawsuits tying sex and gambling addictions to dopamine meds

Pfizer is settling class-action litigation brought by patients who claimed the drugmaker did not adequately warn them of possible side effects of drugs they were taking to treat their Parkinson's disease or restless leg syndrome.

Novartis grabs Zykadia approval in Europe, setting the stage for showdown

Novartis' Zykadia picked up some steam in its head-to-head rivalry with Pfizer's Xalkori, snagging EU approval and setting the stage for a showdown as the companies compete for top dog.

Court blocks Novartis' biosimilar copy of Amgen's Neupogen

Amgen is none too eager for Novartis to roll out its newly FDA-approved biosimilar version of its blockbuster Neupogen, and for now, it's getting its way: A U.S. appeals court has blocked sales of the copycat while the companies resolve a patent dispute.

Amarin sues FDA over 'free speech' issue the agency says it is ready to hash out

Irish drugmaker Amarin, which reported another quarterly loss today, has sued the FDA for curtailing its free speech, namely being able to discuss off-label uses of its omega-3 capsule Vascepa that might spur some sales.

Tiny drugmakers top list of most profitable, but Shire and Gilead are there, too

Who are the most profitable companies in healthcare? Drug companies, with 7 out of 10 slots on a ranking by profit margin. Who are the most profitable drug companies? You might scratch your heads at all but a couple of names.

'Volume' is the magic word for Glaxo as it works to turn sales around

Payers have put the squeeze on GlaxoSmithKline's top seller Advair, helping sink its sales and send company revenues tumbling. So GSK doesn't want to play with fire by hawking more high-priced meds. Instead, the company's identified a different path to growth, it said Wednesday--and the name of the game is volume.

Pharma dealmaking boosts M&A to record-setting heights in Q1

No surprise that the health industry is setting records, M&A-wise. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, life sciences companies inked 35 deals worth $166.3 billion--more than all of 2014's transactions combined--in Q1.

Valeant chief Pearson the next Warren Buffett? Deal partner Ackman thinks so

Activist investor Bill Ackman thinks an early-stage Berkshire Hathaway is out there--and he thinks it's Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

Big Pharma's cardiovascular sales ain't what they used to be

Slumping sales for cardiovascular drugs isn't exactly a new phenomenon for Big Pharma, with some of the industry's top drugmakers suffering from recent patent expirations. But a new report shows which CV franchises have been hurt the most. 

Free speech or simply marketing? The FDA is taking that argument public

The FDA is taking its off-label marketing debate public. After an onslaught of lawsuits and citizen petitions against drug-marketing restrictions--all citing the First Amendment--the agency will hold a public meeting this summer to talk about off-label promos and free speech, Reuters reports.


Pharma hikes prices on all sorts of meds, but hit diabetes hardest: Bloomberg

Twenty-seven drug brands took 20% price increases last year, and dozens saw prices at least double over the past 5 years, Bloomberg reports. Once again, the usual suspects top the price-increase lists. And diabetes products are conspicuously present.

IBM's new healthcare biz gets to work on personalized cancer treatments

IBM is unleashing Watson on healthcare. The tech heavyweight's brand-new healthcare business unit says it will team up with 14 top cancer centers to turn genetic data into personalized patient treatments.

Billionaire supporter Paulson could help Teva twist Mylan's arm

Mylan Chairman Robert Coury has said loud and clear that he doesn't think a tie-up with generics rival Teva is a good idea. But he's not the only one who wants his voice heard.

Lundbeck bags Novo exec Schultz to engineer a much-needed turnaround

Mystery solved: Novo Nordisk heir apparent Kåre Schultz didn't just up and leave the Danish drugmaker. He left for the top job at crosstown colleague Lundbeck, vacant since that CEO stepped down in disgrace in November.

Caforio takes CEO role as BMS faces tough year with promising new drugs

Trained in his native Italy as a doctor, Giovanni Caforio speaks not only English and Italian, but also Spanish, French and Portuguese. As he steps into the CEO role today at Bristol-Myers Squibb, the question will be how well he speaks dollars and cents.

Embattled GSK scraps ViiV spinoff as pharma revenues tumble

About that ViiV Healthcare spinoff GlaxoSmithKline's been looking at--it's not happening, the pharma giant says.

Exec pay critics bristle as Sanofi lines pockets of Viehbacher, Brandicourt

Sanofi CEOs past and present are in line for big payouts after yesterday's annual meeting, as resolutions passed to line the pockets of ousted skipper Chris Viehbacher and new replacement Olivier Brandicourt. But shareholders aren't necessarily thrilled about it, and investor advisory groups aren't, either.

Zoetis, under pressure from activist investor Ackman, will offload 10 plants to cut costs

Animal health leader Zoetis is using a move out of the Amgen playbook, whacking on manufacturing to cut costs and appease an aggressive activist investor.

Hampton steps into GSK chairman role as discontent with Witty builds

GlaxoSmithKline is facing sluggish sales in the U.S. and revenue growth that falls behind that of its Big Pharma rivals, not to mention scrutiny for CEO Andrew Witty. So Philip Hampton will have his work cut out for him as he steps into his new role as the company's chairman and attempts to revive the company's lagging fortunes.

Drugmakers to Congress: You want patent reforms? Stop pharma challenger Bass

Drugmakers may be willing to get on board with patent reform, a process they've in the past been blamed for holding up. But first, they have a very clear condition: Congress must help them thwart pharma patent challenger Kyle Bass.