Valeant sizes up women's health with $1B deal for Sprout and its libido drug

That didn't take long. Just one day after Sprout Pharmaceuticals won a controversial FDA approval for new female libido drug Addyi (flibanserin), serial buyer Valeant has agreed to buy the company.

UPDATED: Horizon puts forth new slate of directors as Depomed shuts down latest bid

Horizon has criticized Depomed's directors for refusing to come to the table, despite its attempts to "engage in good faith" over a combination of the two companies. Now, though, it's got some new directors in mind who it thinks will see things differently.

Amgen wraps up Aranesp, Enbrel marketing probe with $71M state-level settlement

Amgen is paying up to resolve claims that it broke the rules while marketing anemia drug Aranesp and anti-inflammatory blockbuster Enbrel. The company has settled with 48 states for $71 million, marking the latest state-level crackdown on alleged marketing violations in the pharma industry. 

Big Pharma still a big deal for NJ economy, despite cost cuts

Pharma has long boosted commercial real estate in New Jersey, with some of the world's biggest drugmakers calling the state home. And that's not changing anytime soon, a new report says--despite layoffs and consolidation moves.

Little-known Lannett tops Fortune's fastest-growing list, thanks to big price hikes

The fastest-growing pharma company these days also happens to be the fastest-growing company, period. But that speed-racing drugmaker isn't anywhere close to the top of pharma's name-recognition lists. 

Merck job-cutting tensions displayed in public emails from Frazier, union rep

Merck & Co.'s CEO Kenneth Frazier thought he was doing a good thing when he announced that employees would get an extra day off in appreciation for their hard work. But the fact that union employees are not getting the extra time at the Labor Day holiday has led one union official to publicly lash out at Merck and Frazier.

Merck's Januvia powerhouse could feel the heat from device challenger

Merck & Co. has encountered a few roadblocks in recent years with its diabetes drug, Januvia as safety concerns took a bite out of sales. The company has worked hard to reverse this trend, and recently unveiled data on heart safety could do its part. But now Merck could be facing another threat, and not from a regulator or competing drugmaker--but a devicemaker.

Troubled Lundbeck targets 1,000 layoffs in HQ, commercial revamp

Lundbeck is going on a cost-cutting binge. Amid falling sales--and a few months after a new CEO took the helm--the Danish drugmaker says it will cut loose 1,000 employees as part of a plan to save 3 billion kronor, or about $445 million, by 2017.

Matchmaking investors pick Biogen, Pfizer as fave Allergan deal partners

Who should serial buyer Allergan pick up next? It's the question on the minds of many industry watchers--including Evercore ISI analyst Umer Raffat, who polled investors last week. And while there are lots of possibilities floating around, his respondents seem to have a pair of potential deals in mind.

FDA hammers Mylan sterile injectable plants for serious contamination issues

The recent recall of 8 lots of injectable cancer drugs, some of which Mylan made for client Pfizer, was just a prelude to an FDA warning letter, it turns out. The agency today posted the letter, aimed at three plants in India that Mylan got in its deal for Agila Specialties two years ago.

Who should be next on Allergan's buyout list? We want your votes

Allergan has been on quite the buyout spree lately, and with $40.5 billion coming in from Teva in exchange for its generics unit, it's about to settle some debt and get back to the dealmaking table. Who's next on CEO Brent Saunders' list, though, is anyone's guess, and we want to know what you think.

Seattle Genetics scores Adcetris expansion for 'high risk' lymphoma patients

Seattle Genetics just won a boost for its lymphoma drug Adcetris. The FDA added a new indication to the drug's toolbox, for patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma at high risk of relapse after a stem-cell transplant.

Merck's Keytruda ready for quick FDA action on big melanoma expansion

Merck & Co.'s Keytruda has jumped on the FDA's priority review track for a new first-line use in melanoma. The PD-1 immunotherapy, already approved to treat relapsed melanoma and under FDA review in lung cancer, needs the broader melanoma approval to keep abreast of Bristol-Myers Squibb's rival drug Opdivo.

Boehringer trumpets Spiolto quality-of-life data as it looks for its niche in COPD

Boehringer Ingelheim's COPD treatment, Spiolto Respimat, is up against a raft of competitors--especially in the E.U., where it recently won its first approvals. Now, though, it's touting new data from a quality of life study that it hopes will give it a leg up.

Big Pharma, rejoice: China aims to speed up approvals for new meds

Relations between China and foreign drugmakers have been thawing for a while, with the country announcing late last year that it would toss out restrictive price caps and streamline drug approvals for companies. Now, China is throwing multinational drugmakers another bone as it plans to reduce lengthy approval times for innovative drugs.


Mylan, Disney expand allergy-fighting partnership with new website

Parents whose children have potentially life-threatening allergies now have some new resources--thanks to Mylan and Disney, which have teamed up to launch 

Will docs jump on new biosims? Survey shows they'll need some nudging

Drugmakers are well aware of the biosimilars threatening to steal sales and market share from some of the world's best-selling biologics. Doctors, though? Not so much, a new report suggests.

Analyst: Pfizer may favor Hospira's Remsima over in-house Remicade biosim

When Pfizer agreed to shell out $15 billion-plus for Hospira earlier this year, the pharma giant added major heft to its biosimilars pipeline. At the time, CEO Ian Read said the two companies had "complementary" portfolios of biosimilar prospects--and his tune hasn't changed since.

Stalwart brands from AZ, Glaxo and Sanofi top ranks of most-prescribed meds

We've heard pharma's latest numbers on individual product sales. We know how each company's drugs stack up internally. But how are the top-prescribed brands doing in the overall industry horse race? 


Endo scores victory in Opana ER generics patent battle

Endo Health Solutions has been facing an uphill battle with its pain med Opana ER, working hard to thwart generic competition for the drug as sales take a hit. But the company is enjoying a bright point in its saga, winning a ruling in a U.S. District court which bars generic copycats of Opana.