Questcor's Acthar maneuvers land Mallinckrodt in hot water with FTC, state AGs

When Mallinckrodt bought Questcor Pharmaceuticals last year, it acquired more than H.P. Acthar Gel and the ongoing controversy about its pricing. It also inherited a rat's nest of state and federal investigations--and that snarl is growing.

Sun Pharma dispatches 18 top Ranbaxy execs in post-merger shift

After snapping up the troubled Indian generics maker Ranbaxy Laboratories in an all-stock deal last year, Sun Pharma has sent 18 top executives at its former rival packing, including Ranbaxy President and CFO Indrajit Banerjee and VP of marketing Maninder Singh, sources told The Economic Times.

Novartis zeroes in on costs as blockbusters-to-be Cosentyx, Entresto rev up

Novartis has had a complicated year: Three months ago, the Swiss drugmaker closed its multipart asset swap with GlaxoSmithKline, sending most of its troubled vaccines business to GSK and taking on the U.K. drugmaker's oncology business.

Zoetis knocks off 165 NJ jobs in Ackman-forced cost squeeze

Last month, under activist investor pressure, animal health leader Zoetis announced some cost-cutting blueprints it said would save it $300 million by 2017. And now, 165 New Jersey workers are hitting the road as part of that plan.

Merck inks $5.9M settlement to wrap up AzaSite off-label investigation

Inspire Pharmaceuticals' AzaSite is approved to treat bacterial conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye. But that's not all the company hawked it for when it was part of Merck & Co., the U.S. Justice Department says.

Shire, Sanofi and Bayer have the best public reps in pharma: Report

It's no secret that Big Pharma isn't winning the popularity contest, as pricing pressures, safety issues and regulatory drama continue to take their toll on drugmakers' reputations. But some companies are faring better than other in the eyes of the American public, racking up points for leadership and good behavior, according to a new report from research firm Reputation Institute.

Valeant said to step up talks on potential $800M deal for Egypt's Amoun

Last month, reports said Valeant was eyeing up one of Egypt's largest drugmakers. Now, word has it, those talks have progressed, and the Canadian pharma could be ready to pull the trigger in the coming weeks.

Docs enthused about coming PCSK9 meds--and ready to prescribe

After last week's expert panel meetings, the FDA may put some label limits on PCSK9 cholesterol drugs. But Sanofi, Regeneron and Amgen can take heart. 

Want international growth? Africa's set to double pharma sales in 5 years

Pharma growth in China may be slowing and Europe stalling, but there's one area where drugmakers might actually achieve some big growth, according to McKinsey & Co. That's Africa, a mere $4.7 billion market in 2003 and $20.8 billion a decade later.

FDA balks on generic Concerta as Mallinckrodt, Actavis meds gobble up market

Back in November, the FDA gave drugmakers producing cheap knockoffs of Johnson & Johnson's ADHD med Concerta 6 months to prove that their copycat versions were equivalent to the brand-name drug, or remove their product from the market. But that time has come and gone, and the FDA has yet to issue a final word on the meds.

Big Pharma (and Big Biotechs) riding drug approval surge toward $1T in sales

The FDA approved a record 50 new drugs last year and 6 of those, coming from 6 different companies, are forecast to reach blockbuster sales in 2019. In fact, Bristol-Myers Squibb's breakout immuno-oncology drug Opdivo is forecast to hit nearly $4.3 billion in sales by then.

Allergan extends deal spree with $2.1B Kythera buyout

Actavis may have changed its name to Allergan this week, but nothing has changed about its penchant for dealmaking. The newly bulked-up pharma struck again Wednesday, inking a pact for Kythera Biopharmaceuticals.

Drug price hawk CVS Health and the case of the $44,000 nutrition supplement

CVS Health may be staring down pricey hep C drugs and forthcoming PCSK9 meds, but capsules of powdered resveratrol? Not so much.

Bad news for AbbVie: Humira copies expected to rack up biggest biosim sales

Here's something AbbVie doesn't want to hear: Industry watchers expect biosimilars for its top moneymaker Humira to be the most successful copycat biologics launched in the U.S. and Europe.

Big Mylan shareholder Abbott backs Mylan's Perrigo buy

Mylan can breathe a little easier knowing it has support from its largest shareholder in its quest to pick up Perrigo. After all, it's not just a big buyout at stake--but the opportunity to thwart its own unwanted takeover by generics rival Teva.

Deal buzz: Forget Pfizer. Traders bet GSK as a match for J&J, Roche

Another week, another rumor about the target on GlaxoSmithKline's back. This time, U.K. traders were talking up a different potential takeover--not by Pfizer, but by Johnson & Johnson or Roche.

Americans say Big Pharma, not insurers, to blame for sky-high drug bills

Skyrocketing drug prices have drawn criticism from lawmakers, payers and the public who see the meds' high costs as unreasonable. But now, a growing number of Americans are pointing a finger at Big Pharma in a survey, blaming drugmakers rather than insurers for off-the-chart prices.

UPDATED: AdverseEvents: Diabetes drug analysis flags heart failure, pancreatitis reports

Drugmakers are hot to trot after diabetes meds, and for good reason--the disease population is large, and growing. But the drugs have raised a few eyebrows lately, with regulators taking aim at safety issues tied to SGLT2 and DPP-4 drugs in particular. And SGLT2 and DPP-4 meds are not the only offenders, as side effect reports continue to mount for GLP-1 drugs.

You want to quash 'Low-T' overprescription, FDA? Quash DTC ads, experts urge

After warning that casual use of testosterone meds can cause heart attack and stroke, the FDA has finally put its foot down to curb overprescribing of the drugs. But some say the agency needs to go further.

Branded pharma worries, generics makers cheer as trade pact hits snag in Congress

The Trans-Pacific Partnership took it on the chin Friday when the U.S. House voted against a key assistance program for workers displaced by global trade. That move throws a wrench into U.S. efforts to pass the controversial trade agreement, which pharma companies have lobbied hard to shape.