UPDATED: Sorry, Celgene, patent board says. Bass can challenge your IP, and profit, too

Drugmakers that have been attacked by patent challenger Kyle Bass would like nothing more than to see him stopped in his tracks by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, a move that would also prevent other investment firms from following in his footsteps. But as the Patent Trial and Appeal Board announced on Friday, it's not going to happen.

Shkreli-shaming spills over onto Valeant as Dems call CEO to account for price hikes

After the outpouring of rage that greeted Turing Pharmaceuticals last week when it decided to hike the price on an older med by 5000%-plus, its CEO, Martin Shkreli, is one of the last people any pharma chief would want to be compared with right now. But that's the position Valeant skipper J. Michael Pearson found himself in Monday afternoon.

Don't count Merck's Keytruda out in lung cancer fight with BMS' Opdivo

Industry watchers largely expect Bristol-Myers Squibb's Opdivo to come out on top in the checkpoint inhibitor battle. But don't count out Merck's Keytruda, even if it winds up with a narrower label, analysts say.

Sanofi patent deal lets Lilly roll out a Lantus biosim in U.S. next December

Sanofi has put off one biosimilar threat to Lantus till the end of 2016. In a patent settlement announced on Monday, the French drugmaker and U.S.-based Eli Lilly & Co. agreed to a royalty deal covering Lantus SoloStar, the injectable pen version of Sanofi's basal insulin.

Note to Depomed shareholders: Let Horizon call its meetings, ISS advises

If Horizon wants to make any headway in its hostile pursuit of Depomed, it's going to have to call a pair of shareholder meetings. First, though, its target's shareholders have to provide consent for those meetings--something proxy advisory firm ISS recommends they do.

Valeant CEO defends price hikes, business model in letter to worried employees

Sure, Valeant has raised prices--and a lot, on some drugs. But employees shouldn't worry about it, despite the recent price-hike backlash plaguing the industry and its stock prices. That's the read from CEO J. Michael Pearson, who issued a letter on Monday to Valeant workers explaining that revenues from Isuprel and Nitropress--two products that saw their prices soar after his company picked them up--aren't part of the Canadian pharma's growth stats.

Novo combats talk of insulin price war with 'moderate premium' on brand-new Tresiba

Cleared for liftoff on Friday alongside a combo drug, Ryzodeg, Novo Nordisk's Tresiba can now go up against Sanofi's Toujeo, armed with a raft of data on its heart safety. But one area where Novo doesn't plan to compete with Toujeo--at least not publicly--is on price.

How much more does the U.S. pay for drugs? Up to 10 times more, report says

The International Federation of Health Plans sifted through insurance data to compare pricing for prescription drugs in countries such as the U.S., Australia, Argentina, Spain and Canada and found enormous differences between the U.S. and other countries.

Sources: Sanofi's Brandicourt looks at spinoff of animal health, selling supplement biz

New Sanofi CEO Olivier Brandicourt has promised to unveil his 5-year strategic plan for the French drugmaker and he appears to be homing in on what to keep and what to let go. Sources say that he is considering a spinoff of Sanofi's animal health operation, while maybe unloading a supplement business and a biosurgery unit that were picked up by his predecessors.

Perrigo brings Mylan takeover feud to Israeli court

Mylan and its hostile takeover target, Perrigo, have been trading lawsuits in the U.S., but now they've taken their legal battle across the ocean.

Roche is 'well placed' for U.S. pricing tussle, CEO says

Worried about how mounting pricing pushback will affect Roche? Don't be, CEO Severin Schwan told Swiss newspaper Finanz und Wirtschaft.

Novartis scores EU rec for blockbuster-to-be Entresto

Novartis has predicted that its launch of newly FDA-approved heart failure med Entresto would be its "most exciting" ever. And now, it's one step closer to bringing that excitement to Europe.

Shire chalks up victory in Vyvanse patent battle

Shire is celebrating a victory as a U.S. Court of Appeals upheld its patents for Vyvanse, shielding the med from generic competition while protecting its bottom line even as its has launched a $30 billion buyout run at Baxalta.

Alexion sues Canada over Soliris price cut attempt as drug cost debate explodes on center stage

Even as a war of words is being waged in the U.S. over escalating drug prices, Canada has been battling with Alexion over the $700,000 cost of rare-disease drug Soliris, a drug that has been called the priciest in the world. But in a preemptive move, Alexion has sued regulators to prevent Canada from whacking the price.

BMJ points up 'wide variations' in quality of data for new FDA indications

One of pharma's key strategies for growing a drug's sales is expanding into bigger groups of patients. Thing is, the BMJ contends, those follow-up studies are often less stringent than they should be.

Roche's slick new office tower opens its doors at Basel HQ

Phase one of Roche's brand-new, enlarged Basel, Switzerland, HQ is now open, featuring a 41-story tower designed by local architects Herzog & de Meuron.

Novartis brings heart, cancer meds to low-income countries for $1 per month

Novartis has stood by its commitment to emerging markets even in rocky times. And now, it's furthering that commitment with an access initiative for low-income countries.

U.S. cancer drug prices up to 3X higher than in Europe: Study

Amid all the drug-pricing brouhaha this week, a British pharmacologist was preparing to unveil his research showing just how much more Americans pay for cancer therapies. And while it's well known that medications cost more in the U.S. than in other countries, this new study puts some surprising numbers to that spread.

Mylan leverages marketing savvy, price hikes to make EpiPen a go-to med

Mylan has been pumping up its EpiPen marketing on multiple fronts, helping make it the go-to therapy for those with severe allergic reactions. But now, with new rivals advancing, the company will be relying on its years of branding to help it weather the competitive storm.

U.K. cost gatekeeper gives thumbs-up to Gilead's Zydelig for CLL

Gilead Sciences has been working hard to build momentum for its cancer fighter Zydelig (idealisib), and fortunately for the company, a pricing setback in Germany didn't signal disaster elsewhere. After some initial skepticism--and a discount offer from Gilead--the U.K.'s influential cost watchdog gave its thumbs-up to the drug for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).