Will Mystic make it? That’s been the pressing question for AZ for months as the lung cancer trial proceeded. Answer: It didn’t, at least not yet.

Eli Lilly’s RA med baricitinib had been pegged as one of 2017’s hottest launches—and a threat to Pfizer’s Xeljanz. Not anymore.

GlaxoSmithKline hopes to get its new Benlysta formula under lupus patients’ skin—literally.

Merck & Co. nabbed tentative FDA approval for its Lantus copy, Lusduna, which would be the second follow-on challenger to the Sanofi blockbuster.

Analysts expect Nerlynx to gin up blockbuster sales by 2022, thanks to a 'best case' approval from the FDA.

Payer hurdles are hampering Dupixent's path to patients' hands, despite early negotiations that yielded upfront coverage.

Biogen and AbbVie’s MS drug Zinbryta faces new restrictions in Europe at a time when tough payers and new challengers are roiling the field.

Halfway through a year Allergan execs have called "pivotal" for Kybella, one analyst describes the product’s launch as “meh.”