Could Dupixent end up beating Novartis’ Cosentyx on launch trajectory? The numbers are looking that way so far, a Sanofi executive said Monday.

AstraZeneca has made yet another controversial deal, trading half of Lynparza's profits to Merck in an $8.5B immuno-oncology collaboration.

Eli Lilly’s RA med baricitinib had been pegged as one of 2017’s hottest launches—and a threat to Pfizer’s Xeljanz. Not anymore.

The immunotherapy mystery deepens. Merck’s Keytruda missed its goal in a head and neck cancer trial—one its Bristol-Myers rival Opdivo met last year.

Merck & Co. nabbed tentative FDA approval for its Lantus copy, Lusduna, which would be the second follow-on challenger to the Sanofi blockbuster.

Shire fought hard to stop it, but no dice: CSL has now launched its hereditary angioedema med Haegarda—and at a big discount, too.

Analysts expect Nerlynx to gin up blockbuster sales by 2022, thanks to a 'best case' approval from the FDA.

Payer hurdles are hampering Dupixent's path to patients' hands, despite early negotiations that yielded upfront coverage.