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FiercePharma to enjoy the last days of summer

Labor Day began as a celebration of the American worker--a day when parades would demonstrate "the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations" in every community, at least

FiercePharma commemorates the Fourth

Break out the fireworks and barbecue grill. It's time once again to celebrate the birth of the U.S. This year marks the 234th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, and we declared a...

Free e-book: Social media for Pharma

Social media is fraught with potential pitfalls for pharma brand managers. But, as the new FiercePharma e-book Social Media for Pharma Brand Managers points out, they needn't approach it with such

No FiercePharma on Memorial Day

In the U.S., Memorial Day is set aside for honoring soldiers who died in the line of duty. It's also the official kick-off to summer. So on Monday, fly your American flag in remembrance of those

FiercePharma takes a holiday

FiercePharma won't be published tomorrow in observance of the holiday, but we will return to our regular schedule on Monday, April 5. Enjoy the long weekend! - Maureen P.S. Interested in medical

FiercePharma is observing MLK Day

Just when you were getting back into the work routine after the December holidays, a long weekend crops up to give you a breather. Like many businesses in the U.S., FiercePharma will close Monday in

A look back at Pharma in 2009

So much has changed this year that it's hard to believe January 1, 2009 was almost 12 months ago. President Obama took office, bringing new leadership for the FDA and with it a new approach to

Top 15 bestselling drugs of 2008

Ranking the best-selling branded drugs in the world is a bit like gathering the most popular kids in high school together in one room. The usual suspects are always there (in this case, that means

Happy Independence Day

The news may never stop, but it does take a break. In celebration of Independence Day, FiercePharma will not publish tomorrow, July 3. We'll be back fresh from the long weekend on Monday. Have a safe

The 15 most promising biotech companies

Every year our sister publication FierceBiotech publishes the Fierce 15, a list of the most promising private biotech companies. This year's report is made up of drug developers who have vision,