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FiercePharma learns there's no such thing as Presidents Day

On Monday, the U.S. celebrates Washington's Birthday. It's not Presidents Day, as some call it, at least not officially; when Congress moved the holiday to the third Monday in February from...

FiercePharma takes a holiday

FiercePharma won't be published Monday, Jan. 16, as we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We're hoping you get the opportunity to do the same. Look for our next issue on Tuesday for late-breaking

FiercePharma yields to year-end temptation

As FiercePharma prepares to bow out for the holiday break, we leave you with our annual list of industry trends. None of them will be unfamiliar to readers, but it's just too tempting to look back at

Ebook download: Companion diagnostics - The future of medicine

About two weeks ago, the biggest-selling drug of all time fell off patent. The flurry of news coverage wasn't just about Lipitor and Pfizer's future without that $10 billion-plus in annual sales.

FiercePharma braves the hazards of Thanksgiving dinner

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we're seeing all sorts of relevant scientific studies. Does turkey really make you sleepy? Apparently, tryptophan isn't the drowse-maker that people once...

Celebrate Labor Day, job growth or not

It's only fitting the U.S. takes a day off on Monday to celebrate labor. After all, the labor market needs some cheering up. Today's non-farm payroll report found zero job growth for August and

FiercePharma celebrates spring

Spring is officially here. We know that because Passover has past, and Easter is just three days away. So, rebirth is definitely in the air. In observance of Good Friday, FiercePharma will not

Happy birthday, George Washington

Once upon a time, the U.S. celebrated George Washington's birth on February 22, the date he was born. Then, because everyone likes a long weekend better than a holiday in the middle of the week,

Look for FiercePharma after the holiday weekend

Monday, most of the U.S. takes a day off to recognize Martin Luther King, Jr., the man who remains synonymous with the fight for civil rights for African-Americans. These days, he gets a lot of

The Best of FiercePharma 2010

We know you're pharma-info junkies. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here. We also know that among your favorite parts of FiercePharma are the special reports that slice, dice, juggle and judge various