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How will pharma fare in 2013? It's complicated

As in years past, we're using our last newsletter issue of the year to dissect the 5 trends we expect to prove important, fascinating and perhaps both, over the next 12 months.

Which FiercePharma news attracts the most readers online?

As anyone in pharma knows, data can be a wonderful thing. Crunching data can also be addictive, like kettle corn or tortilla chips. We here at FierceMarkets can spend hours consuming statistics about our readers and web traffic. Here are the stories that garnered the most web traffic over the past 12 months. More >>

Giving thanks for turkey basters, and national holidays

You know you're in for a job when carrying the Thanksgiving turkey to the car counts as weight training. The 27-pound bird now resting in FiercePharma's pantry will need plenty of babysitting...

10 Largest Settlements and Judgments

In the first half of 2012 alone, a record year for both federal and state financial recoveries, there were $5 billion and $1.6 billion in settlements, respectively. Three of the 10 largest settlements and judgments in the 20-month period were single-state settlements. The report's researchers were unable to determine what prompted some states to take actions individually, and while federal penalties still make up the bulk of the cost to pharma, aggressive states have clearly added to the litigation risk for drugmakers. Click here to check out the full report >>

The top counterfeit drug events in 2012

This report points to some of the most significant events in the effort to address counterfeiting to have occurred this year. Maybe you know of others not mentioned. It would be great if the report could start a public discussion of what steps need to be emphasized next because there is little question that more needs to be done and it is best if it is done with some forethought. Click here to check out the full report >>

Rise of the biologics has reshaped the list of top 15 drugs

Some of the biggest blockbusters known to the pharma industry have been swept off the patent cliff and tumbled into the brutal land of generic therapies, where low-priced competition awaits to chop up markets. Barring the development of new megablockbusters this list is likely to remain stable for some time. That's positive for the companies and their investors. It will also help fund major R&D operations around the globe. And the drive to improve performance should continue to drive innovation. Click here to check out the full report >>

The Top 10 Drug Advertising Spends

While the grand party in direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising may have peaked about 5 years ago, it remains an important method of marketing drugs. The industry last year spent $2.4 billion on television ads, according to Nielsen. That is a 23% drop from the $3.1 billion spent in 2007. Click here to view the full report >>

The world's 11 fastest-growing generics makers gain from branded pain

For generics makers, Big Pharma's patent cliff is more like a mountain. With preparation and drive and some luck, companies that specialize in copycat drugs can climb from one newly off-patent blockbuster to another, adding millions in sales along the way. Plus, branded drugmakers have been diversifying to make up for plummeting sales of their no-longer-exclusive megadrugs. Sometimes, that means joining hands with their generics-making rivals, often to take advantage of their low-cost production and broad access to markets in the developing world. That's a double dose of growth serum for generics makers.

Fourth of July gives FiercePharma the freedom to celebrate

FiercePharma will honor the day by taking a break. We'll be back Thursday with more from the world of drugs and drugmaking.

New week, new winner in the top pharma settlements contest

Last week, when we unveiled our Top 10 Pharma Settlements report, we promised to update it as new deals hit the news. We didn't realize we'd need to fulfill that promise so quickly. Today, GlaxoSmithKline officially announced its $3 billion settlement, which puts it squarely on top of that list.