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Pharma's Top 5 Golden Handshakes of the Last 5 Years

It's an all-too-familiar frustration for pharma shareholders. On the heels of declining revenues and mismanagement, a CEO departs, and then comes the golden handshake.

Who's the sheriff in lab-diagnostics town?

To know that specialized, targeted drugs are pharma's current rallying cry, you didn't have to follow the news out of this month's big cancer meeting. But it's the latest example of how drugmakers are using knowledge of cancer's genetic drivers to develop new treatments.

While we are off for holiday weekend, cargo thieves are not

FiercePharma will not publish Monday because of the Memorial Day holiday, but remember, while most of us are taking a winding down, cargo thieves will be gearing up. The three-day Memorial Day...

Top 10 Best-selling Cancer Drugs in 2011

Oncology drugs are hot. Scratch beneath the surface of most major drugmakers, and you'll find a host of them in various stages of development.

Who's missing from the CEO pay list? Short answer: Europeans

After we assembled this year's ranking of pharma's highest-paid CEOs, we took attendance. And as usual, the absences were telling.

The Future of Biopharma Manufacturing

A Bureau of Labor Statistics study found that pharma manufacturing in the U.S. increased output per hour just 0.7% annually from 1987 to 2008.

We'll be back on Monday, April 9

We're going to take a brief break to rest up so we can come back Monday.

Check out the new and improved

We've completed a major overhaul of FiercePharma's website. Drop us a line with any suggestions or comments you may have.

Check out the new and improved FiercePharma layout

We've completed a major overhaul of FiercePharma's website. Drop us a line with any suggestions or comments you have.

Fierce's Top 10 Biotech Techies

Tech-savvy scientists can help pull the biopharma industry out of the proverbial muck. FierceBiotech IT has selected a list of 10 innovators who are challenging the status quo in their fields.