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FiercePharmaMarketing: The thinking behind Novo's big U.S. recruitment drive

Given the thousands of pharma sales layoffs over the past several years--and recruiting focused on emerging markets, especially China--staffing up in the U.S. or Europe is out of the ordinary. Yet that's just what Novo Nordisk has been doing: hiring reps by the hundred in the U.S.

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A prosperous new year for pharma? Let's check the tea leaves

As usual, the biopharma year is ending with a bang, as companies scramble to wrap up pending business before the books close. Plenty going on in the present to occupy the mind. And as a long-range type of business--governed by patent periods and extended R&D timelines--this industry is as likely to be thinking about 2017 as next week.

FiercePharma news, curated by the crowd

It's the time of year when the days are short and dark, bears are hibernating, fires are burning and people are exclaiming, "Where did the year go?" Alas, we can't answer that question. What we can offer are a few hints about how the year went. Five hints, to be exact, in the form of FiercePharma's 5 best-read stories of 2013.

Pfizer aims ambitious PCSK9 program at payers, skeptical regulators

Tantalized by various megablockbuster projections for the PCSK9 field of cholesterol drugs, Pfizer has mapped out one of the most ambitious late-stage programs in the industry for RN-316. This week, the pharma giant spelled out plans for a massive cardiovascular outcomes trial to prove to regulators and payers alike that the drug not only works as advertised, but delivers real value to patients.

Top 10 rheumatoid arthritis drugs 2013

Humira is the world's best-selling drug, bringing in $9.6 billion last year. The way drug information specialist EvaluatePharma sees it, AbbVie's ($ABBV) gem is going to remain the...

Fierce welcomes newest publication: FierceDiagnostics

Three years ago, the Fierce Life Sciences team launched FierceMedicalDevices to provide more coverage in the medtech space. Now we're expanding yet again with the launch of our newest publication, FierceDiagnostics.

10 Top-selling Diabetes Drugs - 2012

The prevalence of diabetes is growing globally, and with that the size of the diabetes drug market. But the market has gotten increasingly competitive and increasingly complex. All of the top 10 best-selling drugs in the diabetes category are blockbusters, according to EvaluatePharma. So who makes them? Check out the report >>

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