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AstraZeneca chief chalks up milestones on his map to $45B

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot summarizes his accomplishments at the U.K.-based pharma giant in two words--Lynparza and Tagrisso.

What's the calendar bringing biopharma next year? Our top 5 ideas

Winter days are short and dark. December is winding down. If you're not already on a holiday break, you likely will be soon. So, it's a good time to take a minute to think about what's ahead in the new year.

The most popular FiercePharma stories of 2015

Gilead warns of fatal reaction to Sovaldi, Harvoni and heart drug Gilead Sciences' superselling hepatitis C drugs have hit a speed bump after 9 patients taking either Harvoni or Sovaldi, as well...

Does new scrutiny threaten pharma's specialty-pharmacy strategy?

Yesterday's Valeant Pharmaceuticals rout put specialty pharmacies under an unwelcome spotlight. But though Valeant's own close relationship with Philidor RX may be an unusual one--a host of Big Pharma and Big Biotech companies have now denied similar arrangements--tight links between drug marketing and specialty pharmacies are increasingly common industrywide.

Pfizer responds to FiercePharma

Tracy Staton wrote an article on Thursday, based on a piece in Forbes. Pfizer took exception to our article and sent a statement.

Jardiance and its CV data? They're no knockout punch for stalwart Januvia, Merck says

LONDON--Late last month, partners Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim announced that their SGLT2 diabetes med, Jardiance, had gone where no others had gone before. While its rivals had always either increased the risk of cardiovascular events or, at best, had no effect, the newcomer showed it could actually lower the risk of heart attack, stroke and death from cardiovascular causes.

Who should Allergan buy next? We asked, you answered

Serial buyer Allergan is getting ready to head back to the bargaining table, and there's plenty of buzz about who its next target will be. Who should it be, though, as far as FiercePharma readers are concerned? That's the question we posed last Tuesday, and since then, more than 500 of you have weighed in. 

Who should be next on Allergan's buyout list? We want your votes

Allergan has been on quite the buyout spree lately, and with $40.5 billion coming in from Teva in exchange for its generics unit, it's about to settle some debt and get back to the dealmaking table. Who's next on CEO Brent Saunders' list, though, is anyone's guess, and we want to know what you think.

Teva's recent history gives Mylan chairman plenty of anti-buyout zingers

On Monday, Mylan slapped Teva with a laundry list of reasons it wasn't interested in a tie-up. But for Mylan, the problems with a get-together go beyond the business--and Chairman Robert Coury said as much before the Israeli drugmaker came forth with its $40 billion bid.

Indivior CEO looks beyond 2015 after troubled Reckitt pharma unit's spinoff

It's new year, new company for Reckitt Benckiser's pharma unit, spun off into Indivior last week. And while 2015 might not be the easiest for the newly minted drugmaker, CEO Shaun Thaxter says investors have much to look forward to a little further down the line.