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Tracy Staton is the editor of FiercePharma. She has been a freelance writer for five years, but before that served as editor of the Dallas Business Journal, editor of Texas Business magazine, and a senior editor at American Way, the inflight magazine of American Airlines. She is based in Vermont, and can be reached at or find her on LinkedIn.

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Pradaxa, Xarelto makers dispute purported Eliquis safety edge

Is Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb's Eliquis really safer than its competitors? A recent analysis of FDA adverse events reports suggested that it is.

J&J's high-stakes argument against $1.2B Risperdal fine begins in Arkansas' top court

It's Johnson & Johnson's last stand in Arkansas. The drugmaker has its chance Thursday to persuade the Arkansas Supreme Court to toss out the $1.2 billion judgment awarded in a court fight over Risperdal marketing.

FDA and EMA join forces to diffuse safety cloud over Januvia, Victoza & Co.

Merck's Januvia, Novo Nordisk's Victoza and their brethren are in the clear. After a new round of safety reviews, U.S. and European regulators found little evidence that widely used diabetes drugs known as incretin mimetics cause pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer.

Eliquis earns best safety score in its class in analysis of FDA adverse event reports

What's the safest anticoagulant? According to AdverseEvents, which analyzes and distills data filed with the FDA, that would be Eliquis, the latest entrant into the warfarin alternative market.

Doctors want to see reps, but only if they really know their stuff

The sales rep isn't dead, just different in some ways--and in others, not different at all. At least that's what former rep and current doctor-scheduling software guy Dan Gilman says.

Who loses most in Lilly vs. Novo diabetes study? AstraZeneca

Eli Lilly is one step closer to launching its promising new diabetes drug dulaglutide--and one step closer to putting a crimp in Novo Nordisk's big-selling rival, Victoza.

Pharma shelled out $3.75B in fraud penalties in record-setting year, feds say

Once again, the U.S. government has tallied up its health-fraud haul, and once again, its prosecutions set a record. And as usual, the pharma business accounted for the lion's share of the total.

Thumbs up or down on megamergers? Depends on your point of view

These days, "merger of equals" is the preferred term, and some companies are on the lookout. Others, particularly R&D types who've lived through integrations they'd rather forget, decry the idea. The pro-and-con debate rages on.

The Vasella era ends as Novartis says goodbye to his policies--or is it good riddance?

Today in Basel, Novartis shareholders ratified Joerg Reinhardt's move into the chairman's seat. That might be considered the final, official farewell in former Chairman Daniel Vasella's long goodbye. But shareholders also approved other, more nitty-gritty changes in corporate governance that explicitly undo some of Vasella's work.

Pfizer closes in on $1B-plus sales boost for Prevnar 13 vaccine

Pfizer is one step closer to another $1 billion-plus in sales for its Prevnar 13 franchise. Data from a huge new study showed that Prevnar worked at preventing pneumonia in patients 65 or older, which puts the vaccine in line for stepped-up use.