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Tracy Staton is the editor of FiercePharma and FiercePharmaMarketing. She has been a freelance writer for eight years, but before that served as editor of the Dallas Business Journal, editor of Texas Business magazine, and a senior editor at American Way, the inflight magazine of American Airlines. She is based in Vermont, and can be reached at or find her on LinkedIn.

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Novartis CEO predicts a pharma pricing squeeze from insurer M&A

Worried that health insurers' urge to merge will put even more pressure on your prices? You're in good company. Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez agrees.

Novartis looks past dim Q2 results to new Glatopa, Entresto launches

Currency hits and a lagging devices business forced down a Big Pharma's second-quarter sales and profits. No, we're not talking about Johnson & Johnson, though the same was true of the U.S.-based health giant. This time, it's Novartis, whose Alcon eye unit proved a drag on strong pharma and generics performance.

New long-acting Baxalta med bests Advate in hemophilia A

Newly independent Baxalta relies heavily on hemophilia sales, particularly its top-selling Advate. As competition heats up in that market, the company has something new to brag about.

Study stopped early as BMS' Opdivo bests Afinitor in kidney cancer

Bristol-Myers Squibb can brag about another success with immunotherapy Opdivo. A late-stage study in advanced kidney cancer will be stopped early, after a monitoring committee flagged improved survival results for Opdivo, compared with the Novartis treatment Afinitor.

Specialty pharmacies don't always live up to their billing: NYT

As payers steer patients toward their own pharmacies and drugmakers opt to distribute their meds solely through specialty channels, service problems are interfering with patient refills and threatening adherence, The New York Times reports.

India's Supreme Court calls drug pricing 'irrational' in lawsuit over access to meds

Amid industry discomfort over current price caps in the country, India's Supreme Court has asked the federal government to take another look at its essential medicines policy. But if the order results in any price changes, they're likely to be in the wrong direction for drugmakers.

Sanofi says sweeping management revamp won't come with job cuts

When companies announce a big reorg, what's the natural follow-up question? Layoffs. But after rolling out news of its management shuffle on Wednesday, Sanofi said job cuts won't be part of the new picture.

UPDATED: Lilly's Alimta gets rating boost in update to ASCO's drug scorecard

When the American Society of Clinical Oncology unveiled its scheme for assessing the value of cancer drugs, it included some less-than-flattering drug ratings. One of those was for Eli Lilly's Alimta, a lung cancer drug that's been a blockbuster performer for the U.S.-based company.

Sanofi CEO revamps operations, tapping chiefs for 3 new units

Sanofi is divvying up its operations to create three brand-new business units, in newly minted CEO Olivier Brandicourt's first big move of his tenure. Along with its vaccines unit Sanofi Pasteur and animal health business Merial, the restructuring makes 5 discrete operations out of a variety of Sanofi operations worldwide.

FDA slaps Emcure with import alert, adding to ban on Indian plants

The FDA has banned yet another Indian drug plant.