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Tracy Staton is the editor of FiercePharma. She has been a freelance writer for five years, but before that served as editor of the Dallas Business Journal, editor of Texas Business magazine, and a senior editor at American Way, the inflight magazine of American Airlines. She is based in Vermont, and can be reached at or find her on LinkedIn.

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Long-acting hemophilia meds portend a pricing fight with older drugs

New, long-acting clotting factors are on their way, with Biogen Idec's hemophilia B drug Alprolix first in line. The new treatments promise to prevent bleeding for up to two weeks, and that means today's injections will have to find a way to compete.

Novartis nabs a new anti-hives use for Xolair in the EU

As the company points out, it's the only product cleared for patients whose chronic spontaneous urticaria haven't responded to antihistamines.

Merck KGaA shores up Rebif defenses to fend off new MS rivals

Merck KGaA's multiple sclerosis treatment Rebif is holding its own. Considering that the German drugmaker's flagship product faces some formidable new competitors--including Biogen Idec's brand-new powerhouse, Tecfidera--that's not too shabby.

In SGLT2 diabetes fight, Lilly's empagliflozin loss is J&J and AstraZeneca's gain

Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca will just have to duke it out for share of the market for SGLT2 treatments for diabetes. A potential third competitor from Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim, empagliflozin, failed to win FDA approval, thanks to problems at a Boehringer manufacturing plant.

Lilly's end of the road on Evista looms with FDA nod for Teva generic

Eli Lilly is staring down the barrel of its Evista patent expiration. And Tuesday, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries won FDA approval to load the bullet. The company's generic version of Lilly's breast cancer and osteoporosis drug got the green light, and Teva says it will hit the U.S. market within a month.

Why does Alexion's Soliris cost $500K-plus? U.K. gatekeepers want to know

It's fairly routine for the U.K.'s cost-effectiveness watchdogs to ask companies for more data to support approval for use by the country's National Health Service. Clinical data, price modeling, the works. But asking for information on R&D costs? That's something different altogether.

Lilly, Pfizer and Merck slash doctor payments, but J&J and Forest shell out more

Drugmakers aren't spending as much on speaking fees these days. Some companies--namely Pfizer and Eli Lilly--have slashed physician payments by more than half.

German lawmakers drag pricing freeze out to 2017

The German government has decided to extend a drug-pricing freeze through 2017.

Pfizer keeps rolling with $1B bid for OTC Lipitor

Pfizer's once-gargantuan statin drug Lipitor has been cut down to size by generic competition. But if the drugmaker's plan to win over-the-counter status for the drug succeeds, Pfizer could add up to $1 billion back into its Lipitor franchise.

No merger talk here: Novartis just wants to be friends with Roche, chairman says

Novartis Chairman Joerg Reinhardt may be chatting with his colleagues at Roche. His company may want to work more closely with its hometown rival. But joining forces in a merger? No, thank you.